History & Marketing Strategies of Benadryl

Company Name- Benadryl
Founder- George Rieveschl

Benadryl is an anti- allergic medication which is applicable for the stopping allergic reaction. This medication generally contains antihistamine medication which is very effective against allergic reactions. This medicine mainly contains Diphenhydramine which the first generation of antihistamine. The effect of this medication would show after the 2 hours and would last for about seven hours.

For getting immediate relief from the allergies and common ailments, this medicine would be the first choice for many people across various countries. This medicine is one of the most common medications that would be found in every household. 

How it all started 

George Rieveschl is the inventor of the Diphenhydramine which belongs to the class of antihistamine. This medicine was synthesized while researching for the synthetic alternative to scopolamine. In the year of 1940, George Rieveschl came back to the University of Cincinnati where he would lead a team to research on antihistamine. 

In the year of 1943, Fred Huber who at the time was the student of George Rieveschl synthesized Diphenhydramine for the first time. George Rieveschl along with Parke Davis firm conducted further experiments on the compound. In the year of 1946, George Rieveschl patent the new compound under his name and the Parke Davis firm was able to get permission from him to release the medicine commercially.  

This medication was initially launched by the Parke, Davis & Co. Then in 1970, Parke Davis firm was acquired by Warner-Lambert. In the year 2000, this company was taken over by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. But Pfizer already owned another top brand known as Corex. This brand the direct competitor of Benadryl.

Thus for avoiding further confusion, Pfizer decided to sell the rights of the brand to McNeil Consumer Healthcare. On 2007, rights of this medication were handed over to McNeil Consumer Healthcare. This company is the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Presently, this medication is available under the name of Benadryl. In 2016, this medication was termed as the 210th most prescribed medication.   


After acquiring the right for the production of the medication, McNeil Consumer Healthcare launched this product in the year of 2007. The purpose of this brand new launching of this was to provide over the counter medication.

Afterward, the company launched various other products. For each age group, there is a special kind of medication that would be effective for them. This product is now available in tablet, liquid, and cream form. Benadryl is also available in the cough syrups to form for relieving from the sore throat. 


Benadryl’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

This medicine is the most common treatment for allergies. This medication is also applicable for treating the symptoms of common colds, insomnia, nausea, and Parkinsonism. Benadryl is also applicable for relieving symptoms that are the direct result of upper respiratory allergies and hay fever.

These symptoms would include runny nose, sneezing, watery, and Itchy eyes, and nasal congestion. The cough syrup is applicable for providing temporary relief for sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. Benadryl also helps in providing temporary relief for sinus pressure and congestion. 


The cheap price of the medicine:

Benadryl was launched as a generic form of medicine. Thus rates of the medication were not very expensive. This strategy of releasing this medication created an impact on the general masses as they were seeking effective and cheaper medicine for allergies. The effectiveness and the cheap price made this medicine one of the most prescribed and brought medicine all over the world.

Also, the fact that this medication would be available without the need of prescription boosted its popularity even further. 


General trends of the Indian customers for medicines: 

Indians customer generally buys the cough syrup directly over the counter without the need of any prescription. When a single customer notices the lack of side effects from syrup then, he would tell this to other people who would become the next potential customers. This general trend of Indian customers is not limited to only cough syrup.

All most, every medicine which never shows any side effects are sold over the counter in India. Benadryl was able to establish itself in this market by gaining the trust of the general mass of India in a slow and steady manner. 


One stop solution to common ailments:

After the launching, Benadryl was able to establish itself as the anti-allergic medication. The company marketed the idea of providing a one-stop solution to three basic diseases that are present common in every place.

They are Cold, Sneezing and Cough. The company highlighted this additional effects triple action of the medicine. This additional effects made it more popular to the general masses.


Effective exposure of the medication:

The Company used the social media platform for increasing of this medication. The marketing strategy uses the old theme of the medication “War on Allergies” for increasing the awareness about allergies. It also promotes how Benadryl helps in fighting against foreign elements that would cause an allergic reaction.

This campaign also includes print media and active online media interaction. They also created a website for showing the information about the allergies and their harmful effects. 


Benadryl Campaigns 

Benadryl campaigns mainly include the ads and use of social media personality for increasing the awareness and advantages of using Benadryl as an anti-allergic medicine. The campaign #ALLERGICAKOSA was made for awareness within the young millennial. The company created a brand personality known as @AllegicAlice.

She was featured in several music videos for Benadryl campaigns.  The ads were especially effective for creating popularity and also for generating awareness about allergies. In other ads, the company put its emphasis on the triple action of the medicine which also helped in boosting the sales of the medication.


Slowly but surely, Benadryl was able to gain the trust of the general masses of Indian people. This brand made sure that their position as cheap and effective medicine would never be lost. They would use new promotion and new products which would help in fighting against the allergies. 

Thousands and thousands of women and men were benefitted from their allergies. The fast effectiveness of medicine helps the company in earning a good reputation among the masses.


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