Top 10 Best Water pumps Brands in India

A water pump is now an essential thing for most homes in India. It is also needed in all industries, and they serve a variety of purposes. IN India water pumps are used for a variety of reasons from using in air coolers to pumping water into overhead water tanks to distributing water in industrial units etc.

Choosing the right water pump for your requirement is not very easy and can get a little tricky, especially with so many brands and models available today. Since we do not know the technicalities of different kinds of water pumps, it gets very difficult for us.

We will try and give you some basic knowledge and information that will help you to choose a water pump even if you have no technical knowledge.

Choose from India’s Top 10 Best Water Pumps

A great way to buy a water pump is to choose from the Top 10 Best Water Pumps in India in terms of sales. This list of the bestselling water pumps in India is updated every day and has only the latest water pumps. That means that you will get only the latest and most updated water pumps and also those water pumps that are already tested and tried by uncountable Indians.

Since this list of the Top 10 Bestselling water pumps only features top bestsellers, you will always get the best quality and best value for money.


1. Kirloskar

best water pumps brands indiaKirloskar is a popular Indian brand when it comes to power generation and water pumps. The company was founded in 1888 and today, the company has its headquarters in Pune. Kirloskar not only manufactures Submersible Pumps for domestic use but it also exports its products to over 70 countries. The pumps from Kirloskar are highly reliable and they are also available in different variants so as to provide you with what you need. If you want something really reliable then you can certainly trust Kirloskar as it is also the largest pump and valve manufacturer in India.


2. CRI

best water pumps brands indiaCRI is next brand on our list and this brand was established over 50 years ago. The best part about CRI is that it has a huge sales and service network. So, when you buy a submersible pump from CRI, you will get access to over 1500 services centers of the company. Moreover, the company has its presence across the globe and it supplies products to over 120 countries. The company manufactures agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and solar pumps. The product line is extensive and hence you get a lot of options to choose from while you are shopping for a Pump from CRI.


3. Crompton

best water pumps brands indiaNext on our list is Crompton and this is a company similar to Kirloskar. The company was founded in 1878 and headquarter of Crompton is located in Mumbai. Crompton manufactures submersible pumps for residential use, agricultural use as well as special use. Each category has different types of pumps available but one thing is common between all these pumps. All these submersible pumps from Crompton are designed for low power consumption. If you are looking for something that is reliable and that comes with long warranty then it would make a lot of sense to go with a pump from Crompton.


4. Texmo

best water pumps brands indiaAnother market leader for submersible pumps in India is Texmo. The company was incepted in 1956 and since then it is serving the people with help of technology, quality and service. These are three key points of the products offered by Texmo. The company not only manufactures submersible pumps but it also manufactures many different kind of pumps for the people. If you are looking for a pump that is easy to maintain and has a low weight to power ratio then Texmo is the brand that you must look for. It should be noted that some of the Texmo pumps are also marketed under the name of Taro.


5. KSB

best water pumps brands indiaNext brand on our list is not an Indian company, this is a Germany company and German Engineering is known for reliability, durability and innovation. This is what you can also expect from the pumps manufactured by KSB. These pumps are easily available in the market and you can choose from the wide product line of this company. There are pumps for each type of need and hence you get a lot of variety to choose from. The pumps from KSB are widely used in agricultural and manufacturing industries.

These are the best Submersible Pumps brand in India and you can get in touch with the company directly or you can even look online for purchasing a Submersible Pumps. Yes, even Submersible Pumps are available online today and you might certainly want to have a look at them.


6. Jet Pump

best water pumps brands indiaJet pumps are modified form of #centrifugalpumps. They can produce highly pressurized water for various uses.



7.Havells Pumps

best water pumps brands indiaDedicated to deliver comprehensive revolutionary pump services for agricultural, municipal, residential, petroleum, and industrial-commercial markets, Havells Pump comes with both horizontal and vertical pumps which provide complete underground water pumping solutions. With modern technology, reliable resources and innovative solutions, Havells pump have introduced an assorted range of water pumps and motors, including, submersible pump, submersible motor, bare shaft pump, end suction pump and Centrifugal Monoblock Pump.


8. Oswal pumps

best water pumps brands indiaOswal Pumps Limited started in year 2000 has become now India’s first unique integrated plant with world class manufacturing facility in its own kind, backed by seasoned engineers and technicians, which has resulted in as the fastest growing company in the field of submersible Pumps, Monoblock Pumps, Pressure Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Electric Motors, Submersible Winding Wires & Cables and Electric Panels covering Domestic, Agriculture and Industrial Range. 


9. Apex pumps

best water pumps brands indiaApex Pumps is a successful company based on the skills of its people. They have been producing high specification centrifugal pumps since 1988, with many thousands operating both within the UK and worldwide on installations where efficiency and reliability are of prime importance, and have earned an enviable reputation for the quality and endurance of their products. They design and build all our pumps at our site in Bristol and are very proud to be British made. Apex Pumps design and manufacture a wide range of centrifugal pumps for industry, building services, aquaculture, petrochemical plant and many other similar demanding applications.


10. Shakti Pumps

best water pumps brands indiaShakti Pumps was incorporated in 1982 by the Patidar family of Rau (Indore) to manufacture submersible pumps and electric control panels. In 1995, the company went public with an issue of Rs 500 lakh. Later in 1996, company expanded its portfolio by manufacturing stainless steel submersible pumps and motors. In the same year, Shakti Pumps started its export operation. In the year 2006, company was acknowledged with one star export house status. In the same year, the company established a branch office in Australia and Turkey.



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