History & Marketing Strategies of American Tourister

Company Name- American Tourister
Founder- Sol Koffler

American Tourister was founded by Sol Koffler in Rhode Island, United States. Samsonite has owned this brand of luggage. It becomes a well-known brand because of its suitcase. 

How It All Started

American Luggage was started by Koffler. He first opened a shop in a vacant grocery store in Providence. Koffler previously worked in a manufacturing company of steamer trunks and also in a pocketbook factory. He was sure that he had created a durable product than any other manufacturer.

In the first year of operation, the brand has sold 5,000 suitcases, costing 1 dollar per suitcase. 



The American Tourister company was born in Providence, Rhode Island. It was introduced in the luggage industry in 1920. The dream of the founder was to make a tough suitcase that he can sell for a dollar. It committed to selling an affordable and durable product to people.

The method of construction of the product is typical and this makes the brand exceptional in the market. This method helps Koffler to produce a more durable product. In 1945, it worked to remain a regional firm in spite of thinking about its growth. 

American Tourister’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Product Strategy

The brand is selling a variety of luggage and travel products such as backpacks, duffels, suitcases, wallets and travel accessories. It is the official sponsor of Disney luggage. They provide a smart, fun, friendly and practical kind of a product, which value consumer’s consciousness. In 2008, the brand has gained a worldwide retail sale, which was more than 170 million USD.

It became the second largest global luggage brand in the world. It has impacted by many factors like the confidence of consumer, make itself likelihood to spend, and well trend which makes suitable for the consumer for a long time.

Pricing Strategy

The brand provides personalized services to the customers, which created a great effect on people’s mind. The parent company with an association of American Tourister generated the brand trust and loyalty among the customers. The most purchases product is its suitcases.

The suitcases are designed in a way that makes it convenient for users and gives a trendy look to their travel. The style and durability with an affordable price make it the most popular brand in the luggage industry. The backpacks industry in India, organized 600 crore pie (approx.) in which 20 percent of it shared by American Tourister. 

Positioning Strategy

The brand decided to distribute firstly in India and China because of the population of the countries and so he began to move towards new products. In 1996, the founder announced about the closing of the brand in Rhode Island and Jacksonville, Warren and Florida because of moving in another city for extra manufacturing.

The distribution and warehouse of the brand remained in Jacksonville because of the mass quantity of product is manufacturing in the Dominican Republic. Its accounting, finance and information systems moved to Denver and the department of marketing, sales, and product design remain in Warren.

Promotional Strategy

American Tourister did not need very promotional ads or campaigns as it established a very strong base from the first time. There are very less promotional strategy has adopted by the brand.

The “Gorilla” advertisement is one of the famous and interactive campaigns. It inspired true-life accounts, it is an award-winning ad that showed the ferocious gorilla is stomping and hurling in an American Tourister case while living in a zoo cage.


American Tourister Campaign

Except “GORILLA” campaign, American Tourister has rolled many other campaigns, those are as follows:


This campaign urges young consumers to travel in style. This campaign was conceptualized by Taproot India; in this, the brand always spread a global message and showcases the range of latest trendy backpacks. The executive director of American Tourister, Anushree Tainwala spoked about the backpacks and said that today the backpacks are using by most of the people like young professionals, students, and college youth.

Also, it is convenient for those who drive bikes or operates a smartphone while traveling; the backpacks allow them a hands-free experience. American Tourister is not for traveling companion but also for everyday companion and it is the basic idea of this campaign.

#Live Fashionable

This campaign seeks to capture the fashion and value of today’s young adults. The campaign enhances the global position of this brand. This campaign showcased four various situations about the attitude of young adults traveling life, they are- Fashionably Friendly, Fashionably Lost, Fashionably Late and Fashionably Independent.

The thought of this campaign is being fashionable is not only living with the latest trends, it includes fun, quirky and young from the heart always and it reflects on everything done by you. The American Tourister products are the ideal companion for those who always want to live fashionable.  

Brand Ambassadors

The latest TVC campaign is featuring by Cristiano Ronaldo, the champion Footballer, and Virat Kohli, the master blaster cricketer. The campaign featured 360-degree rotational luggage, the marketing campaign includes print, television, outdoor and digital activation. Lavie is the sister brand of American Tourister and its campaign includes a celebrity- Kareena Kapoor.



It is the leading luggage manufacturer and retailer, who acquired in 1993 by Samsonite Corp. It can be a smart choice for you. The campaigns of the brand always try to target urban and metro audiences. The American Tourister brand will always be known in the industry for its unique blend of toughness and international class.

The bags and backpacks of the brand can flawlessly reflect the personality and style of the user and ensure a head-turning effect. The quality and campaign of American Tourister have given it a new image and level. 

American Tourister ensures your travels to meet with confidence. The brand always manufactures the product by keeping in mind that how you can travel with confidence and comfort. American Tourister is the smart choice one can ever have. It provides spacious, good quality and comfortable bags and backpacks which can go with you for a long time.



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