History & Marketing Strategies of Bournvita Brand

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Company name: Bournvita
Founder: – Cadbury, Mondelez International

Bournvita is a brand of malt and chocolate malted drink mixes manufactured by Cadbury, a subsidiary of Mondelez International. It is sold in many countries of Europe and North America and also in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo, and South Africa.

It is among the oldest brands in the Malt Food Category with a very old heritage and always been known to provide the best nutrition for the all-round growth and development. 

How it all started

It was developed in England in 1920 and was marketed as a health drink. The initial recipe was consisting of full cream milk, fresh eggs, malt, and chocolate. It was later industrially manufactured and started selling in Australia in 1933.

The name was derived from the village named Bourneville in England which was near the site of the factory of Cadbury. In India, it was first sold in 1948 and in the same year, Cadbury India was established. Bournvita, throughout history, always redevelop itself in terms of packaging, product, promotion, and distribution.


Cadbury India Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Mondelez International Company. Cadbury India has started their business by starting importing chocolate. With over the experience of 60 years in the country, it has six manufacturing company at important places in India and four sales offices in the four metropolitan cities of India. The corporate office is located in Mumbai.  


Bournvita Marketing Strategy, Interesting Reason behind its large success

This brand has sustained the ups and downs from the time it was established. The following are the important points are the reason behind the large success of Bournvita.

Target audience:

The target of the Bournvita was to solve the problem: healthy food which is tasty. It brought the solution to mothers regarding the question “How to make their kids interested in the drinking milk?”. From the start, they targeted kids of age 4 to 15 and their mother. From time to time they changed the flavors to in tune with the changing time. They gave an amazing taste to bland milk which was normally hated by the kids.

Emphasis on nutrition:

It has always kept in mind that nutrition is one of the major factors they need to keep the mothers of the kids interested. For a mother, the nutrition is the most important subject for her kid. This includes several carbohydrates, proteins, and mineral such as iron, calcium and magnesium vitamins like B & D.

The flavour:

As the company is owned by Cadbury so it is understood that it should always contain chocolate in it. In India Cadbury is a synonym to chocolate. From the start, they have maintained a signature texture and color of their drink powder.  The granular texture is a very well popular and well-rounded flavor. 

Identifying the age difference:

Bournvita identified that different age has different needs. They have different types of themes for different age groups. They have identified the needs of specific ages like mind growth, physical growth, and all-round development. Later on, they also introduced a product for the healthy growth of young mothers.

Making a place in the market:

From the starting, it has made a goodwill position in the market by showing the product that helps in good upbringing. Earlier in 1970, they used a tagline: Goodness that Grow with You. Later on, they changed the focus on Upbringing to Intelligence. By using these types of tagline it shows the main target of the drink thus, in turn, a place for them in the market. Also with the help of the huge distribution channels of Cadbury they are able to distribute the product in a better way.


Bournvita Campaigns

Gradually they become the symbol of mental as well as physical health after their launching. After identifying the age segregation, bournvita launched the following products.

Cadbury bournvita 5 star magic: Come with a unique flavor of that includes essential minerals, iron, and vitamins C & D

Cadbury bournvita: It consists of essential nutrients and helps the development of bones.

Cadbury bournvita Li’l Champs: It is generally for the young kids. It contains high-quality protein and DHA Omega 3.

Throughout the time they have redeveloped themselves and redesigned periodically. They believe that it is generally hard for children to change to any other brand if they got used to the flavor.  They also targeted the mothers of the kid for promotional activities as they are the actual buyers of the product.

Bournvita has promoted itself very widely and efficiently. It has invested heavily in product development, advertising, and sales promotion. They have used all types of social media channels and campaigns to let the people know about the product and their properties. It has used the popular celebrity and sports person for endorsing their product. They also used gift cards and free products like mugs and toys to keep kids attracted.

For the advertisement, they usually use both the mother and the child to show how the product is very helpful in the growth of the child and mother.

For the promotional show, they have been a part of a show named Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest. They are also associated with a reality television show titled Bournvita Confidence Academy. 

They have also associated with Cartoon Network through characters like Dexter’s and Powder-Puff girls. For different products, they got different ambassadors. For example, Sania Mirza got to endorse the Cadbury bournvita Li’l Champs.


Presently bournvita is number one brown beverages in India. Right now it has around 4.5 lakh stores in India and it’s going to increase even more in the future. In 2006-07 it has been declared as “consumer super brand” by Superbrands India. It has a total market share of about 17% and topping the brown beverage index with 43%. 

In the coming days, bournvita will continue to serve the mother to help them improve the diet of their kids. As they believe that children are the future of our country.

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