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Company Name- Aaj Tak
Founder- Aroon Purie

Can you imagine your life without news? Well, news is one such resource which gives us useful insight and knowledge about whatever is happening around the World. Be it national, international, political news, sports news, Bollywood or International news one of the leading news channel that has beat all the others is, the Aaj Tak, from the house of TV Today.

How it all started

In 1990, the Government of India decided that every private channel can enter in the entertainment software industry and that time Aaj Tak also entered in the news industry.



Aaj Tak is a most viewed, loved and trusted news brand. It is a trusted news channel that is leading from 17 years of its establishment.  When Aaj Tak launched, the news market was already crowded with Star News and Zee News channels and occupied the top positions but Aaj Tak changed the market dynamics in its own way. It has given a tough competition to its competitors and has stood strong over the years. 

Aaj Tak’s marketing strategy and interesting reasons behind its success

Competitive Strategy

Aaj Tak always set their strategy by observing what their competitors are doing and what the weakness of the channel is so that they can use that as an advantage. Another benefit of this channel is that they are a part of the media group. The channel runs through TVTN, it has extensive experience in the production of news as well as in current affair programs. The channel uses competitive strategies to ensure its footprint in the news segment.

Growth Strategy

Aaj Tak took a step to make the channel available across the geographies and make sure that viewers should get some positive booster through their activities. Currently, the channel has become the dominant No. 1 news channel of India. The channel has broken all viewership records by gaining more than 100 million viewers and is the top channel in Hindi news. This is seen to be unmatched, unseen and unheard in news space.

Through this channel, the advertisers also get benefits as they reach to additional viewers on the same platform. The additional viewers allow advertisers to spend more for their ads on Aaj Tak and it also increases their ROI. Achieving the new set of viewers by Aaj Tak has ensured that the growth of the channel is setting a new benchmark on the news market and also makes them launch innovative content about the channel.

Focus on Rural News

For creating preference, the channel has taken a step to gather news by covering small towns and villages. So, the channel launched a new news show by focusing on rural areas named- ‘Gaon Aaj Tak’. This news show provides rural news like what problems they are facing, issues and inspirational stories of the area.

The channel not only helps rural areas to be updated but also provide a brief look of their world to the viewers across the country. This helped the channel to reach out to the larger audience of the world. 


Content Strategy

The content strategy of Aaj Tak includes the series of reinventions and adaptations to continue as a leader in news space across the country of rural and urban markets. Aaj Tak was powered by extensive wall paintings across the Indian HSM states with their activation programs that are connecting hundreds of villages with their out stationed members.

They always create attractive content that can attract more and more new viewers’ every time. Aaj Tak has released a news program with an innovative content, named ‘Upparwala Dekh Raha Hai’, it is able to enjoy a differentiated loyalty. 


Investment in marketing

Aaj Tak has created and increased its presence in some new areas. The channel has invested in marketing for achieving a new set of viewers. The investment worked and the channel was able to connect 100 million viewers with the news and marked its place on the top of the news channel’s list. Aaj Tak became a necessary channel in media for news that likes to cater by most of the people in the world. The channel got power to set 


Aaj Tak Campaign

“Saare Jahan Se Sachcha”

This campaign shows the core of the brand that is- Fearlessness, Truth and No compromise. The motive of the channel is to show why truth is so important. The channel highlights the fundamental need of the society that is- to be honest, and to be true. The aim of this campaign is to bring the principles of truth and integrity that are defining Aaj Tak from 17 years. The campaign of this brand looks the truth in a very different way. Credibility is the only answer of unsubstantiated noises and Aaj Tak is playing a vital role in this area. 

The channel believes that ‘No legacy is rich as honesty’ and this is the reason that Aaj Tak witnesses and record-breaking news or stories every time. The campaign is telecast on 3 TVCs that captures everyday situations.

The line ‘Saare Jahan Se Sachcha’ is conceived to tug at people’s heart and create positive emotion. The campaign of Aaj Tak tries to remind people the values of speaking truth. Aaj Tak has the trust of serving the updated news and for maintaining this trust the channel brings most credible, factual and unbiased news that helps them to be 1.5 times ahead of their nearest competitor. 



Aaj Tak has won ITA Awards for four times and being the No. 1 news channel for 15 times. It has owned the title of Best Hindi News Channel Award by being the most popular news channel among the viewers due to news related to a common concern.



‘Aaj Tak’ is a Hindi word meaning ‘Till Today’ that means it gives news of up to the minute. It is an Indian Hindi language channel and it is owned by TV today network; it is part of Living Media Group. It’s a 24×7 news channel that keeps its eye on all the breaking news round the clock. The hard work of its journalists, news anchor and editors can be seen through the name and the fame the channel has earned till date.

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