Top 10 Best Truck brands in India

 It is also known by the name of the lorry in many parts of India. Trucks vary in power, size and configuration. Many trucks are large in size. The modern trucks are equipped with diesel engines. Trucks are generally classified as delivery vans, trailers, tippers, cabs, haulage and rigid trucks.

Importance of trucks

Transportation takes place usually by road. They are utilised to send goods both non-perishable and perishable. Trucks are of different sizes that are used to transport food items, liquids, fruits, vegetables and other goods. For long distance, manufacturers and producers outsource transportation and for short distances prefer to have their own trucks.

Trucks are the backbone of Indian transportation system. The trucks must have best safety features, fuel economy and aerodynamics. You must take good-quality trucks as it does not require much repairs and maintenance. Make the right choice by selecting the trucks that provide best quality features. Before buying trucks you must know what you are going to carry in the truck, capacity and the type of truck. Also, you must keep in mind about the axle ratio and right engine.

Hence we are enlisting top 10 truck brands in India.


1.Ashok Leyland

best truck brands indiaIt is one of the largest commercial vehicles that is manufactured in India. They started their operations in 1948. They are the leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, military and emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles. It is the 16th manufacturer of trucks worldwide. The annual sales is more than 60,000 vehicles and 7000 engines annually. They concentrate on 16 to 25 ton truck range. They already manufacture around 7.5 tons to 49 tons capacity trucks.


2.Tata Motors

best truck brands indiaIt is an Indian multinational automotive company. It was founded in 1945 with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a sister concern company of Tata Group. They produce trucks, passenger cars, coaches, buses, military vehicles and construction equipment. It is the fourth largest truck producer in the world. They have a turnover of around 42 billion dollar. Some of the subsidiaries of this company are Land Rover, Tata Hispano, Jaguar and TDCV.


3. Mahindra and Mahindra

best truck brands indiaIt is an automobile producer that was founded in 1947. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  It is a subsidiary of Mahindra group. It is the largest tractor manufacturer and vehicle manufacturers in India. Some of the truck models are Loadking, Maxximo, Bolero Maxi, Genio, Gio, Mahindra Navister Trucks and Alfa.


4.Hindustan Motors

best truck brands indiaIt is the leading automotive manufacturer. The headquarters are located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It started its operations in 1948. It is the subsidiary of Birla Technical Services Industrial Group. It manufactures passenger cars, trucks, and other light weight commercial vehicles.



best truck brands indiaIt is the leading commercial vehicle with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It was established in 1948. It manufactures trucks with better fuel economy, superior performance, faster turnaround and higher payload. The trucks have high reliability with low operating cost. The new series of Eicher promise to deliver best fuel efficiency and high loading capacity.


6.Swaraj Mazda

best truck brands indiaIt is an automobile company. The headquarters are located in Chandigarh. It was established in collaboration of Punjab tractors Limited of India and Sumitomo Corporation. The company manufacture medium duty trucks.


7.Asia Motor Works

best truck brands indiaThe trucks are produced for highways, construction, mining and other heavy applications. They manufacture high performance tractor trailers, tippers and AMW trucks.



8.Bharat Benz

best truck brands indiaDaimler India vehicles are branded Bharat Benz in India. It caters to the requirements of Indian customers. It has its manufacturing facility in Chennai. It produces BharatBenz trucks and heavy duty tractors and buses.



9.Volvo trucks

best truck brands indiaIt offers comfortable workplace. It manufactures commercial vehicles like trucks for commercial and regional use. It offers quality services and products to India. It was established in 1998.



10.Force Motors

best truck brands indiaThey are popular for light commercial vehicles such as Matador, Tempo, Traveller and Minidor. The company also produces a vast range of vehicles. Traveller Shaktiman is a small truck that is a commercial vehicle.

We have discussed the top 10 brands of trucks in India. If you want to buy, you can select any of these brands. All these brands are of best quality and have the presence in India and world. Before buying the truck, take into consideration what are your requirements and aim. You must buy trucks as per your need.

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