History & Marketing Strategies of Bata Brand

Company Name- Bata
Founder- Tomas Bata

Bata Limited, also called the Bata Shoe Organization is a Canadian Footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a family-owned business of Tomas Bata. The company is currently organised into three business sectors, i.e., Bata, Bata Industrials and AW Lab.

The company has production facilities in about 18 countries and a retail presence in around 70 countries with over 5,400 shops.

How All It Started

The Bata shoe company was started on 24th August, 1984 in the town of Zlin in Australia- Hungary by the Bata family- Tomas, his younger brother and sister to be precise. Their family members were into this industry for a long time as cobblers. It was in 1895, Tomas was facing financial issues.

To overcome this setback, he decided to sew shoes made from canvas instead of leather. The shoe became very popular and the company slowly grew to 50 employees. He introduced the mechanized production techniques that he learned in Boston. This allowed the Bata Shoe Company to become one of the first mass producers of shoes in Europe. 



The company employed 10 full-time employees with a fixed work schedule and a regularly weekly wage, which was rare at that time. Its first mass product shoe was known as the “Batovky”. A leather and textile shoe especially made for working people that was notable for style, simplicity, light weight and affordable price. 

Bata’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behind Its Success


Bata manufactures a portfolio of huge product in terms of the large variety of shoes, sandals and accessories that it offers and the consistency they promise. Those who look for no nonsense products can rely on Bata. Bata shoes can be obtained in affordable prices and is loved for its quality.

Owing its reputation of supplying good quality shoes, Bata has provided well-designed products over the years and focus on its durability and price. This marketing strategy of Bata is a hit in India, where rural population looks for cheaper alternatives. The main products of Bata are casual shoes, formal shoes, sandals, men, women and kids collection, sport shoes and accessories.  



With constant penetrating price and giving out good quality at that price, Bata showed consistent growth and expansion, especially in the medium scale market. Due to its affordable and mass-market pricing, Bata has always received a fantastic response from the people all across. It uses “psychological pricing” as its pricing strategy.

Bata generally prices a product to the nearest lower “9” digit figure of the actual price, which helps to attract more customers. In general, Bata prices its shoes at a very reasonable rate, something which is easily affordable; and this is one of the key reasons of its growth. It has some premium products like Hush puppies to drive price margins and the other products are mainly present to drive turnover and quantities.


Placement of Bata and all its subsidiaries have been widely effective because it was done after market research studies. Maintaining the low cost of product, it is possible for Bata to widespread distribution and economies of scale work for the brand. Distribution of its product has been based on research and forecasting of market conditions.

It has its manufacturing units placed on across 27 locations, which serve their special regions quickly and without hassles thereby making expansion. The distribution in rural areas is the strength of the company.


Bata has not believed in extensive media or public related promotion, this is the reason why there was no television commercial or print advertisements provided by Bata for a very long time. It has highly believes on its century logo legacy, which helps them to achieve the loyalty of customer base which they aims and targets.

Bata consider targeting the mass market and so they offer only major promotions during seasonal sales. However, today, Bata has a prominent place across all social media platforms, print and media advertisement. The recent Bata commercial in India was received well by the audience.


Bata Campaign

Bata launched find your power campaign by focusing the attention of Indians towards a more healthy and active lifestyle.  The new campaign is for power, the international sportswear brand from Bata launch 3 new products in the range- Xo Rise Genesis, Glide Vapor and speedy.

Smriti Mandhana is signed as the brand ambassador of the company. In the campaign, she is highlighting the importance of power of an athletic shoe. The campaign focuses on encouraging the consumers to adopt a path to fitness and a more active lifestyle. The campaign shows how this technically advanced footwear has superior quality and designed in Canada, the value will help to give power to their dreams.

The #Find Your Power campaign highlights the hard work, focus and power that one needs to fulfill their dream. The thought behind this campaign is to get fit and active even though there are many reasons that we hate to give effort in getting active and fit. Yet we can beat them and get on the right path toward fitness with focus and power. It aims to reach out to those who are ready to make that initial effort towards a healthier life.

The campaign includes the social media platforms and extensively amplified through various mediums including TV, Print, Digital, Outdoor, in cinema and on ground activations. The campaign also utilizes the national media channels such as magazines, mainlines, paid search, online display and video audience buying, key digital sponsorships, online television and more. The commercial will be supported by digital and social media elements by using the hashtag #FindYourPower slogan.

The other campaign launched by Bata is ‘Have We Met’. This campaign is aiming to reconnect with younger consumers. The campaign has targeted social marketing, which includes a short film that shows that two lost friends got reunion through a pair of shoes. It had newly appointed Bollywood actors Kirti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput as its new brand ambassador.



Bata as a company is widely known and acknowledged as the “People’s brand for the world wide shoe industry”. A majority of the population extensively likes it and that makes it one of the most common and well-known shoe brands of modern times. It has impressive sales and profit figures that claims to serve to almost one million customers each day across the territories.

Bata’s everlasting legacy is the outcome of implanting and adopting an intricate strategy of marketing, which has become an impressive worldwide phenomenon. It has also inspired several other models and is widely adopted due to its effective and logical approach. 

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