Top 10 Best Oats Brands in India

Many people believe that oats are an indispensable part of your nutritious diet. Oats contain fibres that provides better digestion. A bowl of oats is an ideal substitute to the healthy breakfast and can be prepared quickly. It takes less than 10-15 minutes to make a bowl of oats. There are many oats brands in India. Types of oats

  • Steel cut oats

These oats are formed by cutting whole oats for 2-3 times with the help of steel blades. They are not steamed and rolled. They are the healthy oats as compared to instant oats. They contain high fibre content with low glycaemic index and high nutrition value.

  • Stone ground oats

They are similar to steel cut oats but these are grounded to small pieces by using a stone. The stone create pieces of oats of carried sizes.

  • Rolled oats

They are obtained by rolling them to create soft, thin and fat oats. The oats take less time for preparation. These oats can be steamed.

  • Instant oats

These oats are processed many times for instant and easy cooking. They can be cooked in minutes. They help to lose weight.


Top 10 best oat brands in India


1.Quaker oats

best oats brands indiaIt is the best-selling oats in India. The oats established its operations 135 years back. They sell high-quality oats. They sell instant oats that are processed and pre-cooked. They can be prepared in five minutes. These oats are rich in fibre that leads to weight loss. Consuming oats on a regular basis increases metabolism and improve digestive system. They are gluten free. It comes in different flavors such as Oats classic, home style masala oats and oats plus.


2.Saffola oats

best oats brands indiaIt is one of the popular brand in India that are consumed for weight loss. The oats are prepared from natural wholegrain oats. They are obtained after double streaming and provide uniform texture. The taste is good and comprises of a soluble fibre, Beta glucan that decreses bad cholesterol. The nutrients of oats keeps you healthy. It comes in many flavors.


3.Urban platter

best oats brands indiaThis is a highly nutritious brand of oats. They manufacture rolled oats and take approximately 5-10 minutes to get ready. These oats are best for people who have busy lifestyle and don’t have time to cook. These oats contain healthy fat, fibre, and protein. They are gluten free and contain very less calories. They also possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that help to lose weight and burn fat at a faster pace. You can soak these oats overnight and can cook them in water or milk in the morning.


4.Sattvic Foods

best oats brands indiaThis is one of the best option of oat brands in the Indian market. The company produces highly nutritious and organic oats. They are perfect for leading a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Sattvic Foods produces steel cut oats. These oats are healthy as they contain endosperm. The endosperm get lost in instant and rolled oats. These oats are rich in magnesium and protein. The taste of these oats is quite good as compared to other oats. You can also add jiggery, honey, dry fruits and banana.


5.Kellogg’s natural oats

best oats brands indiaIt is an American brand that is known for nutritious and healthy food. The oats are perfect for weight loss. They contain beta glucan, less sodium that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. It also helps to control blood pressure. It keeps you full for a longer period of time. They are low on calories and increases metabolism and increases digestion. It decreases bad cholesterol and goof for healthy heart. They come in different flavors such as shahi kheer, chatpata tomato, mast masala, hot Chinese, and mango strawberry.


6.Bagrry’s white oats

best oats brands indiaIt is one of the leading and famous Indian brand got your breakfast. The breakfast cereal includes oats museli. The oats are made from 100 percent whole grain that are full of protein and are highly nutritious. Once you eat these cereals oats, it keeps you full for a longer period of time. It also prevents craving to eat other fast foods and sugary foods. They comprises protein and is rich in protein.


7.True Elements Rolled oats

best oats brands indiaThese rolled oats are 100 percent gluten free. The oats are healthy and nutritious with a great combination of protein and fibre. It possess antioxidant properties that offer better health. It keeps you full for a longer period of time. It is also increases your metabolism and improve digestive health. It prevents fast food and sugar cravings. It contains many micronutrients that are beneficial for weight loss. It is rich in amino acids and increases immunity.


8.Eco Valley Heart White oats

best oats brands indiaThese oats are recommended to people who are looking to lose weight. They are the best buying option for the people who prefer health. It is easy to prepare. This oats is in powdery form. It is a perfect combination of delicious taste and price. It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels.


9.Patanjali Oats

best oats brands indiaIt is a pure vegetarian product that are made from 100 percent whole grains. Patanjali oats helps to decrease cholesterol. It also helps to maintain weight and helps in the weight reduction. They are made gluten free and is a perfect substitute of the breakfast. It keeps you full for a longer period of time.


10. Foodtown Instant oatmeal

best oats brands indiaIt is one of the leading oats brands. The consistency of the oats is thinner as compared to other oats. The texture is quite good and contains a great flavor. It is 100 percent organic and you can also add fruits and dry fruits.

You can select oat brands as per your requirement. Oats prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce level of cholesterol. It also prevents constipation by improving bowel movements. Oats are a storehouse of magnesium that improve functioning of enzyme in your body. This is a low calorie food that results in weight loss. It reduces blood levels.


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