Marketing Strategies of Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly

Brand Name: Juzt Jelly
Founder: Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V

Juzt Jelly, a product under the brand name Alpenliebe, was created by the Italian global manufacturer named Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V. The Van Melle group of Netherlands and the Italian group Perfetti decided to merge in 2001 thus creating this group.

The corporate headquarters of the company are currently in Lainete, Italy and Schiphol, Netherlands. They are the 3rd largest confectionary manufacturer after Mondelez International and Mars Incorporated.

How It All Started

The confectionery market leader in India, Perfetti released the new category of jelly confectionery under the brand name Juzt Jelly back in 2012. They were the first to release any item under this category. It was released as a sub-brand under Alpenliebe and immediately took over the Indian Market by storm because of the quality and uniqueness it offered in just one rupee. 



The new brand was launched through the celebrity endorsement from the Bollywood actress Kajol, and it had the tagline of “mast jelly’. The overnight success of Juzt Jelly also prompted their rival in this category, ITC to launch the challenging brand Candyman Jellicious.

This strawberry shaped candy gained its popularity due to the use of pulp of real strawberry. As Alpenliebe was already a famous brand, this new sub-brand was launched to reinforce the brand’s irresistibility.


Juzt Jelly’s Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success


  • Leading Confectionary Company: Perfetti has been in the confectionery market for a long time. As they have always created products with high quality, it was not hard for them to build an enormous reputation. This reputation of their company has helped them gain a strong base of loyal customers. This situation has helped them sell their new product, Juzt Jelly. As many consumers wanted to try it because of the positive reputation the company holds.  
  • Endorsement with Renowned Celebrity: Everyone in India knows the famous actress Kajol. Thus the company decided to endorse their new product, Juzt Jelly with this renowned movie star. This proved to be a brilliant strategy as the population who knew Kajol but did not have any idea about Perfetti or their products now got acquainted with their products as well as Juzt Jelly. This made this new brand get more popular. Making different yet catchy advertisements have also helped them get more consumers.


  • Constant Release of New Flavors: Quality of any product is definitely a big factor in selling it. But without variety, anything will get boring. Perfetti released the first Juzt Jelly product with only one flavor, Strawberry. Based on the thought of producing various flavor to make the product more interesting, they did not stop there even though getting a lot of popularity. They kept creating various new flavors like Guava, Lychee, orange etc and also new shapes like fruity bears which made the product more likeable and unique to the consumers.


  • Price: Price of any product is important for getting new consumers. Quality product with the right price will help to attract new customers.  Even though being a unique product, upon its release the company decided the price to be 1 rupee only. This pocket-friendly price did help with the selling of the products thus increasing its popularity even more.


  • Sub-brand of Alpenliebe: Juzt Jelly was released as sub-brand under the Alpenliebe brand. Alpenliebe was already a well-known brand because of its creamy flavor and mouthwatering taste. Making Juzt Jelly a sub-brand of it made the sell of the product increase much more than expected. Additionally as Juzt Jelly became more popular, the Alpenliebe brand got more popular with it.


  • Strong Distribution: No product can get popular without a strong distribution market. The Juzt Jelly products are currently being sold in many countries worldwide. Each and every city of these countries has the Juzt Jelly products present in their stores and malls. This has made the product more popular in many places which without the strong distribution ability would not be possible.

Juzt Jelly Campaigns

At first Juzt Jelly was launched through the endorsement with famous Bollywood celebrity Kajol with the tagline “mast jelly’. This advertisement did very good in the market and made the product somewhat popular. But later the brand moved to animation based campaign themed ‘Jelly ki Duniya’ which meant ‘The world of Jelly’. As the main consumers of the sugar confectionery category are mainly the children, thus the animations and jingles caught their attention more thoroughly. 

Later, they announced a new collaboration with the leading names in Indian Culinary circuit to create recipes using Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly as its core ingredient. This digital campaign features the lineup of renowned chefs like Amrita Raichand, Ajay Chopra, Shipra Khanna, Saransh Goila etc who will come together with innovative recipes using Juzt Jelly.

The company has recently extended their Juzt Jelly brand by adding a new product under it named Jelly Bottles. This new product comes in the market with two brand new flavors such as Cola and mango. The company had already pioneered in building the Jelly category in India. With the innovative ideas they are constantly coming up with will surely make them the dominating brand with more than 50% market share. 



Perfetti was already a renowned company because of the other products like Alpenliebe candy, Center Fresh, Big Babool etc. The release of Juzt Jelly added a brilliant new asset to their arsenal thus making the more famous as well as more likeable which helped them grow their business market even more.


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