Top 10 Best Pizza Café Brands in India

Indians are very fond of delicious food. Be it elder or kids, Indians cannot resist tasty food. Any person cannot resist cheesy Italian bite like fresh hot pizza. Pizza has gained popularity over the years in India. Now more and more people love to eat this yummy food.

Why eat Pizza in India

  • Pizza fight cancer

Incorporating a few slices of pizza in your daily diet can protect you from certain cancers. Scientific study has proved that eating pizza two times a week have less probability to develop oesophageal, throat and colon cancer.

  • Pizza helps you to absorb lycopene

Tomatoes are used as a topping that contains lycopene. Consuming lycopene- packed foods with fat such as pizza make your body absorb lycopene.

  • A Quick meal and better than other fast foods

Pizza is a quick meal s it is easily and widely available. Munching few slices of pizza make you feel less guilty than burger and fries.

  • Pizza  is affordable

Pizza is delicious and affordable as compared to other fast foods.

  • Packed with protein

A single slice of pizza contains 15 grams of protein that gives you energy and help repair cells. It also helps to build strong muscles.

  • Eat pizza for any meal

You can eat pizza at any meal of the day.

  • Pizza  makes it easy to eat veggies

Veggies contain many vitamins and minerals. You can eat many vegetables in pizza that you don’t like to eat.

Here are the best top 10 best Pizza café brands in India.


1. Pizza hut

best pizza cafe in indiaIt is an American restaurant and international franchise. It produces different kinds of pizza with other side dishes. It is the subsidiary of Yum brands and corporately known as Pizza Hut. It is a leading restaurant in India and the world. It has its presence in more than 40 cities that offer delicious pizza with home delivery in selective cities.


2. Domino’s Pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaIt is the brand of Jubilant Food Works Limited. The company was established in 1995 that initiated its operations in 1996. Domino’s deliver a large variety of pizzas. They offer tasty and high-quality pizza with exceptional customer service. It promised to deliver pizza within 30 minutes or else free.


3. U.S. Pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaThis pizza hut brand is owned by United Restaurants ltd. The company specializes in freshly baked pizza and home delivery. It was brought to Bangalore at Manipal Centre in 1994 by chairman and founder of U.S. pizza. In 1998, it started expanding its stores to 12 states and 34 cities. Now, it has around 90 stores in India.


4. Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaIt is an Indian chain of pizza with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It was founded by Parsi entrepreneurs in 1993. It currently operates many cities having more than 50 stores in India. It focuses on Pizza and Pizza related items like pizza sandwiches. The key features are meat and vegetarian products. It also serves open subs, garlic bread, salad, desserts, and beverages. It has also opened two outlets in Muscat, Oman.


5. Pizza corner

best pizza cafe in india

It was established by Global Franchise Architects in 1996. The main idea behind the pizza corner is to offer wholesome food with various variety. Along with conventional pizza, there are other pizzas like Italian pizza, hand tossed crust. The menu also contains other beverages and appetizers like desserts, salads, and pastas. It promises to deliver pizza within 39 minutes or free.


6. Papa John’s pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaIt is a high-quality product with exemplary customer service. It has received a recognition in the world. It is the third largest pizza retail chain in the world. They are also been given the best pizza award in many surveys. They make high-quality pizza.


7.California Pizza Kitchen

best pizza cafe in indiaIt is a US- based casual dining chain in India. It specializes in pastas, pizzas, appetizers and salads. It is quite popular in Bangalore and Mumbai in India. People love the taste of this pizza with various outlets.



8. Sal’s pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaThis pizza retail chain is from New England. This store serves 19- inch pizza with a weight of three pounds. This pizza retail chain spreads in many cities across India. It delivers around 60,000 pizzas on weekly basis.



9. Eagle boys

best pizza cafe in indiaThis is an Australian based pizza chain. It was acquired by Pizza hut in 2016. This franchise has started to develop their stores in India. They have many varieties of pizzas.



10. Chicago pizza

best pizza cafe in indiaThis is one pizza franchise that serves core non- veg pizzas including breadsticks, subs and Buffalo wings. This outlet has its origin in Ohio.

Hence, we have discussed the top 10 brands of pizza cafes in India. Pizza can be enjoyed at any occasion. You can eat pizza in any of the above- mentioned pizza cafes.

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