History & Marketing Strategies of Clean & Clear

Company Name – Clean & Clear
Founder – Revlon (developer) 

Currently owned by the renowned dermatology company Johnson & Johnson, the popular American dermatological brand of Clean and Clear has a rich history dating back to 1956. Competitive to another Johnson & Johnson brand, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear has created a strong female user base, thanks to its affordable products marketed in 46 countries across the globe.

With the tagline of “Clean & Clear and Under Control”, the products under this brand are mostly aimed towards teenager and young females however, there are products such as its “Soft” line which address common issues like facial moisturizing.  

How It All Started 

In the year 1957, Revlon created the brand Clean & Clear and introduced the skin ncleanser for sensitive skin type in United States. By 1986, bar soaps and lotions were introduced to the cosmetics market while the shampoo with hair conditioner came out by 1989.

Although the brand had started the personal care product line in 1956, originally those were developed by the following year. By 1991, Revlon decided to sell this brand to John & Johnson which rejuvenated the original line of products developed by Revlon including facial skincare items, shampoos and conditioners. 


Launching of the cleanser, shampoo and conditioner was only the beginning of the brand and it was after Johnson & Johnson acquired it, that Clean & Clear started its journey in becoming one of the leading brands in India and abroad. In 2004, the launching of Morning Burst edition in face wash and cleanser segment was a notable step.

This face cleanser containing Vitamin C was then expanded in body washes in 2011 and by 2014, this cleanser edition was listed in top 20 skincare brands of the U.S. having 4.5% market share. 

In 2000s, the launching of Clean and Clear Advantage by Johnson & Johnson in anti-acne category including moisturizers, scrubs and cleansers was another notable moment as this series was listed in top 10 acne treatment products from the U.S. The series also won multiple accolades from InStyle, Glam.com, Allure magazine etc.  


Clean And Clear’s marketing strategy and reasons behind its success

-Since its introduction in the market, firstly by Revlon in 1956 and then by Johnson & Johnson from 1991, Clean & Clear has made sure that no artificial dye and fragrance is used for any product, so that users find zero residue after rinsing.

Besides, animal testing of the cosmetic skincare products are also not conducted unless it is legally required for meeting safety regulations of government. 

-The diversified product range of Clean & Clear including face wash, moisturizers, creams and scrubs are directed to diversified requirements such as fairness, dull tired skin, oil removal, oil control, blackhead removal, moisturizing, pimple removal and pimple prevention. Customers are offered variants in its cosmetics segments so that they can choose what they need,

for example, in face wash category it has foaming face wash, pimple clearing face wash, morning energy face wash etc while in cleanser segment there are hydrating facial cleanser, oil absorbing cream cleanser etc.    


Clean And Clear’s campaigns

The first advertising campaign by Clean and Clear was for its conditioning shampoo and it was the time when Revlon used to own the brand. The sensuous advertisement featured a young lively woman in the forest heading for the waterfall to take bath and showed how Clean & Clear was easily soluble in water but other brands were not. 

The tagline of Clean and Clear was adopted in 1993 and the brand was repositioned in the market by Johnson & Johnson in order to address the prevalent acne problems faced by women. The Talking Postcard Superstitial Campaign by Clean & Clear as an online marketing strategy was introduced in 2000 to reach out to teen communities online.

With a distinctive online presence, this campaign was awarded the Interactive Media Council Awards in Massachusetts in the category of online advertising. 

The campaign “Join The Surge” in 2010 was started for charity partnership with non-profiting organization of Do Something and celebrity partnership with Demi Lovato. In the following year, it started Girl Up campaign in partnership with United Nations Foundation and co-sponsored the tour of “Unite For Girls” with singer Lily Halpern and fundraiser promotion at the Target Stores.

The Sims Social was promoted in 2012 by Clean & Clear as a tie-in social gaming campaign. Again, one of the milestones for the brand was the deal with Jazz Jennings on 14th March in 2015 for appearing on advertisements of the brand. 

One of the most popular campaigns of Clean and Clear was the #SeeTheRealMe campaign which was started with an objective to break the stereotypical notions regarding beauty of a woman. In its 50 seconds video, the women in their true self showed how confident they were in their natural complexion and that they believed in themselves.

This campaign also voiced against those who abused and mistreated women for their looks and offered prizes for a number of women who posted pictures and videos with the aforesaid hashtag. The advertisement also showed how after using Clean & Clear facewash, girls were no more called with embarrassing names like Sticky Picky, Miss Chip-Chip etc. 

Quite recently, the campaign of “Unbottle Apna Swag” was started in 2019 to promote the limited edition “My Swag” facewash bottles featuring various traits of teenage girls like #Padhaku, #Bakbak, #Bindass, #Foodie and #Fun. The contests were launched through in-game, in-store, TV advertisement and customers even shared their personality raps on TikTok in response to this campaign. 


In order to infuse with self confidence for discovering newer possibilities in life, Clean and Clear was introduced in the market especially for ladies from around the world. The brand has been striving to make skin look rejuvenated and blemish-free, thereby, offering a fresh outlook on the lives of women. 

The research team of Clean & Clear is dedicated enough to understand different requirements of different types of skin and thereby, the extensive range of products are created to suit all skin types. Trusted by millions of women, this leading skincare brand has earned support for its allergen-free formula that makes skin naturally fair, oil-free and without any skin problem or clogged pores.  

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