Top 10 Best Lubricant Companies in India

With the population of India increases, the need of transportation is also increasing. All vehicles require lubricants to work smoothly. As there are many means of transportation, so there is also growth in lubricants companies.

These companies play a main role in producing the engine oil, grease, motor oil, industrial oil and lubricants and also supply these oils and lubricants in additional countries as well. All these lubricant companies are well-known for their brand name and provides high quality product. 

Below are the top 10 best and most reliable lubricant companies in India.


1. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Servo Lubricant:

best lubricant brands indiaThe Company was launched in 1964 and its headquarters is situated in New Delhi, India. This company is an Indian government corporation. This company is one of the major oil producing company of India. Some of the products of this company are Diesel, LPG, Petrol, Turbine oil, lubricants and additional products. This company has broadest number of fuel stations in India. This company also has LGP gas station. The product of the company is Servo and it is one of the leading brands in India.

Oil and Lubricants are very significant for every country. These are the natural resource which is required in each country for vehicle to run. There are many companies which aid to provide these lubricants, but not all are of decent quality. Certain lubricants affect the life of your vehicle engine. In this article, I have shared some of the best lubricants companies which provide best quality lubricants and also improve the life of the engine.


2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Max Lubricants:

best lubricant brands indiaThis Company was started in 1991 and its headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This company has 5 plants in India.

The company has around 13 thousand employees. This company is retained by the government of India. The company’s foremost products are Lubricants, oils and gases. The firm manufactured oils for gears, transmission, engine and grease. The company manufactured high value lubricants for Industrial and marine sector, cars and for bikes. These high excellence lubricants also surge the life of the engine.


3. Castrol India Limited:

best lubricant brands indiaCastrol India Limited was started in 1910 and its office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company’s foremost product is Motor Oil and Lubricant. The company manufactured high excellence lubricants for car, bikes, trucks and tractors. The company too manufactured engine oils, technically superior and part synthetic. The company manufactured premium lubricating oils, diesel oils, grease and other products which also increase the life of the vehicles.


4.Shell India Markets Private Limited:

best lubricant brands indiaThis Company as launched in 1907 and it’s headquarter is located in Hague, Netherlands. This company has 44 thousand suppliers in the world and has 87 thousand employees. The company manufactured and transports Oil, Grease and Lubricants. This is a worldwide company of petrochemical and energy.

The company works on 4 businesses including, Upstream, Integrated Gas and Energies, Downstream, Projects and Technology. In Upstream, the company emphases on examination for new liquids. In Combined Gas and Energies, the company focuses on LNG. In Downstream, the company emphases on spinning crude oil. In Projects and Technology business, the company focuses on delivering new projects.


5. Gulf Lubricants:

best lubricant brands indiaThis company produced engine oil for nearly all automobiles. This company is a part of Hinduja group and it is initiated by Shri P. D. Hinduja. The company has a trademark name as the Gulf. This is one of the major groups in the world. This company has around three hundred providers and 50 thousand vendors.



6. Valvoline Cummins Ltd:

best lubricant brands indiaThis Company was started in 1866 and its headquarters is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. This company manufactured a extensive variety of products including Synthetic blend, Diesel, racing and conventional motor oil. The company manufactured best excellence lubricants for racing, automotive and industrial purpose and distributes it to other countries as well. This extensive range of products enhances the performance of the vehicles. These products also increase the lifespan of the motor engine. This company also produced products for the advanced mileage engines.


7. Exxon mobil Lubricants Private Limited:

best lubricant brands indiaThe company produced numerous products including every day, heavy duty engine and premium motor oil, industrial lubricants and other products as well. From several years, the company delivers trusted and reliable lubricants to its clienteles. The company has Exxon, Esso and Mobil by way of the brand names.


8. GS Caltex India Private Limited:

best lubricant brands indiaThe company distributes its products in all over the India and also in other countries as well. The company made large and high quality of lubricants and delivers it to Wipro, HYVA, GTL, Volvo trucks, construction equipment and buses, Hyundai and others.

The products are used by the industries, factories and for various transportation commitments. This company always tried to recover his products using various programs.


9. Elf India:

best lubricant brands indiaThe company produced many altered products including grease, manual gear box, cooling system and brakes. The brand name of this company is Total. This company produced lubricants and motor oils.

This company mostly manufactured oils for competitive sports and also for the Motorsports champions. This brand took part in several competitions and also in the championship. This brand has extended lasting partnership with some companies including, Renault, Kawasaki, Nissan and Dacia.


10.Tide Water Oil Co India Limited:

best lubricant brands indiaThis Company was started in 1928 and its office is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company produces several products including gear and engine oil, coolants, grease, transmission oils and many other products.

The company delivers its services in all over the country. This company has 55 store houses. The company created engine oil for cars, trucks, two wheelers, three wheelers and for tractors. The company also created oil for industries, metal fluids, quenching and heat transfer. The company also has a link up with several other companies for genuine oils.


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