History & Marketing Strategies of Chupa Chups

Company Name– Chupa Chups
FounderEnric Bernat

Chupa Chups is a popular Catalan brand of lollipop. The brand was found in 1958 and now it sold in 170 different countries around the world. It is currently owned by the Italian Dutch multinational corporation Perfetti Van Melle.

How it all started

In 1950, Enric Bernat, the founder of Chupa Chups worked for an apple jam factory called “Granja Asturias”. Bernat got the idea of making lollipops as his hands got sticky while making sweets. He conceived the idea of making a lollipop and presented the idea of making lollipops to the company owners.

However, the investors left the company. He took charge, built the machines and went ahead to create them and renamed it Chupa Chups. It comes from the Spanish verb chupar, which means “to suck”. He felt that at that time sweets were not designed for the children and thus, the idea clicked and everyone loved it.

Shopkeepers kept it at the cash counters so that the children could pick it up and try them!



In 1970s, the lollipops appeared in Japan and South Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia as well as India. In 1980s, it expanded to the North American and European markets and in 1990; it expanded to most Asian countries including South Korea.

Chupa Chups Company got huge success and within five years, the sweets were being sold in 300,000 outlets. In 2003, 4 billion lollipops were sold in 150 countries in a year.  

Chupa Chups Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behind Its Grand Success

The logo for Chupa Chups was designed by the artist Salvador Dalí in 1969.  The first marketing campaign carried the logo along with the slogan which states, “Es rodondo y dura mucho, Chupa Chups”. This translates from Spanish as “It’s round and long-lasting”. In the later stage of its marketing strategy, celebrities like Madonna were hired to advertise the product.

Chupa Chups is easing itself into an influencer economy that some industry observers believe is about to buckle under the weight of its own contradictions. The brand has increased how much it spends on influencer marketing without knowing about the delivers.

Delegating aspects such as fee negotiations, payments recommendations and measurements to agencies like Social circle and Maxus allows the brand’s marketers to focus more on the strategy for the partnerships.

Talent agents are more frequently to using the CPE metric to set rates for their clients, but they are not using it solely as a means of selling influencers to brands. The product manager Ruxandra Maria stated that the company expect influencer activity is to convert into sales directly at this early stage. 

The brand’s pragmatism is part of the reason why it has worked with YouTube bloggers- both big and small- since 2015. Fraud in the marketplace is common and extreme enough.  Thus, it is highlighting why the brand has tried to remain vigilant with regard to the quality of the influencer, effectiveness among users, attention of users and the value to the business.

Before working with any influencers, the brand plans to do more due diligence for moving forward. It includes a closer look to the content that they are posting related to products and how they interact with their fans such as the consistency across the videos, the post of the influencers will be one area of the marketing strategy, which tends to its marketers home in on.

Three years after with its first influencer, Chupa Chups has yet to commit wholeheartedly to a technique that the unfettered growth of the social media has warped.  Marketers are prepared to pay YouTubers up to $ 86,245 for per video. That mentions for their brand. They achieved 86 percent from the 200 marketers. They admitted that they do not know how the influencer fees are calculated.

In a world of obsessive reach and scale, it seems that the word lifestyle matched with the number of fans and followers. It is seem to be the main criteria of marketing. The former head of culture and entertainment, Leila Fatar stated that some marketers decided that whether the influencer is right for their brand or not. 

She is launching a new marketing venture named Platform 13. For this launching she said that it is the same as straight up advertising and endorsement and as long as it is called ‘that’s cool’.


Chupa Chups Campaign

The company looks at the influencer work as wider contribution to the campaign itself so they do not pay them based on each individual input using cost per thousand or cost per engagement model.

The first marketing campaign with slogan was “Its round and long-lasting” which translates from Spanish sentence “Es rodondo y dura mucho, Chupa Chups”. 

In 1980s, due to falling birth rates, an anti-smoking slogan “Smike Chupa Chups” was tried to attract the adult customers. The current anti-smoking slogan is “Stop Smoking Start Sucking” with their parodying cigarette pack designs.  

Chupa Chups pays its You Tube influencers fees based on their overall contributions to campaigns. It uses the CPE for its chosen influencers as a negotiation tactic. They are measuring their campaigns that tend to look at the metrics that measures engagement.

Reach is important, but depends on the overall objective because they are trying to get the audiences to respond to what the influencers are sharing. In 2015, other advertisers have fallen for fake influencers in the rush to join the latest marketing craze. They hire YouTube singer- songwriter Dodie Clark in April to promote its sugar free lollipops to teenagers over the summer. The product manager Maria, declined to share CPEs for the brand’s recent campaigns. The average it sees across the influencers, works for its clients for pre campaign while the results often delivers much lower than the average.



Chupa Chups is having a large product range with their most renowned, standard lollipop, in terms of flavour like apple and orange are popular flavours, and the other flavours are cola and strawberry. Today, the company has 2,000 employees in 2003 which makes 90 percent o its sales around the world and achieved a turnover of 500, 00,000 Euro. 

Chupa Chups have sponsored the 1992 video game “Zool” and their logo featured prominently in the first level named “Sweet World”.  For taste and for flavour, Chupa Chups is loved all across the globe and is here to stay!



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