Top 10 Best Energy Drink Brands in India

In this fast paced life, there are many things that require attention. You need to rush your college and school and then go to tuition and so extra-curricular activities. You might also require to rush to office, submit assignment on time and return back to home and perform other jobs. In this fast paced life, you might be feeling short of energy and hence require a health drink. It will increase your energy level. The energy drink quench your thirst and also boosts metabolism and energy.

Why people take energy drinks?

Energy drinks increase energy. You can drink energy drink due to following reasons:

  • Daytime sleepiness

Many people prefer coffee to start the day. Caffeine increases energy and make you feel awake and alert. After taking coffee or tea, you may experience mid-afternoon lull after lunch. Energy drinks provide oomph factor. These energy drinks are used more often by young adults to stay more active during the entire day.

  • Lack of sleep

Fatigue is caused due to lack of sleep and insomnia. Fatigue is a common symptom of physical and mental health condition. However, energy drinks on daily basis may mask the underlying conditions of insomnia and fatigue.

  • Alcohol

Energy drinks do not contain alcohol.  However, many college students mix alcohol and energy drink. The main idea is that caffeine decreases sedative effects of alcohol and make you more alert.

  • Increase performance

Consuming energy drink on daily basis increases the level of performance and metabolism. It makes your mind more alert and active.


Top 10 best energy drink brands in India


1.Red Bull

best energy drinks brands indiaIt is the one of the best energy drink that is popular. It comes in eight flavors and increase your energy. It makes you active as it has 32 gm of caffeine per 100 ml of energy drink.These drinks taste and contain something similar to generic soft drinks, but with a decent amount of either caffeine, taurine, Vitamin B, Ginseng, L-Carnitine.


2.Mountain Dew

best energy drinks brands indiaIt comes in 30 flavors. This is t best energy drink that comes in citrus flavor and packed in neon color can. The flavors are location specific. It is one of the best energy drink.Mountain Dew is another common energy drink in the commercial market. Its neon colors and bright packaging.



best energy drinks brands indiaThe appearance, look and logo of this company is similar. It has green Claw like M in a black color can. If you are looking forward for higher amount of caffeine, then Monster is your choice. It contains around 33.81 mg/100 ml of caffeine.There are over 34 variants under the Monster line, from Cuba Lima to Vanilla flavor. 




best energy drinks brands indiaThis brand is recently launched and has become quite popular among Indians. It comes in many flavors such as lemon mint, tropical trip, and mango strawberry. It is pocket friendly. It comes in 3varied flavors which are lemon mint, tropical trip and mango strawberry. 



best energy drinks brands indiaThe people who like to have fruit juice flavoured energy drinks, then you must pick this energy drink only. It contains pomegranate as the base juice and taste different with the addition of different herbs. The herbs are Ginseng, Epimedium, Skullcap and Guaranaalong. This energy drink also contains corn syrup.


6.Cloud 9

best energy drinks brands indiaIt was made from apple juice and caffeine. This energy drink contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B. The flavor of this drink is as same as the mixed fruit juice. There are other flavors like blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and cherry.


7.Xtra Power

best energy drinks brands indiaThis energy drink is new to the market. It is manufactured outside UAE. It comprises Vitamin B6, caffeine, sugar, amino acids, taurine, minerals and other components.





best energy drinks brands indiaThis drink from the banner of Coca Cola. The tagline is Fuel your fire. It has around 32 mg per 100 ml caffeine. It is a non-carbonated drink.




9.Café Cuba

best energy drinks brands indiaIf you are looking forward to best energy drink, then pick this energy drink. This energy drink tastes good. Consuming this energy drink will make you feel that it is like a shot of expresso. It is a carbonated coffee.




best energy drinks brands indiaThis energy drink does not contain caffeine nor is carbonated. This drink is based in water and comprises many minerals and vitamins. These elements restore your lost energy. The French company Danone collaborated with Mumbai based Narang Enterprises for this drink.

Irrespective of your preference and taste, you can pick any of the energy drink of your choice. We have described top 10 brands of energy drinks in India. So, you can pick any of the above brands. Taking these energy drinks will help you to restore your lost energy.  The energy drinks provide instant source of energy and keep you active. If you want to keep your sleep away during day, take an energy drink.


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