Top 10 Best Newspaper Brands in India

India is a multilingual nation with different ethnicity. You can see all kinds of culture and creeds with different languages of newspapers. We have variations in ethnicities and languages.

Benefits of reading newspaper

  • Advantages for students

The main benefit for students of reading the newspaper on daily basis is to strengthen their knowledge. Every student must read the newspaper. The students with regular reading get command on reading. It also increases the vocabulary of the students. They can note down the difficult words and get benefit in the assignments.

  • Advantages for teachers

Newspaper have many advantages for teachers. Teachers can use the news to develop the minds of their students in a positive way. By reading newspaper on daily basis, a teacher can share a lot of genuine and relative information from technology, media and sports. The teacher can also share new happenings in the world. You can teach your students how to increase the knowledge base from newspapers. Critical thinking can also be increased with the help of newspapers.

  • Newspapers for business partners

Reading newspapers is beneficial for both business men and students. Businessman gets the information about the country’s economy. You can also get the details about exports, imports and tax percentages. It is helpful for the businessman who invests their money to grab profit.

  • Job opportunities

Finding jobs in the early days was a big task. But the newspaper makes it very easy for the young generation. You can find jobs in special sections as per your qualification and interest. Many ad agencies are working and many companies prefer this medium to advertise jobs as it is the most powerful source.

  • World news

It provides great sense and information from all over the world. All news and required information come in a single newspaper. The news about sports, politics, media, entertainment and education industry are now on fingertips. Every person must be aware of what’s going on around the globe.

  • Different sections

There are many different sections in the newspapers according to the interests of the people. If you are fond of reading news from the entertainment industry, then you can easily read it. There are also other sections like sports for sports lovers. The newspaper contains information and news for student, teacher, and business man and even for housewife.

  • Pocket-friendly

The most important thing is that you get all the required information in very less price. You can also read these newspapers online. You can also get news from mobile applications.

Moreover, India holds the record of the largest newspaper publisher in India. We have discussed the top 10 best newspaper brands in India.


1.Dainik Jagran

best newspaper brands indiaIt was founded by Puran Chandra Gupta. He was an activist and freedom fighter in Quit India Movement, 1942. This paper is owned by JagranPrakashan with its distributorship in 11 states. The head office is in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It has an AIR of around 1.66 crore. The newspaper is one of the leading newspaper and is famous among the masses as it conveys the most popular and latest news in all domains.



best newspaper brands indiaThis is a well-known brand and a venture of Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd. It started its operations in 1936 and is having its centralised operations in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand. It addresses around one-third of readership. Also, it is on the second position with AIR of 1.47 crores. It is the most trusted brand with five printing facilities.


3.Dainik bhaskar

best newspaper brands indiaIt is one of the most newspaper brands in India. It is a Hindi daily. It is the most read brands in India. It was founded by Danik Bhaskar group in 1958. It has the readership in almost 11 States. It is the fastest growing brand with an AIR of 1.38 crore.


4.Malayala Manorama

best newspaper brands indiaIt holds a promising position in the southern part of India. It is a Malayalam newspaper with an AIR of more than 88 lakhs. It has 15 printing press in India. It is printed under the group of Malayalam Manorama Company Limited, Kerela.


5.Daily Thanthi

best newspaper brands indiaIt is at the 5th position. This is a Tamil newspaper that ranks second in South India. It has an AIR of more than 82 lakhs. It was established by S.P Adithanar in 1942. It holds a very important position and is popular for its Sunday supplements.


6.Rajasthan Patrika

best newspaper brands indiaIt is a Hindi daily with an AIR of 79 lakhs. It is at the 6th position and was started by the Karpoor Chandra Kulish. It has the readership of more than 13 cities.



7.Amar Ujala

best newspaper brands indiaIt is a very old newspaper that has been read by many generations. It is a Hindi daily that has become the family member in most of the families. It is founded by Amar Ujala Publications Ltd. It came to India in 1948 and holds an AIR of 78 lakhs.


8.Times of India

best newspaper brands indiaIt is a regular and favorite newspaper. Times of India is an English best -selling newspaper. The publication is Bennett Coleman that was started in 1838. It is the oldest newspaper with an AIR of 75 lakhs.




best newspaper brands indiaIt is a Malayalam newspaper. It started its operation in 1932. It was started by Mathrubhumi printing and publishing company ltd. It is having its headquarters in Kerala. It also offers e- news services. It also comprises of mobile apps for iOS, android and windows. It has an AIR of more than 60 lakhs.



best newspaper brands indiaIt is a Marathi newspaper and is the best seller of Marathi languages. This newspaper brand was owned by Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. Its headquarters are located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It comes in 11 editions with an AIR of more than 58 lakhs.

Reading daily newspapers is the best habit. This habit must be developed by your children and other family members. We have discussed top 10 best newspaper brands in India. We have also discussed the benefits of the reading newspaper.


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