Top 10 Best Moisturizer Brands in India

Most of the times, the skin looks parched and dull as it loses the ability to retain moisture. Your skin feels tight and becomes sensitive with low sebum level. The dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin becomes chapped and cracked. You feel uncomfortable after washing. Therefore, it is required to apply moisturizer. There are many moisturizers in the market that is meant for all skin types from oily to dry skin. There are many moisturizers that are meant for different body parts such as neck, face, legs and hands. The moisturizers are also meant to apply in the evening or morning. Moisturising your body and face helps to lock skin’s natural moisture.

Importance of moisturizer

The moisturizer makes your skin look radiant and glowing the entire day. A suitable moisturizer treat and prevent your dry skin. It improves skin texture and tone. It masks imperfections and also act as a barrier to the skin. It protects your skin from harmful sun rays, wind and other factors of environment.

How to use a moisturizer?

You can apply moisturizer immediately on your dry skin after a bath. The moisturizer easily penetrates in your skin as the skin is still moist. You can apply moisturizer onto your hands after washing your hands. Also, after cleaning or clearing your face, immediately apply moisturizer. You can also apply it as a protective base for your make-up. Your make up will stay for a longer period of time.


Hence we are discussing the top 10 moisturizer brands in India.


1.Olay moisturising skin cream

best moisturizer brands india This cream is thick and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It does not leave a greasy feeling. It also lasts for a longer period of time. Your skin looks hydrated. This cream is not suitable for dry skin. The quantity is quite sufficient and lasts for a long period of time. The fragrance is soothing and light.


2.Nivea soft moisturising cream

best moisturizer brands india It is a lighter version of classic Nivea crème. It has a sufficient moisturizing ability. It is quite economical and a well-known brand. It contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. It is perfect for your moderately dry skin. This cream absorbs well and is non-greasy.



3. Patanjali aloe vera gel

best moisturizer brands india It is quite affordable product. It is a natural product that comes in the tube form. It is hygienic and easy to carry. It is best suited for acne and redness. It does not contain any added color, fragrance and preservatives. It is an excellent product. It is an ideal moisturizer for your oily and dry skin.


4.Body Shop Vitamin E Intense moisture cream

best moisturizer brands india The consistency of this moisturizer is thick and easily gets absorbed in the skin. This moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized for many hours. A little quantity of moisturizer is sufficient to apply. This moisturizer is rich in Vitamin E and is very good for the skin. This is best for all the skin types especially in winters. It can be used for normal to oily skin. It has a delicate aroma that make you feel fresh. It is the best moisturizer for your dry skin, it must not be used in summer by the people with oily skin.


5.Lacto calamine for dry skin

best moisturizer brands india This moisturizer has a long shelf life. It locks the moisture inside your skin. It removes dead skin cells and controls acne. It has thick consistency and comes in pink color. Before using, shake the bottle. This removes oiliness from your skin and provides a matte effect. The Aloe vera is effective for lightening your skin tone and removing pimples. It easily gets absorbed in the skin and leaves a soft and smooth skin. It is widely available and excellent product for all skin types.


6.Lotus herbals Wheat nourish

best moisturizer brands india This moisturizer contains main ingredients as wheat germ oil and honey. It also contains other ingredients such as tulsi, almond oil, and ashwagandha. It has a creamy texture with fragrance. It takes time to get absorbed in the skin and is an intensive moisturizer. It does not cause acne and clog pores. It makes your skin soft.


7.Clinique Moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator

best moisturizer brands india It is one of the best and well known moisturizer brands in India. It is widely available on Amazon and Flipkart. It quenches your dry skin. It makes your skin moisturized and hydrated. It has a wonderful texture with a strong fragrance. It takes very less time to get absorbed in the skin. It also heals and form a barrier. It is best to use for extremely dehydrated skin. This product comes in a rich gel with a creamy texture. It spreads easily and does not clog pores.


8.Vichy Aqualia thermal light cream

best moisturizer brands india It makes your skin hydrated. Your skin does not feel heavy as this moisturizer has a light consistency. With daily use, your skin feel moisturized, gorgeous and smooth. It is an ideal moisturizer with sensitive and dry skin. The fragrance is fresh and light. The product is paraben free.


9.L’oreal Paris Hydrafresh Qua cream

best moisturizer brands india This moisturiser is non-greasy and light. It easily gets absorbed in the skin. The packaging is quite attractive with amazing fragrance. It makes your skin hydrated for a longer period of time. It results in a soft and smooth skin.



10.Aroma magic almond moisturising lotion

best moisturizer brands india This moisturising lotion comes with a goodness of almond. Almonds provide numerous benefits to your skin. It has a creamy substance that locks moisture in the skin. It keeps your skin hydrated for a longer period of time. It comes at an affordable price and provide the skin with the richness of almonds.

Hence, we have discussed top 10 moisturizer brands in India. You can select any of the moisturizer brands as per your requirement. The moisturizers can be applied to oily and dry skin. These moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and soothe the skin. It also provide a protective layer.

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