History & Marketing Strategies of Britannia Good day

Company Name- Britannia Good Day
Founder- Sunil Alagh 

Sunil Alagh, the former managing director and CEO of the Britannia Industries Ltd. spearheaded the brand and said Good Day was born out of both hindsight and foresight. Good Day tempted consumers with butter and dry fruits. 

How It All Started

Good Day was born at the time when indulgence in biscuits was a little known treat. The manufacturer of the biscuit is Britannia Industries Limited. The Britannia company was established in 1892 and headquarter of the brand was setup in Kolkata; West Bengal.

It is an Indian food products corporation. In 1954, Britannia pioneered the high quality sliced and rapped bread industry in India and after sometime it ventured cake portfolio. It is one of the largest bakeries in the private sector.


Recently the company completed 100 years and it is one of the few examples of brands and able to sustain its reputation for over a century now. 25 years ago, most of the India was crunching into ‘functional’ glucose biscuits at teatime breaks and bit into cream biscuits in special occasion.

In indulgence, the team launched two varieties of biscuits but received a tepid response as consumers found them ‘hard’ to bite. In addition, they develop a softer cookie in the form of Good Day in October 1986.

After launching the biscuit the brand is now largest and fastest growing for Britannia and is estimated to have a two-market share in the indulgence segment value at 3,300 crore. 

Britannia Good Day’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behind Its Success


It is a major product produced by R&D of Britannia and is popular because of its rich and unique taste. Good Day is available in different pack sizes like 100gm and 300gm. Some of its variants available in consumer market are as follows- new Good Day cashew, Good Day Cookies, Good Day butter, Good Day Choco Chip, Choco Chunkies and Choco Nut. These delicious products make it the daily part of everyday life.


Good Day is one of the most popular and recognised brands of Britannia and markets its products through the wide spread distribution network of its parent company. The brand has appointed distributors who are in charge of dealers and retail outlets.

Products have reach in both rural and urban parts of India and are easily available in grocery stores, corner shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenient stores and discount stores. The modern outlets include D-Mart, Big Bazaar and institutional organisations like airlines, railways and hotels.

Price of the product

Good Day biscuit is a power brand considered by its owner company as it estimated nearly one hundred crore. It faces stiff competition various rival companies in the consumer market. The brand has taken note of its competitor’s price and consumer’s reaction to those price ranges.

After completion of evaluation, it has developed a competitive pricing policy for its products that will help in undermining the efforts of rival companies to reach out its loyal consumer base. As the brand wants to penetrate in every nook and corner it has decided on a penetration policy and has adopted economic pricing policy. This will helping in making products affordable and inexpensive and will thus lead to larger sales volume and ultimately greater revenues.

Promotions related to it- 

It has adopted an aggressive marketing strategy of intensive nature to market its product in consumer market. Moreover, for this reason it has created some catchy taglines that helped the brand to make positive impact on consumer mindset. 

Product visibility- 

The brand has a new logo, attractive packaging and smiley design for its product that increases its product visibility. It has adopted Umbrella Branding for Good Day. 

Britannia Good Day Campaign

  • All the campaigns of this brand emphases on its unique taste, rich ingredients and distinctive flavours.
  • The ads are telecast on national television, newspapers, magazines, radio and social media platform like YouTube.
  • Alagh says that he and his team had esteemed success for Good Day. It helped Britannia see healthy growth in turnover margins. 
  • In 1997, ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ was launched in July the growth of the product came with the brand. 
  • The TVC campaign supporting the launch is based on the theme: ‘Cookies so wonderful, you would want your loved ones to have it’.
  • The brand ambassador of the Good Day biscuit campaign is Deepika Padukone.
  • ‘Smile more for a good day’ proposition is being rolled out across in India, supported with sampling to drive trials, consumer contests and digital activation. 
  • The TVC campaign aims to capture the ethos of sharing through the refreshing lens of a grandmother-grand-daughter relationship to deliver the brand message of ‘wonderful when shared’. 
  • Consumers are upgrading to superior product experiences and ‘Good Day Wonderfulls’ aims to leverage this trend.
  • The Executive creative director of McCann World Group, Puneet Kapoor, told that there are thousand cookies already out there in the world and only the genuine good tasting product can attract the population. He added, “I guess the crisp and crunchy texture and taste fired the idea in the neurons of the creative team and the idea was love at first sight”. 
  • ‘Har cookie me kayi smiles’ is another tagline of the brand.
  • In 2016, it has awarded the esteemed jury from Renewable Energy India Awards 2016 selected Britannia for a special recognition under the leading RE Investor category. 
  • The Britannia Industries Ltd.- Kolkata was selected as the winner of the Golden Peacock National Quality Award for the Year 2012.
  • It also achieved a prestigious IWF Award for ‘Solid Waste Management Project’ and for BNF Project at the International Leadership Forum held on April 2013.    


Good Day biscuit has the potential to grow manifold. In 1986, the turnover increased by 19.4% over the previous year to Rs. 192.15 crores. In 1997, the company undertook to diversify into cheese and Dairy whitener. Sales of biscuits in terms of volume have registered a satisfactory growth. It has launched during the year met with good market response. 

The Britannia brand is the manufacturer of variety of biscuits like Little Hearts, Fifty-Fifty, ‘Britannia Indian Pearl’ (Basmati Rice), Tiger biscuit, Parle-G Biscuit, Pure Magic Biscuit and more. There are many other achievements and inventions; the brand is doing through many decades. Through Good Day cookies the market of the product is still rising.


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