Top 10 Best LED TV Brands in India

From the beginning of civilization, the man had been interested to spend his time in some entertainment. In the beginning, there was no electricity, men usually entertain by themselves. The invention of electricity was a milestone in the entertainment industry. TV is an electronic device that is used to view live or recorded programs.

Tips to buy TV

  • Display

You must decide what kind of TV you want to buy. There are many TVs like LED, LCD, OLED, plasma and much more.

  • LED

TVs that are branded as LED are LCD TVs which use LED as a backlight for liquid crystals in the display. LED consumes less power as compared to plasma and LCDs.

  • Contrast ratio

It is a difference in brightness between the whitest part and darkest black that the TV can produce. With a low contrast ratio, black regions of an image might look like a washed out grey area. You can see numbers like 5,000:1 or 2,000:1 to embark contrast ratio. The bigger the ratio better it is.

  • Color depth and color reproduction

Many TV manufacturers keep color depth at a level that will not irritate users. While buying Led make sure that the TV is able to create sufficient colors to satisfy the human eye and can produce photo -realistic images.

  • Aspect ratio

It is the ratio of LED TV width to its height. It plays an important role when you plan to view your favorite programs. If you are watching movies, you want to have wider aspect ratios.

  • Refresh rate

It is the rate at which how many times the image of your screen TV gets refreshed. It is measured in Hertz. The higher the refresh rates, the smoother flow is there between images. It also decreases motion blur if you love to watch action movies. The high refresh rates also play an important role if you are fond of playing games.

  • Input lag

It is a time gap between TV creating an image and input going into TV. This feature is important for gamers. The time lag must be shorter.

The evolution of TV is wonderful. In the initial days, the TV was very large with a huge picture tube. After some years, coloured TV came that was followed by plasma TV. Led TV is the latest generation TV model that offesr crystal clear image stabilization. It also saves energy.

Hence, we are discussing the top 10 the best Led brands in India.


best led tv brands indiaIt is a renowned South Korean electronics company with its headquarters at Seoul. They are famous for latest and innovative technology in the Led. They manufacture curved led, Ultra led, 3 D and much more. Samsung has always introduced innovation in devices with improvisations. Today’s Samsung Leds offer incredible sound with astounding clarity for a complete viewing experience.



best led tv brands indiaIt is a Japanese company that is known for manufacturing appliances and electronic gadgets. The headquarters of the company are located in Tokyo, Japan. They manufacture Bravia series of Led that is very economical and famous. They are popular for innovations in the field of Led TV. They are known for high picture quality, sound quality and top-notch Bravia series. Each picture looks realistic and thus, make best led brands.



best led tv brands indiaIt offers a perfect blend of innovation and technology in the range of led televisions. The company makes the life of the consumer good. LG is a leading production house of all the electronic gadgets. The TV manufactured by the company offers first class image quality with complete details. They offer wide angle viewing with sharp and clear pictures. It is one of the trusted brand in Led TV segments.



best led tv brands indiaIt is one of the leading electronic producing company. It possess some of the highly acclaimed technology. The company is having its headquarters in Japan. They manufacture Led at a reasonable price and are available all over India. They manufacture high-quality screens with the best quality picture.



best led tv brands indiaIt is one of the leading smart phone manufacturing company. But recently they have started manufacturing led TV. These TVs are equipped with many features like ultra-low power consumption. High definition picture quality, zero dots led panel and more. This company manufacture affordable product range.



best led tv brands indiaIt is the most famous electronic brand in India. It is popular for manufacturing best led TV. They are well-known for their high- quality with affordable range of products. They offer life display screen, super bright future, voice guiding system and double USB sharing.



best led tv brands indiaIt is among the most famous companies in the field of electronic devices and televisions. They offer features like mega contrast ratio facility, high definition and 16.7 mill display colors. They are famous for leading series of Led like Mirage and Pixus.




best led tv brands indiaIt is one of the oldest television manufacturers in India. They are popular for their excellent Led TVs and other appliances. They also manufacture highly innovative and modern TVs at a reasonable price. They produce Leds with an exceptional sound system and picture quality. Their recent Led TV are Rave and Crystal



best led tv brands indiaIt is a famous company in India. This company is a Dutch based firm that produces wide range of electronic goods. They also manufacture led TVs. They offer many features like HD natural motion, pixel precise HD, and full high definition TV. They provide consumers with amazing sound. It is a smart TV that supports many apps for extra entertainment.



best led tv brands indiaIt is the best American company and is known for the production of electronic goods. It is having its headquarters at Irvine, California. It established in 2002 and known as V Inc. The company manufacture TVs with excellent picture quality. They manufacture led with modern and innovative ideas. They made excellent designs as per the requirement of the Indian market.

Hence, we have discussed the top 10 best LED TV brands in India. You can select any of these brands as per your requirement.

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