History & Marketing Strategies of Badshah Masala

Company Name- Badshah Masala
Founded by: Jhaveri Industries

Badshah Masala is the real ‘Badshah’ of Indian masala brands. Spices are the most important part of our Indian culinary history. Our Indian foods are world famous because of its great taste, finger-licking flavour, unique colour, and delicious aroma. The reason behind this delicious flavour of our Indian food is its use of rich spices on it. Indian spices are considering the world’s best spices in the taste.

In the 14th century, the Mughals were started to blend the Indian spices together, with an absolute blend of different spices, they started to make delicious dishes. We can get this ‘Badshahi’ taste in our food by the use of Badshah Masala.

How It All Started

Jhaveri Industries launched their spices brand in under the name of Badshah Masala, which gives the authentic flavours and taste from the last 6 decades. Badshah believes that perfect use of spices make your food delicious, and make your food more tempting for your loving one and also for your child. Spices are full of antioxidant which acts as a good preservative.

The company offers you good health and proper nutrition by the huge range of their spices. Every single raw material of their spices is from the best spices field of India. They believe in quality, their products are regularly checked by their professional supervisor. They delivered Enchanting aromas and unbeaten flavour to the national and international foods of every household.

Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reason behind the grand Success of Badshah Masala

Badshah Masala offered you the ambrosial flavours and taste with the verity of authentic spices of India. All the spices blends are designed by the professional supervisor of the company, they use high-quality whole spices to make a wide range of blended spices. They mainly focus on the verity of their spices because every region has its own food habit which is deferent from the other region. They make spices for all regions, they offered blended spices like:

Curry Masala- which is one of the famous masalas by the company. The whole spices are used in this Curry Masala is Kachadi, Colve Sticks, Kasuri Methi, Dry mango, cumin, Black pepper, Turmeric, and Coriander. Mixed of this whole spices make a perfect curry masala which gives an edge to your cooking. 

Chat Masala- this perfect spices bland make your salad and fruits delicious. 

Chatpat Masala- this is a powder form of garlic and onion which is basically a sprinkler. This spice used for dry chutney and on vada-pav which is very delicious food.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala- Rav Bhaji is one of the famous dishes in the western part of India. Just simple touches of Badshah Pav Bhaji Masala make your pav bhaji much tastier.

Chana Masala– Badshah Chana Masala helps to enhance the taste of your regular chickpeas and the blend give a traditional flavour and taste to your dish.

Biryani Pulav Masala- if you want to make an extraordinary biryani and pulav then do not worry about it just use Badshah Biryani Pulav Masala. This a perfect blends of leaves, grounds, and whole spices.

Dhanshak Masala–  this is a Persian curry masala, the company ensures the consumer that they provide an authentic and traditional taste to your curry, which makes your guests think about the taste of your food.

Fish Masala- Badshah Fish Masala is used in the fish recipes like fish curry, fried fish, and seafood. This spices blend makes your food much more delicious.

Pani Puri Masala– Pani Puri is a favourite snack all over India, the main ingredient used in these spices mixed are tamarind, chilies, and jeera. This blend of spices gives your Pani Puri a hot and sour taste.

Jiralu Butter Milk Powder- Jiralu Butter Milk Powder gives an authentic taste to your lassi, khakhra, yogurt, wafers, and fresh cut fruits.

Kadhi Masala- kadhi is a traditional Indian dish based on yogurt.

Kamal Tea Masala– tea is mostly preferred beverage in India, if you use Kamal Tea Masala by Badshah then the refreshing favoure change your mood quickly. After having this aromatic tea you feel fresh.

Other spices offer by the company Chicken Biryani masala, Goda Masala, Hot Chicken Masala, Jaljira Masala, Kasuri Methi, Khichdi Masala, Keema Masala, Kitchen King, Madras Sambar Masala, Punjabi Chhole Masala, Punjabi Garam Masala, Rasam Masala, Rajwadi Garam Masala, Tandoori Chicken masala, Thandai Masal, and Undhia Masala.

Badshah offered grounded spices like Black Pepper powder, Amchur powder, White pepper powder, Ginger powder etc.


Badshah Masala Campaigns

In 15th August 2017, Badshah Masala launched a new commercial, the tagline of this commercial is #HumareYahan. The commercial ads film basically focuses on India Pakistan issue, they want to decrease the problem between these countries.

In this film Manno referred as a traditional Indian mother, Dimple is her daughter, after finishing off her studies Dimple come back to India from the US. One day Dimple show her mother the picture of her time in the US, she also shows the picture of her Pakistani friend, whose name is Saad. Manno asks her daughter to invite him to their home. Then Saad comes to their home and touched the feet of Manno and gifted her Budshah Masala hamper.

The managing partner of Jhaveri Industries, Hemant Jhaveri says that all the people are connected by the flavour of delicious food and by this commercial they want to prove that all are equal and they make people together.

The tagline of Badshah Masala “Swad Sugandh ka Raja” still hits today. The tagline says more about the quality of the spices of their company. Badshah Masala gives an extraordinary taste and perfect flavour to your dish. Badshah is the king of all spices brand.



Cooking is an art and also a creation. You can make a perfect dish with the help of good spices, so if you want to make a perfect dish and want to be a good chef then you need the best masala. Badshah masala can give you that extraordinary taste to your daily food, its make your every day’s food into a treat. 


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