Top 10 Best Detergent Powder Brands in India

India is among the most densely occupied countries in the world, which makes the anxieties of consumer good very high in the country. It has a huge market for products like washing powders, and this demand is being catered to by some of the oldest and most fabled brands.

Whether the Indian wife is consuming a washing machine or hand washing her laundry, the need for washing powder is necessary. With the currently established washing powders giving a good result at nominal cost, the options to choose from are many. The successful detergent industry has many available options to choose from.

List of the top 10 detergent powders available in Delhi and in the Indian market.

1. Nirma

best detergent powder brands indiaNirma is the lead among the washing powder brands in India. It was the brand which essentially brought detergent powders within the reach of the masses because these products were hugely priced at that time. First introduced in 1969, Nirma took the detergent market in India by blizzard. The uprising the brand brought about was worthy as detergent powders available in the market masses were immensely priced at the time, and common people did not have access to such high rated soaps. Nirma offers good cleaning of laundry and leaves clothes sense soft and fresh.

Thus, the overview of low priced at, yet high execution detergent brands has revolutionized the Indian washing powder industry. With several types of detergents available, definite to hand and machine wash, a plethora of choices are available to the Indian masses to fit within the budget.


2. Surf Excel

best detergent powder brands indiaIncluding next on the list of top 10 washing powder brands in India is Surf Excel, the high end product of Hindustan Unilever Limited. It has been found as a useful product for the subtraction of hardest stains and can be safely used in washing machines too. It has highly observed and has been a useful product for the removal of the hardest stains. The surf can be used for washing clothes in washing machines too.


3. Wheel

best detergent powder brands indiaWheel is one of the most broadly selling washing power brands of the country and is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Limited since 1987. This actual yet economically priced washing powder is meant to fulfill the needs of the people looking for a good washing powder in budget price.


4. Ariel

best detergent powder brands indiaAriel is amongst the priciest brands of washing powders in India. Though it is high in price, the quality of the product is brilliant and a very small quality gives super clean clothes with minimum water requirement. The brand is also washing machine friendly. Ariel is one of the most expensive detergents and qualifying its price is the quality. This brand is a determined in this field and produces clean, stain free clothing.


5. Tide

best detergent powder brands indiaTide is an international brand of washing powder which is being sold in many countries around the world and has a large number of consumers due to its high quality and effective washing results. The brand has been governing the world market since the 1880s too and has captured a fair share in India too.


6. Rin

best detergent powder brands indiaRin is a brand of washing powder which was launched in 1969 to fit into the budget of the middle income group of the Indian population. It provides high quality in affordable price so that people get this wonderful combination right within their budget. The budget-friendly detergent is much matched to the middle-income Indian population. Rin offers high-quality action at an cheap price. The combination of budget-friendly and high performance is too difficult to disregard.


7. Ghari

best detergent powder brands indiaAnother well trustworthy brand of washing powder is Ghari, which is a product of a Kanpur based firm called Rohit Surfactants Private Limited which started operating in 1987. Despite the big runners like Nirma and Rin being in the market, Ghari has been able to carve a place for itself. As goes its tagline “Pehle istmal karein, phir vishwaas karein”, Ghari is surely a well-trusted brand of washing powder. It is a product of Rohit Surfactants Private Limited, which is a Kanpur-based corporation, which began in 1987. Even though a modest and cheap brand, Ghari has proved its mettle and grown up the rungs of the rank list and is positioned at the 8th place.


8. Fena

best detergent powder brands indiaThe next name in the list of top 10 best washing powder brands in India is that of Fena, which was started in the country in 1976 and has captured the market with its great quality and inexpensive price. At an reasonable price, Fena offers quite good cleaning. The brand was launched in the country in 1976 and has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market with its great quality and reasonable price. It has found its place in the list of top 10 successful detergent powders and ranks ninth in the same


9. Henko

best detergent powder brands indiaHenko is one of the most reputed detergent brands in India because it gives clean and fresh wash, without color loss and also keeps the hand as well as clothes soft and attractive. It also gives a beautiful perfume to the clothes. Henko is a reputed detergent brand in India. It offers a spotless and fresh wash, keeping color intact and clothes soft and maintained. It is a premium detergent brand competing with the stalwart’s detergent brands. Manufactured by Henkel, Henko is the moderately priced. Associated to other detergents the fragrance is little lower but the detergent action is quite satisfactory, cleaning clothes well, especially in machine-wash. Hence, it can be called a good product presented at a moderate price.


10. Sunlight

best detergent powder brands indiaThe ancient brand of washing powders in the Indian market is Sunlight which is being used by the masses since 1888. It was first launched as a washing cake, and then later re-launched as a washing powder.

Happy cleaning!!

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