History & Marketing Strategies of Ching’s Secret

Company name– Capital Food limited (Ching’s Secret)
Founder – Ajay Gupta

Ching’s Secret (commonly known as Ching’s) is one of the brands, owned and launched by Capital Food Limited. Indian culinary has given birth to whole new fusion cuisine, Indo-Chinese which is actually the Chinese dishes made with the Indian touch of spices and masalas.

The portfolio of Ching’s includes products such as instant noodles, soups, spice mix, a different type of sauces etc. 


How It All Started 

When Chinese immigrants brought their cuisines in India, it was widely accepted by all the regions of the country. However with time Indian accidentally started making Chinese which turned out to be the fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine.

The evolution continued and Capital Food Ltd. saw a fruitful opportunity in the field. Therefore, they came up with the idea of Ching’s Secret. Ching’s Secret is an Indian brand which represents the Desi Chinese cuisine of India which was launched in 1996. Initially, the company started its business with soups, instant noodles, Hakka noodles, sauces, frozen entrees, sauce mix etc.

The company had to struggle a lot during its initial stage. However, with sheer dedication and hard work it has successfully acquired a huge share of the market. 


The brand was launched in 1996 in Mumbai, with a wide of products. Desi Chinese was accepted and preferred by people of all the regions. Thus, the company had a huge market to offer their products.

It launched and made the availability of its products across different states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujrat to Nagaland. However, in 2015, the company had gone through a period of depression but soon later it came up with new innovative product development. It astounding marketing idea and successfully re-launched its product in the market. 


Ching’s Marketing Strategy and interesting reasons behind its success

Product Strategy of Ching’s

As mentioned earlier, the company started its operation with a wide range of Indo-Chinese products such as soups, instant noodles, frozen entrees, sauces etc. Later, when emerging competition in the market the company went through the product development process.

This process was undertaken to rectify the existing errors and to add features that will increase the overall value of the product. The changes were made in terms of taste, flavors, ingredient, quality, packaging, tag line, etc. 


Pricing Strategy of Ching’s

The pricing strategy adopted by Ching’s was determined after considering various factors. The company targeted to sell their products neither very cheap nor beyond expensive but a price which can be afforded by the target audience.

On the other hand, the company wanted to maintain a standard price which is why the price of the products offered by Ching’s is slightly higher than the price of its rival products. 


Positioning Strategy of Ching’s 

Capital Food Limited came up with the idea of launching Chings after seeing the likability and acceptability of the Indo-Chinese cuisine across different regions of India. Thus, the product was made targeting all the region of the country, starting from east, west, north, and south.

The product is being sold among organized or unorganized stores. The brand also established itself in other countries such as UK, US, Australia, South Africa, Canada Middle East, Singapore, and New Zealand. 


Promotional Strategy of Ching’s

The secret behind the success of Ching’ Secret is in its promotional activities. After being running under depression for some time, it came up with the astounding commercial advertisements that were played on all media platforms.

It had launched a series of short films which are starred by big celebrities. These short films were aggressively aired on television, social media, billboards, newspapers, and everywhere possible and it loudly resulted in positive responses.


Ching’s Campaign

Ching’s promotes is brands in almost all the advertising platforms, however, one of the most successful campaigns is discussed below

‘My Name is Ranveer Ching’

This campaign was targeted to reach out to people with the authenticity and standard of the brand. It is a full length campaign which was directed by one of the renowned directors of Bollywood Rohit Shetty and starred by Ranveer Singh. The song was sung by one of the leading artists Arijit Singh.

The campaign had a Bollywood touch to it and the larger than life approach. It hit well with the audience. The commercial got mass positive responses and lifted the brand and the company to a whole new level.

‘Ranveer Ching Returns’

This campaign is a sequel to ‘My Name is Ranveer Ching’ campaign. It is the first of its kind in the history of Indian advertisement industry, that a sequel has been made. A movie set was created which was again directed by Rohit Shetty and starred by actors, Ranveer Singh and Tamanna Bhatia.

It was aired in all social media platforms including Youtube. The short film got about 6 millions view in just 5 days of its release.  

Ching’s Desi Chinese ka Zabardast Swad’

‘Ab sabsey easy khana Ching’s Desi Chinese hai banana!’ campaign shows the easiest food to make is Ching’s Desi Chinese. It is a campaign of Ching’s masalas is so perfectly blend that you do not have to add salt in your food. An entire Desi Chinese meal can be wipped up super fast and with total ease.


Ek minute me Hunger Ki Bajao’

The quickest and most delicious way to bust those hunger pangs is with Ching’s instant soups. With just one cup of hot water and in just one minute, you can enjoy a delicious hot cup of soup anytime, anywhere.

‘Maa Kasam, Mind Blowing Hai!’

This tagline is for Ching’s Desi Chinese Masala Noodles, an instant noodle that are non-sticky quality and addictively spice-a-licious! 

‘Sauce or Pickle? It’s Ching’s Schezwan Chutney!’ 

It’s ingenious chutney Desi Chinese offering from Ching’s where Sichuan peppers with pungent garlic come together in the most versatile chutney ever. 

The tagline “Desi Chinese hai khaana? Chings se hi banaana!” is a phrase that has caught well with the people, all thanks to the marketing campaigns of Chings.



In the conclusion of this interpretation, it can be said that Ching’s is one of the leading company in the present time. Irrespective of the hurdles it faced initially, it outsmarted the potential market with its sheer dedication and customer support. After hiring the Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh as a brand ambassador, it has definitely become a household home.

The other products under the umbrella of Chings like sauces, ready to eat oats, instant noodles, ready to eat spices powder, soups etc. are also being liked by the people. It has developed its quality and thus, you can enjoy delicious instant food at home.

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