History & Marketing Strategies of Complan Brand

Company Name– Complan
Founder– Glaxo

Complan is a perfect energy drink which is loved by many children all across the globe. It is a British company, which makes powdered milk energy drinks. The brand is owned by Zydus Wellness in India and was taken over by Danone in 2011. It has received many awards due to its nutritional quality of ingredients.

It operates in the Rs. 6000 crore milk food drink which is dominated by GSK’s Horlicks followed by Mondelez international’s Cadbury Bournvita and GSK’s Boost. It is produced in a number of flavours and it is now becoming the need of wide variety of people. It is also prescribed by doctors for a balanced diet.


How it all started

In 1954, Glaxo firstly introduced the complan in market. In 1988, the Complan UK brand was sold to boots. Complan remained with Glaxo in 1994 and acquired by Kraft Heinz. It is a complete plan food for children. 


Glaxo launched Complan in 1954. Being a part of Glaxo’s Farley Health Products subsidiary, the UK brand of Complan was sold in 1988. It has a wide range of product offering as a part of its product marketing mix strategy.

The brand has been growing at healthy double digit pace. It has a strong and effective distribution owing to the presence of a strong parent company. It contains iron, vitamins and other protein components, which makes it more preferable for the audiences to buy it for their future health.  

Complan’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

  • Product – It contains more than 23 minerals and vitamins for health and vitality. It also has antioxidant vitamins like A, C and E and strong amount of calcium for strengthening bones. These vitamins and minerals help to increase stamina and keeps healthy mind in upcoming generation.It does not have artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. The ingredients involved in the product are sugar; beetroot juice powder, powdered skimmed milk, added flavours, vitamins and minerals. Along with the original, it is produced in different flavours. Some of them are – vanilla, chicken, banana, strawberry, vegetable and chocolate. It is one of the popular nutritional drink brands in the world and has a wide variety of fan following.


  • Place of marketing– It has a strong and effective distribution marketing strategy. Direct distribution channels do most of its marketing. Wholesalers, C&F agents, etc. does not involve in the marketing and it is done to ensure the cutback of extra money that is spending on intermediaries. It also increase Complan’s profit margin. Therefore, the marketing channel of it includes manufacturer to distributor, distributor to retailer and retailer to consumer. The related retailers have wide range of shops in supermarkets, health malls, medical shops and local stationery shops. It is also available online through some online retailers.


  • Price of the product– Pricing the product becomes second thought when it comes to health. The product believes in keeping the health and nutrition factor above pricing factor.  Somehow, it has price higher than its competitors but it ensure the guarantee of no nutritional adulteration. It is sold in both jars as well as packets. The price of jars are little higher than the packets. The pricing strategy of its marketing mix also depends on the added flavours. The original flavour is sold at least price while the chocolate flavour is priced the highest and other flavours like mango etc. is being sold in medium price. 


  • Advisable for children as well as for seniors– Getting older includes loss of appetite, energy and weight. Becoming under-nourished and losing weight is real and a substantial risk which can cause a number of health problems. Complan is an ideal nutritional supplement for seniors as it prevents unintentional weight loss and under nutrition under seniors as well as under children. It helps children to grow fit and healthy.


  • Promotion– It is a global brand and uses all media channels to promote itself. It is one of the first nutritional drinks in specific markets. It does its promotion actively through sports and also sponsors sporting events like The Junior Squash Open in 2002. The main source of its promotion is still believed to be mouth to mouth where the product can be advised by people to people for buying this special nutritional product for them as well as for their children. This completes the Complan marketing mix strategy.


Complan Campaigns

-It uses various well-known Indian sporting celebrities for the campaign. It also brings major celebrities from film industry. 

-The popular tagline “I am a complan boy” is very famous and has been used in advertisements on all mediums. It is portrayed as the drink is making children taller at a very young age. 

-According to Brand Trust Report 2012, Complan was ranked 1st among India’s most trusted nutritional brands and subsequently. In 2013, it again ranked 3rd in India’s most trusted nutritional brands and in 2014, it ranked 4th in nutritional brand. 

-It is the fifth largest food and beverage company and Kraft Heinz India has appointed former cricketer Sourav Ganguly as the brand ambassador for the brand. 

-It got a celebrity endorser after it had last associated with film star Amitabh Bachchan. The Kraft Heinz India’s managing director Sankalp Potbhare said that the company would start a new campaign for Complan with West Bengal, which is one of its biggest market. It has around 15% of the market share in the state.



In this modern world, Complan can provide nutrition for all the family. The busy lifestyles can mean that people or children often miss regular meals and they snatch something to eat on the run. In that case, Complan is highly recommendable for them as it is a practical and simple way to achieve the nutritional balanced diet for them. It is a fortified and trusted nutritional supplement which provides protein and energy to the body. It is a pack of 24 minerals and vitamins that people need in daily life. 

Around 2 million people in UK are undernourished and are affected by obesity. It also helps to maintain diet in obesity. If you need to fortify your meals, it provides essential vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.

There are many reasons why human body need nutritional support. It is important to stay fit, healthy and active. So making ‘Complan’ a part of your health management is a great option. A Complan family is a happy family!    

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