History & Marketing Strategies of Baby Dove

Company Name- Baby Dove
Founder- Unilever (Lever Brothers “Founder of Dove”)

Baby Dove is the skin care solution for your child since its birth. With a wide range of toiletries, Dove prioritizes the skin condition for kids and thus comes with a total package of skin care products. After being successfully assisting both women and men to take care of their skin naturally, Dove introduces Baby Dove. 

Baby Dove will be the ultimate choice of mothers to protect their skin from germs and other foreign intruders. It will help them to take care of their babies’ skin naturally and help to grow a soft glowing skin. 

How it all started 

For about 64 years ago, in 1955 Dove was first introduced the toiletries by the lever brothers. Vincent Lamberti the renowned American inventor and chemist formulated this natural soap bar for ultimate skin care solution during his work life with lever brothers. Later, the company was able to garner global recognition in 1957 with the launching of Dove Beauty Bar. 

The company has a signature logo which is a Silhouette namesake bird. The company has stepped into the world of toiletries with a commitment to provide women with natural skin care products. Since then they are specializing this one-fourth moisture formula into other forms of toiletries for women like body lotions, body creams, face creams, deodorants, body wash, and others. 

In 2010, it has come with Men care product. After this production, the company was thinking of a kick-start and the time chosen for it is its 60th Anniversary i.e., in April 2017 to launch the Baby Dove. The aim of this introduction is to become the biggest rivalry of Johnson by stating they are using harsh chemicals in baby’s products.


Being the ultimate skincare solution for the parents, Baby Dove also includes in the list of diversification. As baby’s skin tends to change since its birth and undergo a lot of phases, it has categorized its product too- rich moisture and sensitive skin. The skin type of a newborn baby is always sensitive as it doesn’t gain the ability to cope up with the outside world and harsh components. 


Baby Dove’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

By considering this, a gamut of products has been listed on Baby’s Dove starting from shampoo to soap bar, and body lotion to wipes. This will protect the skin layer and tissue and make it healthier than ever. On the other hand, the rich moisture range is perfect for maintaining the pH balance of the skin and allows it to glow and softer. Tip to toe care is ideal for maintaining the gentleness and mildness of the baby’s skin leaving it much smoother and softer. 

Dove is a UK company, currently developing its manufacturing company in USA, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Poland, Philippines, Pakistan, Netherland, Mexico, Japan, and Ireland. Israel, Indonesia, India, Germany, Egypt, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina also have its manufacturing company to meet its demand in their own country.

Currently, the products of Baby Dove are available in major Asian subcontinents along with other subcontinents. 

Dove chooses the strategic time period to launch its product: Since it has imposed its presence in the world of toiletries for about 60 years. It has experienced a lot especially coping up with time period and revolution along with growing demand.

In the middle of 2015 and 2016, when the leading baby products brand Johnson & Johnson encounters a tragic time period regarding the baby powder allegation, Dove sets forth in this world! That was the time when the natural brands like The Honest Company and Burt’s Bees enjoying popularity. It was like a challenge to stand at that time and everything was going in the favor of it.

Baby Dove earns the title of complete natural product: After it has fallen to Baby’s Product directly from adult ones, it has to face a lot of difficulties. Some even started comparing it with other natural products available in the market for its natural ingredients.

Later, it has been proved Dove is providing what it has committed to- one-fourth of moisture milk. On the other hand, other natural products provide their benefits with the assistance of both gentle and strong therapeutic presence.

The advertising is done on overall positioning: Dove even thinks critically about the advertisement for the launching of new baby’s skincare ranges.

The ad was kept utmost minimal but conveys a strong message to all the new mothers. It has targeted the moms to choose the best one for their child by using the tagline: There Are No Perfect Moms. Only Real Ones”.

Dove emphasizes the choice of moms: A baby cannot choose the skin product or itself. At that time moms are the responsible one who commits not to compromise anything for keeping her child safe and healthy.

Dove has utilized this emotion and develops a complete different myriad of products for babies. All these are developed with moisture milk and other natural ingredients which are gentle and great on the baby’s skin.


Baby Dove Campaigns 

Dove Company is the mastermind in garnering the attention of people with just a 30seconds advertisement. The reason for this attention is it always uses the Scandinavian plot for their ad and keeps the utmost simple and minimal.

Only in some rare cases, you can find it is using bright plot. Its simple ads are so easy to understand with less dialogue. The first campaign of Baby Dove is the #Real Moms

It depicts the upbringing of children by their moms of diverse background. It means to say that it is the ultimate solution for their child. Then there were the campaigns “My Baby Dove” in which moms can personalize the packaging content according to their own preferences.

Later on, it has introduced the campaign #TrustYourWay which was based on the “If” a famous poem of Rudyard Kipling.



Baby Dove, a distributory field of Dove has come a long way. Being started as the toiletries especially as the Soap bar company in the UK, it is now recognizable for one and only range of natural toiletries. As a toiletry, it even recreates itself and implements a brand image for the natural skin care solution. 

Like thousands of men and women are benefitted from its products, Baby Dove is also earned a quick good response from the moms of the world.    


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