Top 10 Best Hair Oil brands in India

The growth of hair is affected by external factors like pollution, dust, stress, sunlight, and unhealthy eating habits. Proper maintenance and care give you the shiny, lustrous and long hair that you have dreamt of. Oiling your hair on a regular basis is an integral part of hair care. Regular oiling improves condition and texture of your hair.

Quality of good hair oil

  • Stimulates hair re-growth

A good hair oil boost hair growth and also stimulate the growth of dormant follicles on your scalp. They encourage dormant follicles to produce hair strands. It also improves hair thickness and volume.

  • Promotes faster growth

A good hair oil nourishes follicles and create scalp environment for maximized hair growth.

  • Nourishes hair and follicles

A nourished follicle will produce healthy hair and constant nourishment.

  • Curbs hair fall

A good hair oil will stop the hair fall issue from roots. The hair oil ensures that your follicles and scalp are in good shape.

  • Condition hair

The hair needs constant conditioning and moisture. Hair oil prevents your hair from damage. Dry hair is more vulnerable to damage without conditioning. Dryness leads to many issues like breakage, split ends, frizz and awful hair texture.

You can find hair oil in every household. Are you seeking for hair oil that best suits your hair in your budget? Hence we are discussing top 10 best hair oils brands in India.


1.Parachute Advanced Coconut hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt is one of the leading formula that deeply nourishes your hair. Coconut oil delivers hydration to frizzy and dry hair. This oil is free from fragrance and deeply nourish your hair. It is a heavy formula and must not be used as a hair serum. This hair oil is available in whole India and comes in different pack sizes.


2.Dove Elixir Hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaThis hair oil was recently launched by Dove. They are available in three variants such as Nourished shine, Dove dryness control and Hair fall solution. The packaging is attractive and classy. It is packed in a golden tinted bottle with pump dispenser. The bottle is transparent and comes in a floral aroma. This formula is light in weight and spreads easily on the scalp. It hydrates your hair without making them greasy or sticky. This hair oil can also be used as a finishing serum for controlling dryness after hair wash.


3.Sesa Hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt is specially made to fight hair enemies like dandruff, hair fall and scalp infections. It provides you healthy scalp after applying hair oil on regular basis. It also relieves stress, calm your mind and prevent the headache. It contains many natural herbs like raswanti, neem beej, nili oil, yashtimadhu, Datura and lemon oil. This oil has many antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also made of til oil, wheat germ oil, and coconut oil. It deeply nourishes your scalp and hair follicles. This oil has a strong fragrance that slowly fades away.


4.Bajaj Almond drops hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt is one of the popular hair oil in India. It contains a large amount of almonds. This hair oil offers nourishment to your hair. This oil is hydrating and does not leave a greasy and sticky feeling. It nourishes your hair deeply and leaves with a soft feeling. This hair formula contains 300 percent Vitamin E as compared to normal coconut hair oil. It comes with strong perfume.


5.Khadi Ayurvedic Vitalising Hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaKhadi is a very popular Indian brand that manufactures herbal products. It contains coconut, sesame oil, flannel weed oil and rosemary. It controls premature greying, brittle hair and split ends. It promotes beautiful long hair. It is a natural herbal formulation with a strong fragrance. It fades away with time. This hair oil is free from harmful chemicals and parabens.  


6. Ashwini hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt is one of the leading herbal oil that is available in the Indian market. This hair oil contains natural ingredients like cinchona, amicamont, pilocarpine, cantharis and coconut oil. These ingredients improve the blood circulation and condition of your hair. It controls dandruff, removes a headache and aids peace of mind. It also stimulates sound sleep and maintains natural color of your hair. It has the herbal fragrance that fades away.


7.Dabur Amla hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt comes with deep nourishing hair oil. It is the herbal formula that contains amla. This is a non-sticky hair oil with lightweight. It provides natural shine to your hair. It strengthens hair. The daily application of hair oil makes your hair soft, shiny and healthy.


8.Himalaya herbal Revitalising hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaIt contains natural ingredients that improve the condition of your hair. It also helps to control hair fall. This hair oil contains amlaki and bhringaraja that provides benefits to your hair. It also contains methi that nourishes your hair deeply. This hair oil is non-sticky, light in weight with the mild fragrance. It leaves your hair shiny and soft.


9.Himani navratna hair oil

best hair oil brands indiaAlthough this oil entered quite late in the market it becomes very popular among Indian consumers. This brand provides coolness with its jingle thanda thanda cool cool. It is best hair oil that provides cool sensation. It de- stress you and eases tiredness. It is medically proven that this hair oil provides the cooling effect on the application. It is recommended to use in the summer season.


10.Lotus herbals

best hair oil brands indiaIt is one of the leading natural cosmetic brand that started its operation in 1993. It is having its headquarters in Noida. It sells and manufactures products that are anti-dandruff. This hair oil is made from Ayurvedic formulation. It is effective in insomnia and headache. You can massage your hair with this oil as it contains harad, amla, bhringraj and brahmi oil. It combats hair fall and greying of hair.

Hence, we have discussed the top 10 hair oil brands in India. You can pick any of these hair oils as per your requirement.

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