History & Marketing Strategies of Crocs Brand

Company Name- Crocs
Founders- George Boedecker, Jr., Lyndon Hanson and Scott Seamans 

Crocs is an American Company based in Niwot, Colorado. It manufactures and distributes the foam clog shoes and produces shoes in a variety of styles. The manufacturing plants are in Mexico and Italy. The shoes are produced in different and impressive colors. Their classic style shoes are available in more than 20 colors.

There are many other styles are produced by the company with 4 to 6 colors of each pair and also in two color combinations. They are made in such a way that it can be worn in every season.

How It All Started

The company was founded to produce foam clog shoes. The design of the shoes was acquired from a company named Foam Creations. It is developed as a boating shoe. The company has made the first model was named ‘The Beach’ and in 2002, at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida and sold 200 pairs produced at that time. At present they are selling 300 million pairs of shoes per year.



It was launched in 2002 on a boat show in Florida. In 2004, the company purchased foam creations and its manufacturing operations to secure the exclusive rights to the proprietary foam resin. The company had applied to register Crocs and its logo as trademarks in 2007 in more than 40 jurisdictions all over the world.

They also want to register themselves for producing non-footwear products such as goggles, watches, sunglasses, knee pads, luggage and some other things.


Croc’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success


Crocs use demographic and psychographic segmentation strategies with various things such as location, age, marital status, gender, and income groups so that they can serve the need of their customers in a better way. To understand the customer’s need, they use targeting strategy.

They target those customers who look for casual styled footwear and also those who look for mix and personal look style. The company values are towards positioning strategy. It positions itself as a brand which is offering style and comfortable casual footwear that suits the customers perfectly. 

Competitive Advantage

The company produces limited number of products that offers clogs and sandals like slides and flips. The product portfolio helps the company to be focused. It sold more than 55 million pairs to its wholesale per year.

It has more than 500 companies owned retail outlets and also has e-commerce websites. For its operational efficiency it works with its logistic networks and optimizes its distribution channel. 

Distribution Strategy

The brand distributes its footwear in three major regions. Those are America, Europe and Asia-pacific through retail outlets, Company’s own outlets, wholesalers and E-commerce sites.

In December 2016, the company has 556 company-owned retail stores globally. The logistic networks and distribution enhance its supply chain. 

Customer Analysis

The company competes with some global players of the footwear industry such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Wolverine World Wide, Inc., Steven Madden, etc. The competition of these companies is based on some factors such as pricing, product design, quality, brand awareness, customer service, marketing and distribution.

Crocs face the competition from those players who offer similar design of footwear; those are local, national and international players. Its customers consist of middle and upper-class social groups. It uses the strategy of producing in mass quantity or mass marketing.     


Crocs Campaign

The campaign of Crocs includes TVC, digital play, social media, banner ads, print media and contents. Here are the campaigns-

“Come As You Are”

The concept of this campaign is built on the insight that it is not easy to judge others. The brand wanted to understand the ability of customers by sharing the feelings of another through this campaign. The campaign includes 30 seconds video starring the brand its brand ambassadors, in the spot they say ‘Come As You Are’ to the consumers and celebrate the difference. The company is seeking to make a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign that can engage the consumers in the time of changing their buying patterns.  

“Find Your Fun”

The company launched this campaign in an effort to rekindle the excitement of using their popular shoes. This ad featured the outline of a clog shoe in a variety of ways such as in fireworks display, swimming pool and an island. The company stated that it has spent many million dollars on advertising and it will grow in the future for the continuation of connecting consumers with the company.

Croc’s VP of global marketing, Terence Reilly said that without border and language we can show you clog anywhere and people will come to know exactly what it is. The campaign reignites and reintroduces the classical styles of shoes and the campaign is also used to showcase unexpected styles.

Brand Ambassadors  

The company has a strong base of networking sites, which owned more than 5 million followers. The brand is associated with many celebrities such as John Cena, Henry Lu, Drew Barrymore and Yoona Lim. 



It is 10th largest non-athletic brand in the globe. Crocs is well-known for its unique clog style shoes, which accounts for more than 45% of its footwear sales. The company sold its product in more than 90 countries and does business in more than 30 languages.

It provides colorful, comfortable and innovative styles of footwear that are useful for all season. The company has spent many years to regenerate the brand and distribute to the world. Crocs look like an oversized shoe, which is perfect for toddlers whose feet are still growing.  

The fans loved Crocs shoes for its comfortable wear. The synthetic foam material is used to make original clogs so that the shoes will be light weighted and for this reason, it has widely embraced by the people, who use to walk all day such as doctors, cooks and nurses. The antibacterial properties and aerating holes all over the toe box prevent the shoes to get grungy and gross when you sweat. People say that it is the very first shoe that a lot of children can put on by themselves. 

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