Top 10 Best Hair Salons Brands in India

In today’s world of competition, this isn’t just competitions on the basis of job and fortune but an equally huge struggle is on the basis of looks. Having good looks enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Everyone is aware about his or her look and wants to give the impression of being smart and trendy. Occasionally petty pimple becomes a mammoth trouble for us while sometimes we are worried about a frustrating and sticky blackhead. Keeping one well trained and following the latest trend is something that every person belonging to the present generation believes in. Staying a salon is the best possible solution to all your woes.

The market has seen a great jump over few years due to the spread of grooming bandwagon. If you are planning to go for a conversion and are confused in making your decision, then this list of ours is surely going to fetch you with a solution.

Go through our well-researched list of top 10 best beauty salon chains in India  and choose your chosen accordingly.

1.Lakme Salon

best hair salon brands indiaLakme salon is known as the best salon in India bestowing to the superior quality services and beauty products it offers to the population. The salon offers services of international level. The company is retained by Unilever and has over 270 pinnacle saloon and 10 Lakme Studios all over the country. Their workwise trained experts provide tremendous services and astounding makeover. The reliable brand is endorsed by famous Bollywood Celebrities. They offer hair care, skin care, hand and feet care as well as bridal facilities. All their services are provided in accordance to constant trend.


2. Jawed Habibs Hair & Beauty Salon

best hair salon brands indiaJawed Habibs Salon is one of the prominent hairs and beauty salon chain in India made for budget limit populace. Jawed Habib founded the salon with the vision of providing top-quality hair and beauty facilities to the people. All services delivered in the saloon follow latest trends. The services offered in the salon fall under the budget of any common lad or lady thus making the company a enormous success. Another plus point of the salon is that all of its personnel are devoted and ensure client satisfaction.


3. Shahnaz Husain Salon

best hair salon brands indiaThe salon is based on merger of Ayurveda traditions with latest scientific techniques. The group is leading the natural beauty and anti-ageing actions market and follows the principle of ‘Care & Cure’. Shahnaz has taken India’s ayurvedic to global level and has stored a lot of positive reception. The stylists are trained by experts and provide great services to the customers. Customer satisfaction is sure in each of its outlets.


4. VLCC Salon

best hair salon brands indiaVandana Luthra founded VLCC with the dream of providing world-class beauty services to people. It provides beauty services as well as aids in training ones personality. The brand has several expert professionals who are known to convert ones overall appearance. The VLCC brand deals a wide range of products of skin care, body care, body firming, foot care, hair care and pain releasing. It also has it institute which trains the aspiring stylists to excel as skilled professionals.


5. Naturals Salon

best hair salon brands indiaIt also has its own variety of beauty products of greater quality. It offers a wide range of luxurious as well as basics beauty service employed with lofty class products. Its professionals are internationally trained and seek to provide customer’s fulfillment. It brought in the concept of Unisex salon that is in vogue currently. With its ample branches all over the country, it offers superior quality of beauty services to both men and women.


6. BBlunt Salon

best hair salon brands indiaBBlunt is another top-notch saloon that is celebrated for its hairdressing services. The brand has associations with Bollywood Industry and Adhuna Bhabani- the creator of Bblunt, has styled several celebrities. The brand follows a style system- transform, style and prep whereby it provides services keeping Indian weather and its values into consideration. It claims of having handpicked beauticians, hairdressers, manicurists and dermatologists.


7. L’oreal Salon

best hair salon brands indiaL’oreal Professional is a superlative brand that is chosen by a legion of women. L’oreal products are making impressions in the Indian market and so is its chain of salon. It offers special education courses and exploits innovative technology. It offers excess of skin, hair, nails and other beauty services. The brand is identified for being a hairdressing partner of several Indians. The brand is linked with top designers, photographers and fashion magazines. It has its openings in most of the major cities.


8. Affinity Salon

best hair salon brands indiaAffinity Salon is a brand that delivers services of international standards to its customers. It has earned numerous awards and catered praise on international as well as national levels. In these 24 years the brand has supplied a lot of success that is bestowed to the sophisticated and adroit staff it possesses. It is a unisex salon that has various facilities to offer to both the lads and ladies.


9. Green Trends Salon

best hair salon brands indiaGreen Trends is a brand possessed by a Calvin Kare group named as Trends In Vogue Pvt. Ltd. This is a brand that offers implausible services at reasonable rates and is thus preferred by budget constraint people. It offers surplus of beauty services to its patrons like haircuts, color services, skin care solutions and bridal packages. The professionals are skilled and provide gratifying services to its customers


10. Strands Salon

best hair salon brands indiaStrands Salon Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known chain of salon that was recognized in 2005. Strands have their saloon under the flagships of Matrix and run their lounge in association with L’Oreal christened as Strands Lounge. It offers extensive range of skin, beauty and makeup facilities as well as spa treatments. Those who want to de-stress themselves and relax can visit their relaxing lounge. Their artists are trustworthy as the experts from L’oreal and Matrix train them.

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