History & Marketing Strategies of Clinic Plus

Company Name – Clinic Plus
Founder – Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)  

Owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), the hair care brand Clinic Plus is one of the fastest growing consumer goods company. Although an India-based company, Clinic Plus has its network spread over countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. The headquarters of Clinic Plus is located in Unilever House of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The products from Clinic Plus are created in a way they act as an ally to every mother who strives to nurture the hair of the daughter.   


How It All Started 

The journey of Clinic Plus in India started in the year 1987, which is not very old. However, it was introduced in 1954 in the United Kingdom for the first time and by the end of 1959, the shampoo became available in eighteen countries across the globe.

The main advantage of Clinic Plus against other shampoo brands at that time was simple – it required one application on hair and it did not remove necessary natural oil from the hair so that the hair remained shiny and nourished.  

Now ranked amongst one of the “Billion dollar brands” conglomerate of Anglo-Dutch, the journey of Clinic Plus has helped the brand to be engaged with various countries and it has been named as Seda, Sedal and Elidor in many of those countries.   


Being widely accepted in 69 countries, Clinic Plus had its stronghold maintained dominantly in Asia, Middle East and Latin America while in countries like Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand and Bolivia, it is the top hair care brand. Although launched in UK during 1956 as crème based shampoo suitable for dry hair, the shampoo were launched and sold in large bottles. In 1958, Clinic Plus brought out the polythene transparent tubes to contain the liquid shampoo. 

The launching of the Tonic Shampoo took place in 1960 which included Allantonic, a skin-treating component that kept scalp safe from infection. The Liquid Shampoo from Clinic Plus was relaunched in the following year as Clinic Plus Beauty as there was no longer need of distinguishing this liquid shampoo from the rest of the brands which were all providing liquid form shampoo on market. 

By 1966, Clinic Plus had launched its new shampoo by using improved formula of ingredients like olive oil as a natural hair conditioner to make it soft and easily manageable, the shampoo suitable to restore its natural shine of dull hair and the lemon based shampoo to remove oil from greasy hair.

Although the hair spray from Clinic Plus was launched two years earlier, it came out with new formula in 1966 to keep hair manageable during damp weather. The spray contained French perfume as refreshment while removing it was easily by brushing hair. 

As replacement of glass bottles, PVC bottles for packaging were launched in 1969. In 1971, the Clinic Plus conditioner came to market and in 1973, the aerosol dispensed lotion was launched and the following year, shampoo bottles in economy size came to market. The entire range of products was relaunched in 1980, having improved packaging design and formulations.     

Clinic Plus’s marketing strategy and reasons behind its success


  • The most important marketing strategy by Clinic Plus is its hair care solutions namely prevention of hair loss, removing dandruff, softening roughness of hair and strengthening the dull and weak hair. Various sized bottles and sachets are available for its shampoo, conditioner and hair oil variants too. Apart from the Strong & Long shampoo variants like Naturals, Anti-dandruff and Health, there are Ayurveda Care Triphala shampoo, Cream Conditioner, and Hair Oil variants namely Daily Care and Almond Gold. 
  • Thanks to the vast network of Hindustan Unilever, Clinic Plus has created pan-India presence in both urban and rural areas as well as abroad countries like UK, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Thailand, Pakistan, Latin America, Middle-east etc. The products are available in small and large shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, malls and are also available on e-commerce sites. 
  •  This billion dollar consumer brand keeps the product prices affordable and reasonable to reach out to its target customers i.e. the families. The minimum priced sachets are launched especially as penetration pricing policy to reach rural markets. In competitive pricing strategy, the promotional pricing, discounts and incentives have earner consumer loyalty. 
  • Apart from creating digital, print media and electronic advertisements, Clinic Plus makes sure that the brand gets its identity through BTL marketing. The details about ingredients and other information are written in 3 languages at least to make users understand its authenticity.  



Clinic Plus’s campaigns

When it comes to campaigning, Clinic Plus has launched a number of celebrities like Shweta Tiwari, Sakshi Tanwar, Ashika Bhatiya who were common television faces. In the advertisement campaign of the relaunching of Clinic Plus in 2008, Madhu Noorani, Samrat Dasgupta and Sunhill Sippy conceptualized a mother who urged the coach of her daughter to let her play cricket in the school team but the coach refuses saying it was boys’ game and her hair would get damaged.

The advertisement ended with the mother’s confidence on Clinic Plus shampoo that let her take care of her daughter’s hair and the daughter hitting a six in the match. 

Another campaign with tagline “M se Maa, Maa se mazbooti” came out to promote female education in India as the rate of dropping out from school is evident even in modern India. In its theme of enhancing mother-daughter bond, “Mazboot Baal, Mazboot Rishtey” became a common catchphrase from the television commercial which showed a girl juggling between job, housekeeping and also teaching under-privileged kids in holidays.

In a flashback scene it was shown how the mother had urged the father to continue her daughter’s studies for another year more and that she got that strength from her braid which was just as strong as her willpower. 

Clinic Plus yearly scholarships are also among the most significant campaigns as the brand offers monetary prize to a number of participants who take part in writing an essay on a particular topic given by the brand and after selection, they appear on personal interview followed by the declaration of winners. This campaign was loved by the consumers and it still retains its loyal customer-base.  



Apart from the three main shampoo products, Clinic Plus also has its conditioner to ensure tangle-free silky hair with creamy combination of almond oil and milk protein to fulfill the hair care requirement for consumers from all walks of life.  

The Milk Protein formula for the new range of shampoos has introduced the tagline that whatever a daughter decides to achieve in life, the mother doesn’t have to worry because Clinic Plus won’t let them experience hairfall.


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