Top 10 Best Inner wear Brands in India

Every human being wears innerwear. This is the etiquettes in society. It is also considered a reason for a better personality that protects your private parts and also offer comfort. This is the reason that many companies manufacture innerwear for both men and women. The general shops and malls have their own stores where you can find innerwear for both men and women.

The innerwear is like a second skin and require much attention. One is required to wear the right innerwear to complement one’s dressing and body type. For linen pants and satin trousers, one require seamless panties and for evening body hugging clothes and dresses, high waist panties make women’s body look more flattering. Also, low waist panties and bikini are perfect to wear short tops and low waist pants. These things are meant for the women who want their innerwear to be sexy and funny.

We have enlisted top 10 best innerwear brands in India keeping in mind about the fashion conscious women and men. These brands have introduced various kinds if innerwear that hold fat and body short panties. The body short panties are required for extra coverage. Innerwear comes in many fabrics like prints, plains and laces with different preferences.

Here are top 10 inner wear brands in India.



best innerwear brands indiaIf comfort is your style statement, then Jockey is the most preferred brands for innerwear. For women, they have panties in all style such as French cut, bikini, thong, brief and much more. They are most well-known cotton panties. These panties are long lasting and skin friendly. They are available in many colors and prints. These are trendy panties for women with a lace and star print. If provides ample coverage to your bums. It is also an international brand for men. These are very popular brand as the sales are increasing. It is very durable and provides comfort to men and women. The quality of the fabric is unmatched and every men and women are addicted to it.



best innerwear brands indiaIt is the biggest online innerwear online store that has many varieties of innerwear for women. You can find sexy panties, bikinis, work wear panties and cheekinis for zero to full coverage panties. You can also buy hipster panties, low waist panties, full coverage panties. The online store contains all the small and large size panties. The innerwear is made from breathable and soft cotton fabric that is the perfect choice for all weather.


3. Rupa Underwear

best innerwear brands indiaIt is the oldest and Indian brand that is made for Indian men. It offer stylish and comfortable innerwear such as underwear. They are available for young boys and men. It comes in stylish fabric with vibrant colors. It is popular and available in every part of India. Many Bollywood actors also endorse Rupa underwear brand.


4. Clovia

best innerwear brands indiaIf you are looking forward to comfortable cotton hipsters, boy short panties and lacy bikini briefs, then clovia has innerwear such as panty as per your requirement and style. You can also buy animal print thongs from Clovia. It offers a wide range of styles and fits and offer a brand of lingerie.


5. Hanes

best innerwear brands indiaThis is one of the leading brand that is very stylish, common and comfortable. It comes with brief segments and boxers. This brand is a hot cake that is manufactured and sell by Hanes. It is a well-known and popular selling brand in India.




best innerwear brands indiaIt is a designer brand lingerie that comes at a reasonable price. It has a wide range of panties that is best for young Indian women. If you are looking to buy stylish panties and want to feel sexy, you can go for lace panties, sheer panties, ultra-low waist bikinis, microfiber panties, and embroidered thongs. They also manufacture unusual print panties such as animal and cartoon prints.


7.Calvin Klein underwear

best innerwear brands indiaThis innerwear is for men that comes in different patterns and styles. It is an expensive and popular brand. Many young boys and men love this brand. They often wear it like a brand that is visible inside jeans. This is a popular brand that is made from high quality fabric. You must try this brand of you want to look hot.



best innerwear brands indiaIt is an international brand with an international appeal. It is a premium lingerie brand that is available in many exclusive stores. They are available in in-house retail and exclusive lingerie stores. They are also available in multi-brand stores such as shoppers stop and lifestyle. They produce a large variety of panties such as body shapers and tummy trucker panties. It is a very stylish brand with sexy panties in prints, embroideries and laces.


9.Tommy Hilfiger Underwear

best innerwear brands indiaIt is another exceptional brand. This brand manufacture apparel and have their own stores in every city in India. This brand also offer a wide range of undergarments for men. They are available at all stores with a different price range. This brand produce high-quality fabric and is a prominent brand.


10.Pretty Secrets

best innerwear brands indiaThis brand has revolutionised the way Indian women buy and wear lingerie. This brand meets the requirement of every Indian women. The designs are sexy, stylish and alluring. They fit every Indian body type. They have a large variety of panties. Their net and lace panties are great hit and love the super soft thong. They are perfect for your daily wear.

Hence we have discussed the top 10 best brands of innerwear for both men and women in India. These are the best innerwear brands in India. Before going to purchase in the market you can also do your own research. You can buy any of these brand as discussed above. You must know what are your requirements as a large variety of brands are available in the market. You must also have a look and need to check your budget before buying innerwear brands in India.

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