Top 10 Best Razor Brands in India

Nowadays men are more conscious as compared to women in India. Men have started to take care of their skin. They invest much in shaving equipment. They are very conscious while buying a shaving razor for shaving. There are various brands that manufacture razors with latest technology. The branded razors provide extra comfort during shaving.

Why shaving is better with shaving razor?

Shaving razor is a beautifully sculptured tool that lasts for a lifetime. It reflect the purposefulness and integrity of the man. The reasons to prefer shaving though shaving razor are as follows:

  • It is a b better shaving option.
  • It is a skin-friendly option
  • Less expensive and traditional
  • Environment friendly
  • You can enjoy doing shaving with the shaving razor
  • It reduces skin irritation, ingrown hairs and shave bumps.

We are discussing the top 10 razor brands in India.


1.Gillette shaving razor

best razor brands indiaIt is the leading shaving razor in India. The company introduced first twin blade system, razor with the lubricating strip, Atra/contour system, and 3 blade technology. After that it launched, wet shaving system. This shaving system is based on battery and pivoting razor. This shaving razor provides a smooth and safe shave with no inflammations or cuts. The company has many ranges like Presto, sensor excel, ProGlide, Mach3, Fusion, FlexBall and Gillette Body.


2.Philips Shaving razor

best razor brands indiaThe Philips dry electric Shaver and Aqua Touch Wet provide shave without hurting your skin. The low rubbing feature makes beeline for the face curves to confine skin wounds. The Aquatec seal provides a comfortable wet and dry shave. This shaver contains dual precision trimming sharp blades that shave long and short stubble hair. Philips sharp blades contain holes and spaces that help in trimming short and long hair. The primary blade lift each hair and second blade trims the hair. It provides smooth results.


3.Wilkinson Sword Shaving Razor

best razor brands indiaIt is a shaving razor that also manufactures blades. It’s been in the market from the last 10 years. The product range consists of Hydro 5 Groomer. Hydro 5 Power Select, Quattro Titanium Precision, and Hydro 5 sensitive and many other disposable razor series. It manufactures razor that provides optimum closeness for a comfortable shave.


4.Dorco LetsShave Shaving razor

best razor brands indiaIt is the pioneer razor brand in India. It has done a partnership with LetsShave and producing finest blades and razors since 1955. They manufacture high-quality products at the reasobale price. Some of the brands that are offered are the Pace 6, pace 4, pace 3, pace 2, Dr. Barber’s studio and Pace XL pro. It also produces disposable razors. The brand holds a good position in the initiative of green company.


5.Merkur Shaving razor

best razor brands indiaIf you are looking forward to extra soft shave, then you are at the right place. It produces the best safety razors in India. The 38 C, Barber pole Model is manufactured by DOVO Solingen, a German company. It lasts for a longer period of time. Using this shaving razor, you will get a reliable, flat and silky shave.


6.SuperMax Shaving Razor

best razor brands indiaIt is one of the leading company that produces blades and razors. This company operates in five continents. The brand offer many products like SMX4, Power, Ultimate refresh super Max 3, Ultimate Pro-tect, Soccer 2, Comfort Grip, Elegance, Swift . Quik shaver and Hattrick. It provides you a clean and fresh shave with latest technology and unique design.


7.Pearl Shaving razor

best razor brands indiaThis company was established in 1990. It ensures high-quality products. It produces different razors like double edge safety razor, two pieces safety razor, and twist to open safety razor. The brand provides brass double edged safety razor. They are highly durable that provide amazing shaving experience.


8. Personna Shaving razor

best razor brands indiaIt is world’s oldest manufacturer of razors. It delivers many razors. They offer many razors like magnum, GT series, Triflexxx, Martiz, Auto Plus, BumpFighter, Twin Pivot and Glide. They also offer disposable razors.


9. Laser Shaving Razor

best razor brands indiaLaser is a worldwide manufacturing company that consists of regular disposables, flat blades, rubberised handles and triple blade system. The razor is of high-quality with latest technology. They offer comfortable and smooth shaving experience.



10. Ameego Shaving Razor

best razor brands indiaIt manufactures innovating shaving products and best quality razors. The razors are made in Germany and are designed for your sensitive skin. These razors are made from Teflon coating and high grade steel. These razors lasts for a longer period of time. The razor contain lubricating strip that are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.  The product contain 5 blades.

Hence, we have discussed top 10 brands of shaving razor in India. You can select any of these brands as per your requirement. The shaving razor is the perfect tool for your shaving.

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