Top 10 Best Mayonnaise Brands in India

Whether you are eating a burger, sandwich or pasta, having lip-smacking Mayonnaise can take your food to the next level. In this article we are discussing top 10 best brands of Mayonnaise that will make your job easy.

How to select Mayonnaise in India

We are here enlisting some factors that will help to sort your preferences.

  • Dietary restriction is the foremost thing

The mayo can be egg or eggless. The mayo without egg has been widely accepted. In case, you don’t have any dietary restriction, then you can go for mayo with eggs. If you have allergies, then you need to take mayo without eggs.

  • Look for Healthy oils for nutritional value

You must select healthy mayo that uses sunflower oil instead of canola or soya bean oil. Always check the list of ingredients and check the oil.

  • Select the mayo flavor based on the type of food you are eating

Many people say that classic mayo goes with everything but you can have different mayo flavors for different foods. Burger mayo is best for burgers and also goes well with salads. Spicier mayo goes best with Indian food.

  • No utensils are required, squeezy bottles are sufficient

Some people prefer mayo in a squeezy bottle while some other prefer in jar. In squeezy bottles, you are not required to use spoons or knives. It is also easy to spread. Squeezy bottles are better if you are using mayo as a dip or adding to your pasta. If you use mayo on burgers or sandwiches, then might prefer jar as you can control the quantity of mayo.

List of Top 10 best Mayonnaise brands in India


1.Del Monte Eggless Mayo

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is a delicious, affordable and vegetarian mayo that is suitable for all types of foods. It is the best mayo in the Indian market. It is an eggless mayo that is neither to sour nor too sweet. It is one of the tasty addition for your food. This mayo is best for the people who are vegetarians. It is a thick and creamy texture mayo. It comes in a squeezy pack that is easy to use. It has classic taste that goes well with all kind of dishes such as pasta, sandwiches, fried foods, salads and burgers. It is an affordable mayo brand that lasts for a long period of time. It comes in 900 gram pack.


2.Cremica burger mayo

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is an affordable eggless Mayonnaise for the people who love salads and burgers. If you are looking mayo for burger then this is the best one. It contains tomato paste, onion powder, garlic powder and lemon juice. It adds unique taste. It is pocket friendly and come in 275 gram jar. It is easy to spread the mayo on sandwich bread or burger buns. It also goes well with your salads. It can be enjoyed with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


3.Hellman’s Real mayo squeeze bottle

best mayonnaise brands indiaThis mayo is perfect for those who are looking forward to authentic mayo flavor. It is manufactured by the popular US mayo brands and is recently launched in India. It is slightly expensive but its taste makes your every penny worthy. It comes in squeezy bottle and easy to apply and use. It also tastes good with salads, burgers and fried foods. It has a strong flavor of vinegar and eggs.


4.Veeba olive oil mayonnaise

best mayonnaise brands indiaThis is an eggless mayo that is made with olive oil. It is a mayo without soya bean and canola oil. If you want to stay healthy, then use this. It does not contain eggs and is ideal for vegetarians. It makes your salad tasty. It comes in squeezy bottle that is easy to use on salads. You can also use this mayo for your burgers and sandwiches.


5.American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is a tangy mayo with vinegar and eggs. It is an ideal mayo for sandwiches and burgers. This mayo is for non-vegetarians. It provides you a tangy flavor. It also comes in the large jar that is easy to spread mayo with the use of knife.


6.Kewpie Mayonnaise black pepper

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt has a unique flavor that goes well with Indian food. It does not contain eggs. It goes well with rolls, kebabs, and pakoras. It comes in a small jar and it is very easy to take the mayo out.



7.Sangi’s Kitchen eggless mayonnaise pouch

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is an affordable mayo for vegans who want to also enjoy some mild flavor. It comes in a large 1 kg pack. It is affordable and great choice for those who use lot of mayo. It goes well with many dishes. It is made in two oil- soya bean oil and sunflower oil. It makes your mayo very healthy. It also has a strong aroma.



8.Wingreens Farms Premium Veg mayo

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is an eggless mayo that consists of sunflower oil. It can be used as a dip or salad dressing. It has a thick and creamy texture. It is packed in a squeezy bottle that is easy to use. It is a healthy mayo.



9.Remia mayo

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is a thick and classic mayo with a sour flavour. It is best to use in sandwiches and salads. It comes in a jar and is easy to spread. It contains egg and best for non-vegetarians. It comes with sour scent and is perfect who love tangier mayo.


10. Fun Foods mayo

best mayonnaise brands indiaIt is a veg mayo. It is a smooth and creamy mayo. It can be widely used in wraps, sandwiches, salads and other food items. It consists of oil, milk, flour, iodized salt, lemon juice and other agents.

Mayonnaise has become an important item for your evening snacks and midnight craving. We have discussed the top 10 best brands of mayo in India. We hope that you will the buy the best mayo as per your need. The mayo will make your food tasty.


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