History & Marketing Strategies of All out Brand

Company: All out
Founded by: Arya Brothers

All Out brand of mosquito repellents were founded by the three Arya brothers – Anil, Naveen and Bimal at their home city of Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. They began developing the formula in 1987 and “All Out” was formally launched in 1990 under their company named Karamchand Appliances Private Ltd.

The brand enjoyed huge success in the home pesticide market largely due to steady demand of the product in Indian homes and excellent brand positioning and promotion. Currently the brand is owned by S. C. Johnson and Sons, Inc., from Wisconsin, USA who acquired the brand from the Arya Brothers in the year 2005. 

All out enjoyed market leadership position in its category with 45% share of the sales revenue in 2012 and has always been a tough competitor for other consumer giants in the category like Godrej Sara Lee, Reckitt Benckiser and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. since its launch in the 1990s.

The company uses Japanese technology for its almost smoke free vaporizers and its products are odorless, leaves little residue and lasts long per refill or coil when compared with similar products in its category. Currently, All out has diversified its product portfolio and included aerosols and insect killer sprays to its existing vaporizers, mats and coils available in the market.


The Beginning

Karamchand Appliances Private Ltd. was owned by the Arya brothers who were on the lookout for niche markets in the country where there was a gap between supply and demand and there was a need for good quality product. They began working on liquid vaporizers with the aim of providing relief from the mosquito pest problem plaguing the cities of India. The development started in 1987 with aid from Japanese firm Earth Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. who lent their technology and expertise to the product. 

The All Out Liquid Vaporizer was released in 1990 and it immediately created an impact on the consumers owing to it being the first of its kind to come out in the category. The vaporizer was an easy-to-use product complete with its own machine which came with the original packing with only refills needed subsequently.

Initially, price was somewhat in the higher bracket due to cost of manufacturing, but it soon came down as per market demand and high sales volume. Karamchand Appliances Pvt. Ltd. concentrated only on the All Out brand and was basically focused on its growth and development in the early years. 


The Road to Success

The impetus which increased the business volume of All Out came from its innovative promotions, especially in the television media. The advertisements made the product almost a household name and “All Out “was synonymous with mosquito repellent vaporizers among the urban population of India.

Like Colgate and Godrej are the leaders in their respective product categories, All Out succeeded in creating a name for itself in the home pest control market. The brand reached its zenith in 1999 when it captured almost two – thirds (69%) market share in its category and the urban Indian household was certain to use the product. 

This success came in spite of other global consumer giants like Godrej and HUL possessing far better finances and stronger distribution networks all over the country. All Out was able to create brand awareness through introducing a new product in the Indian market, promoting the same vigorously while maintaining the supply chain through its chain of 120 distributors spread all over the country.

Its target customers were mainly the families residing in the congested cities of India and it succeeded in reaching out to them by the start of the new millennium. 

The new millennium brought fresh competition to the All Out brand in the home pesticides category; the consumer conglomerates intensified their efforts to capture more market share in the segment. Karamchand Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (KAPL) finally decided to sell its successful All Out brand to the US consumer company, S. C. Johnson formally in 2005, even though the company has already acquired 50% stake of the company earlier. 

KAPL, under the leadership of the Arya Brothers became a subsidiary of S. C. Johnson Inc. in the country and the Indian arm of the company, S. C. Johnson Products was reorganized under their leadership.

The deal was a testimony of the successful entrepreneurship of KAPL and the validation of its efforts to reach the top position as a single-product company amidst stiff competition. With better finances and international expertise, All Out soon expanded its product portfolio branched out and produced mosquito coils, mats and aerosols under its name.

Marketing Strategies and Promotions

One of the reasons of success of All Out as a brand was the optimal usage of marketing strategies to promote the brand as a household product which is safe to use under domestic conditions. Its series of television advertisements was quite popular among the urban population of the country and soon All Out became synonymous with the liquid vaporizer, even though there were other companies selling similar products. 

The first television advertisement showed a Japanese man eating up all the mosquitoes in the room while the family was having a good time. The advertisement was coupled with attractive packing which prominently displayed the product with bright color schemes immediately caught the fancy of the consumer.

All Out also got the advantage of being a first mover in the category, even though later product launches in the same category did erode some of its market share. 

The modified version of the first television commercial was released by All Out in the new millennium which showed an animated frog eating up mosquitoes at a rapid rate, irrespective of the time of day. This commercial was even more popular and even kids loved the animation and consumers were able to relate the actual shape of the vaporizer with the frog figure. 

This created a connection and helped promoting the brand which was selling good quality product which helped keeping the intended pests away.

The animated frog remained the mascot of the brand till the last decade after which a brand overhauling through celebrity endorsement was planned by the management. But it served its intended purpose very well and can take credit for sustained success of the brand. 



The success of “All Out” brand was the result of progressive, entrepreneurial thinking of the Arya brothers who introduced a new product in the segment and reaped the benefits of being first movers in a demanding market. The brand gained immense popularity by the end of last decade on the back of quality product offerings and clever advertisements which caught the fancy of consumers.

Currently, the brand is expanding its product portfolio and is poised to re-capture its past popularity under new leadership and innovative marketing strategies.

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