History & Marketing Strategies of Blackberry

Company: Blackberry
Founder: Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin

Blackberry is a Smartphone, tablet manufacturer of the Canadian company Blackberry limited.  In 1984, The Company was established by Douglas Fregin and Mike Lazaridis. Nowadays Blackberry is considered to be the largest automobile company in all over the world and spread over a minimum of 1000 stores all over the world and expecting to open more. The tablets and Smartphone of this company are widely the first choices of the billionaires and top governmental agencies.

How it was started

The company Blackberry limited has started its journey in 1985 by Mike Lazaridis. At that time the name of the company was Research in Motion Limited. The official renowned name Blackberry is offered to the company in 2013. During its initial days, RIM had collaborated with Ericsson. The revolution to the digital world with wireless technology is invented by this company. 

It was 1990 when it was invented the DigiSync Film KeyKode Reader and provide an idea about the wireless communication system. After a few more inventions, in 1994 it was become the headlines due to its unbelievable invention of Mobitex Mobile. The following it stepped a step forward with the manufacturing of radio modem Type II PCMCIA. RIM was finally regarded as the Canadian Capital Investor Venture in the same year. 

The introduction of Inter@ctive Pager for messaging facility compact the communication facility on the mobile phone. Later it was utilized for e-mail facility via phone.  


For its first time, Blackberry was named by Research in Motion which first developed the inter@ctive Pager 900 and announced on September 18, 1996. After having a great success they created inter@ctive pager 800 for IBM the company makes another achievement which is inter@ctive pager 950.

Since 1998, it has competed with two other leading companies Motorola and Skytel for providing more enhanced two-way Page Network. 

Blackberry soon grasp the market and demand of the people regarding their mobile phones and introduced BlackBerry Pearl 8100. It is the first phone in the global market featured with multimedia specifications like Camera. This innovation incorporates the company to trigger the rapid development of it in the global market both in the consumer market and as an enterprise.


Blackberry’s marketing strategy behind its success

During the failure of Apple iPhone with AT&T cellular network, the company grabs the opportunity and launch the world’s first Smartphone with full touch-screen facility. 

  • Direct Marketing: The Company uses direct marketing for reaching out a large number of audiences and that too without being hassled. It includes the medium of radio and TV along with email and catalogs. This helps in boosting the sales which will create a great impact on the annual revenue of the company. 
  • Public Relations: Blackberry knows how to develop a friendly interaction with the consumers that will help the business. It considers Public Relation as a tool to develop a strong relationship with the people. That’s why it always shows a keen interest in public appearances, press release, and news and in any other event sponsorship.
  • Sales Promotion: Promotion is the best and reliable way to become noticeable by a large number of people. Blackberry often utilized this facility in great ways. It facilitates sales promotion via coupons, contests, samples, premium, demonstration, displays, and incentives.  
  • Integrated Marketing: The strategy of Integrated Marketing has a crucial role to play for Blackberry Strategies. It taps in increasing the sales which turn out to be the company’s profitability in the end. To retain and appeal more consumers consumer satisfaction is required which is prioritized by the Blackberry. It is one of the prime strategies of the company which leads to the top of the chart for the ultimate mobile phone solution. 
  • Online Marketing: When the technology is transformed and smart communication systems are developed, Blackberry has taken full advantages of it. It includes marketing via a larger mode of platforms. Blackberry focuses on marketing via micro-blogs, Podcasts Internet radio, TV, RSS, Pay-Per-Click, SEO and email. Affiliate Marketing Blogs is also another online marketing medium used by Blackberry.
  • Social Media Marketing: It is the emerging trend used by Blackberry for marketing its products. It is the largest platform one can even obtain for marketing purposes. It allows the company to set a direct connection with the new as well as existing customers. Therefore, the company can obtain the feedbacks of the customers on the basis of the outlook of the phone, its features, and its flawlessness and smooth operational capabilities. Accordingly, if any major issue can be found, the company will address it as soon as possible to make the model impeccably outstanding.     


Blackberry’s Campaign

Majority of Blackberry limited’s brand Awareness is driven through indoor advertisement. Their social media presence is comparatively strong than the traditional one. 

They basically intended to create exciting and different projects for their new generation launching and the BB10 will tell them everything about their modification. They basically do a huge part of Marketing through mobile commerce and social media marketing and the results can be seen in their Facebook page where they are associated with 10 million fans and it has become as an effective platform to engage people about what they are sharing.

In 2009 they started their next campaign with next door agency where they did the advertisement of Blackberry Curve 8520 with the title of “A priceless business tool at an affordable price”. In 2014 Blackberry has taken an exclusive Right on the public beaches for their outdoor advertisement.

They have brought a new innovation for that advertisement such as the advertiser now sponsoring free internet access to the visitors. In that case, every visitor will be given with 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot in their changing cabin.



As a secondary phone for work purposes, blackberry is a classic choice and considered as one of the major smartphone vendors in the world by assuring its availability in 91 countries worldwide.

A lot of competitors of Blackberry have emerged in the 21st century, yet is able to remain the first and only choice of the highly professional people. The company has aimed to reach revenue of $240 billion by 2020. Thus, it has emphasized on attaining all the current demands of the people and trying to make Blackberry the latest specification-laden Smartphone solution.

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