History & Marketing Strategies of Canon Brand

Brand Success- Canon
Founders- Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda 


Canon is a Japan-based company fully dedicated to electronic products. The name originally given to the company was “Seikikogaku kenkyusho”. It manufactures many things such as different types of cameras, photo copiers, camcorders, and printers. It is an 81-year-old organization that has a market in different countries of the world. However, the company produces several kinds of things, the main commodity which makes it sustain in the market is the camera.


How it all started?

The company of Canon started in 1937. It was founded by the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. During the initial days, the company had no facilities for producing an exclusive optical glass for themselves.

The Nikkor lenses were used in the first cameras produced by Canon. In 1934, however, the same company with the Japanese name produced the Kwanon Camera. It was a 35 mm camera, the first of its kind in Japan. Since the 30s to the present day, Canon is producing different types of cameras that have some of the latest features and technology. 


The launching history of Canon is quite interesting. From Kwanon the first 35 mm camera in Japan, it has passed through launching many technologies. In the years of 1933 and 1936, the Kwanon was designed with the camera with the focal-plane shutter. The first movie camera for television broadcasting that had a zoom lens was launched. The year was 1958. The company produced the first calculator in the year 1964. Till then, development of the camera was also ongoing.

The first SRL camera was launched in the year 1971 by the company. The EOS camera was first launched in 1989 and quite famous till now. In the year 1996, the digital camera was launched by Canon. The camcorder from Canon was brought in the market for the first time in 1998. In the year 2004 and 2005, it produced the projector and HD camcorder.

Canon’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behinds its success

Completive advantage

Canon enjoys a much competitive advantage in the market in many ways-

Many mergers: The Company has many mergers like Milestones System, Tereck Office Solutions and Axis Communications. It gets much of functional benefits from these mergers.

  • The Global and Local Strategy: Canon works for improving the home products with outstanding technologies. The achieving cost is near to 45% of the sales ratio.
  • The centers of Manufacturing: The manufacturing centers are located strategically helping the customers to get quicker access to the products easily.

 The Strategy of Distribution

The gen-next logistics of Canon helps the company to maintain affordable prices of the commodities in the global market. Multiple channels are used by the company to distribute the commodities. Moreover, a good number of brand outlets in different countries help Canon to get customers. These outlets along with the e-commerce sites and partners of distribution act as the effective distribution channels for the company.

There are a number of subsidiaries of the company like the Canon US Inc., Canon UK Inc., and Canon Singapore Inc., etc. These companies are helping in the regional development of the market to a large extent.  

The Brand Equity of Canon

Canon outstands in producing excellent equipment for photography since its inception. The outstanding features of providing lifelike pictures and user-friendliness help Canon to be at the lead in terms of brands equity. This acts as one of the prominent marketing strategies of the company. The customers choose to take the camera of Canon because of easy handling.

The BCG Matrix of Canon

In terms of the BCG Matrix, the commodities of Canon that has a larger sphere of sale are SLR and digital cameras. Other products of Canon like the printers, scanners are facing keen competition with the other companies like Samsung and HP.

Advertising Strategy

In terms of advertising, Canon chooses all types of traditional media as well as the digital platform. The ads of the company are lifelike yet simple.  There are many offers and discounts provided on the cameras that attract many customers. 

Market Analysis for Canon

In terms of the market, Canon sustains being in the most competitive condition. The market for the digital camera is highly saturated thus provides a slow growth. The other companies are crowding the market of the optical products putting exit barriers in front of the company.


Canon Campaign

Canon carries out extensive campaigns for the brand positioning of the EOS cameras. It is one of the leading commodities that help the company to sustain in the market. The company is now doing the campaigns where the millennial are incorporated.

Taglines like ‘What is your next first?’ and ‘Make every trip an EOS trip’ it is clear that the company is up to touch the emotions of the generation youth.

Earlier, Canon had taken the campaign wherein the advertisement, sweet chemistry of the children and their parents are shown. The message went- ‘It’s OK to be emotional’.

The ad campaigns always go with the tagline of the company, ‘Delighting you always’. Surely the potential customers can understand that it is a delightful feeling to photograph with a Canon camera. 

There are many eminent personalities who have been the brand ambassadors of Canon. Sam Abell, Lindsay Adler, Sachin Tendulkar are some of them.



Canon is one of the most famous and well-enriched company dedicatedly producing electronic gadgets. However, in case of producing cameras, it has got much fame. Right from the inception of the company, the research of Canon has made it take a lead in the market of cameras. Producing different kinds of cameras, all delivering high-definition pictures, Canon is able to win the hearts of many professionals and the youngsters. Truly the vision of Canon matches with the condition of its market that goes- ‘The World More vibrant’. 

The affordability of Canon is another reason for its success. Nowadays, every youngster starts the career of photography with a digital SRL camera of Canon. The brand presence and quality is what makes Canon a big favourite and one of the hot-selling camera companies across the globe.    




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