Top 10 Best Hair Gel brands in India

Hair gels are an essential element for hair styling for the one who love to experiment with their looks. This product is extremely versatile as it adds volume, taming flyaways and curls. You can make your hair looks different with hair gel.

Why use hair gel?

  • Control

The most important thing to use hair gel that controls your hair style and hair. If you want to do a loose shower look hair or foot long Liberty spikes, hair gel will allow you to do all kinds of hair styles. Without gel, hair become dry.

  • Nutrients

Hair gel offers strong hold with an attractive look. These hair gels are beneficial for dry scalp. It infuses nutritional value to your hair. This hair gel can be fused with organic herbs. Both of them will provide benefits to your hair.

  • Color

They also offer temporary color to your hair. The hair gel is used for concerts, parties and other events as the color is temporary.

How to apply hair gel?


Hair gel is a very good product for men. If you apply too much, then hair becomes very sticky and crunchy. Here are the few steps to apply hair gel

  • Wash your hair and dry them by a towel
  • Take the gel equal to coin size and rub into your hair.
  • Move your hand in up and down movement. Make sure that the gel is equally spread.
  • Allow it to dry completely and automatically if you want it for a messy and spiked look.


Few tips for women for applying hair gel in hair

  • Shampoo your hair and condition them as usual.
  • Dry your hair with the help of a towel and drain excess water.
  • If you don’t want to wash hair, then wet your hair with water.
  • Pick the right gel for your hair.
  • Take a small amount of gel in your palm and apply it evenly.
  • As gel get dries, style your hair.

The bad hair looks lifeless and dull. Hence we are discussing the top 10 best hair gel brands In India.


1. Garnier Fructis Style Pure clean Styling gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt is one of the leading hair gel brands for styling your hair in India. 98 percent of ingredients are derived naturally. Hair gel provides your hair with natural styling elements. They are free of silicones, dyes and parabens. This gel provides a strong hold and controls frizz. The product can be washed easily and does not leave build up as other hair gels do. It is one of the best hair gel for slick and wet look. It does not flake as other products. It has good texture that spreads well.


2.Set wet style casual hold gel

best hair gel brands indiaThis hair gel is meant for everyday use. It controls frizz, smoothes flyaways and holds simple styles. The hair gel makes your hair shiny and provides hair gloss. It lasts for a longer period of time and is meant for all hair types.



3.Jolen firm hold hair gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt gives your hair lasting and stronghold. It keeps your hair conditioned and provide shiny and smooth look. It also protects your scalp and makes it dandruff-free. It does not contain alcohol and control frizz. It is perfect for slicked look.



4.Schwarzkopf Taft looks Marathon power Gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt is mostly marketed for men but it is also a styling gel for women with unruly and curly hair. This hair gel reduces flaking and stickiness. It is especially made with high endurance formula that does not compromise the hold. It provides thick, viscous texture and non-sticky hair. It is one of the perfect hair gel for travel.


5.Wella Professionals EIMI Sculpt Force Extra Strong Flubber gel

best hair gel brands indiaThis gel is of salon- grade styling gel that is based on a fast dry formula. It uncurls your hair and provides shine without drying out. It protects hair from harmful UV rays. It does not make your hair stiff and controls frizz. Your hair looks great even on the second day. It does not flake and can be washed out easily.


6.Gatsby Water Gloss Super hard gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt is an excellent and efficient styling gel that binds your hair together. It holds your hair for a longer period of time. It is a non-sticky formula that gives shine and very easy to wash. It has strong holding power for styling. It is budget and travel friendly hair gel. It is perfect for the instant wet look.


7.Enliven Ultimate hair gel

best hair gel brands indiaThis hair gel s a budget friendly and makes beautiful curls and control frizz. This gel is a strong product that is long lasting and keeps your hair tame for a longer period of time. This hair gel is free from silicones, sulfates, paraffin, alcohol and mineral oil. It prevents frizz and works well for scrunching.


8. Brylcreem Shine Protect Hair styling gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt is a polymer rich formula that holds your hair style for 24 hours. This product meant to suit all kinds of hair. It protects your hair from pollution and extreme weather conditions. This hair gel is a budget friendly. It holds the style and does not make your hair greasy.


9.Bblunt Gel Oh! Natural gold gel

best hair gel brands indiaIt leaves your hair glossy with natural fullness. It protects your hair from pollutants and weather. This hair gel is especially made for Indian hair. It creates a perfect color protect formula. It provides a natural look and prevents frizz. It provides perfect hold and does not feel crunchy. It also does not leave any flakes or residues.



best hair gel brands indiaIt is a French Cosmetic company that was founded in 1909. This is one of the largest cosmetic company that manufactures high-quality hair gel. The product range includes Glue Fibre gel, Pure wet hair, studio style Mineral invisible gel, Fix and style 6 hair styler and much more.

Hence, we have discussed top 10 best hair gel brand sin India. You can select as per your requirement.

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