History & Marketing Strategies of Catch Brand

Company Name: Catch Masala
Founder: DS Group

Spicy Indian foods are quite popular in the world. Indians have a bad name that they cannot cook without adding spices to it. With its culinary past and cultural connect Spices have become an integral and inseparable part of Indian foods. However the spices vary from place to place across the nation.

The culinary tradition highly depends on the aroma, freshness and quality of the spices induced in the dishes that adds a unique flavor to every single dish. 

Catch Masala is India’s one of the famous spices brand known for its mouth-watering taste and its good quality. Today they have a wide range of spices and beverage, they offer sprinklers, pure spices, whole spices, blended spices and more. The Catch is recognized as the top-most premium spices brand of our country. 

How it all started

The Dharampal Satyapal group as it is known as the DS group came into existence in the year 1929. Since then it has rapidly been growing as a diversified conglomerate and Catch Masala is such a brand under it. It has been making its presence felt in high growth Industries like spices, beverages, dairy, confectionaries, mouth fresheners, hospitality and Agro based industries. At present it has 19 manufacturing units, 7 agro based sites and 21 depots spread across the nation.

DS group launched the brand Catch Masala in the year 1987 in the form of sprinkler which became a massive hit among households. The introduction of these sprinkler bottles proved to be very useful. It offered table salt and powdered pepper with a rotating top that eases the job of garnishing.

For the very first time the food lovers got to experience an entirely new and modern technique of sprinkling salt and pepper to their foods for that proper garnishing. This success of the sprinklers encouraged DS group to launch more spices in the years to follow.  This gave birth to an entirely new brand, named Catch Masala.

By the year 2001, Catch Masala became a very popular and inevitable name in all Indian kitchens and entered the market if Kitchen spices with its superior quality spices. At present Catch spices have came forward with spice variants that includes sprinklers, whole spices, pure spices, blended spices and many more.

Catch Masala’s marketing strategies and the reasons behind its success

Since its inception Catch masala has been the essential staples on all Indian kitchens and the reasons for its growing popularity lies in its consistent efforts to offer better products without compromising on the quality standards of the spices.

In 1987 the Indian people are not so familiar with the packed spices because they thought that the packed spices are full of artificial colour and preservative and they believe that these spices are not fresh. At the same time, DS Group entered in the spices industry and they launched their first product the table-top salt dispensers with the rotary top.

The innovative table-top salt and pepper dispensers introduced in 1987, it’s become an essential part of every household. Catch’s blends are a range of mixed spices made with high-quality whole spices, blended together to perfection and aromatic mix which give you the right test, flavour, and colour to your dishes. Catch keep Indian food tradition alive by offering the range of mixed spices which is the perfect blend of the natural spices. 

Catch is ready to go to any extent and anywhere in the world to collect the best ingredients for their spices that would add an extra dimension to the culinary dishes of the food loving Indians. The brand is committed to its quest to keeping the standards of their products intact. This helps the brand to stay out of competition from its rivals. Starting from whole spices to the pure ones, Catch has been covering the entire spectrum of kitchen spices and professional cooking of the Indian homes.

Catch spices are rich in freshness and aroma. They adhere to the best production processes and delivery that adds to its growing popularity all across the nation. 

Every single spice is hand-picked from the best of the sources, sorted and grounded at low temperature grinding procedures and packaged under entirely hygienic and automated conditions. 

Catch spices do not include any artificial colors or fillers and that is why is preferred by caterings and star hotels without any second thought. This trust and confidence from the customers provide encouragement to take the brand to greater heights of success with its assured quality products. 

Right from the procurement of materials to its manufacturing and packaging, the entire procedures are carried on under strict supervision of the officials so that there are no complaints for adulteration of spices are received. The in-house R&D and rigorous quality control ensures better formulations of the spices so that the consumers always get the best out of it. 

The indigenous manufacturing procedures of the brand of low temperature grinding retains the original aroma and flavors of the spices. This is an innovative grinding technique so as to prevent the aromatic oils to evaporate from the spices thus taking away all the freshness and flavor that are essential for the taste of the spices. 

Dedication, commitment and resourcefulness are the success mantra that Catch masala believes in. It has managed to imbibe the trust and confidence of its consumers which helps to focus forward and never to look back. Indian Kitchens are incomplete without the wide range of Catch products finding their positions on the kitchen shelves. The commitment towards manufacturing premium quality range of products through innovative techniques that has never been used by any other brands have made this brand a unique one.

 The range of products have evolved in a magnificent manner with its undeterred pursuit for quality standards that give impetus to the loyalty and satisfaction of the consumers. 


Catch Food Campaigns

TV advertisements are the main source of product promotions by the brand. Advertisements impart various useful messages to the customers and also give recent updates about the products. Apart from TV advertisements there are bill boards and posters that come in the vision of the passer by. 

Various promotional offers also incite the customers to give it a try by using samples of various spices which ultimately lead to constant purchasing of the spices. 

Campaigns also include offering samples for free in fairs and exhibitions like spices expo etc. where people from distant places come and try some of these samples. Online availability of the products is another factor that contributes to its growing popularity and increasing sales.

Nowadays people prefer ordering things online which is much more convenient and also faster. The Padmashree and National Award Winning actor Vidya Balan is the brand ambassador of Catch Spices. Vidya Balan is great as an endorser to the brand tag line “100% Indian women ka match, sirf Catch.”



Spices add flavor and taste to the otherwise boring foods and Indian kitchens without a box of spices ornated in the kitchen shelf is a very rare thing to be seen. Indians love to eat spicy foods and look for new flavors wherever they go. Catch spices collect ingredients from the rarest of the places to give that unique taste to the foods and thus Catch is a unique name in the spices industry with its competitors standing behind. 

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