Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in India

Chocolates are the most popular food item. It is a key snack and is also used in many cooking recipes. Chocolates can be blended with milk, cocoa and cream. This blended food item creates a heavenly feeling who consumes it. Chocolates also create a feeling of addiction because of its delicious taste. Chocolates have the best gifts and are considered as mood-lifting therapy. They boost the mood of the person and reduces stress. It has a good taste with nutrition. It is good for people with diabetes, blood pressure and also reduces the risk of cancer. It controls blood sugar level and increases brain function. It adds beauty to women and is a powerful mood lifter.

It is proven scientifically that consuming chocolate on daily basis increases the production of a hormone, serotonin that keeps you happy and joyful.

List of Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands India

1.Dairy Milk

best chocolate brands indiaIt is a milk chocolate that was manufactured by Cadbury Company. It is trusted and oldest chocolate brand in India. It was introduced in 1905, United Kingdom. It manufactures many products. Each and every product in the category of the Dairy Milk category is made up of milk chocolate. It is one of the best- selling chocolate in India. This chocolate is liked people of every age.



best chocolate brands indiaIt is among the top- selling chocolates in India. It is made up of caramel toppings, malted nougat with a thick coating of milk chocolate. The hot cocoa is sprinkled with fruity ingredients and sweet flavour. It is famous in India and in the Middle East and the UK. It was introduced in India in 1986 with its roots in the U.K. It is available in different categories such as Galaxy jewels, Dove, caramel and fruit.


3.Kit Kat

best chocolate brands indiaKit Kat was first launched by Rowntree’s in 1935. It consisted of two to four finger bars that were made of wheat and milk with a hot chocolate cover. India is one of the largest consumers of chocolate in India. Currently, it comes in wrappers and boxes with different flavours like dry fruit flavor, fruit flavour and embalmed hot chocolate. It is one of the best-selling chocolate in India.



best chocolate brands indiaIt is the fourth leading chocolate brand in India. It is a rich dark chocolate that is manufactured by Cadbury Company. It is named after Brimingham, a village in England. It was introduced by 1908. This chocolate is a blend of cocoa and milk with a unique taste. It is a bar of fine dark and smooth chocolate. It comes in three flavors such as Cranberry, Raisin & Nut and Rich cocoa. It is liked by people for its nutritional value and classy external appearance. The company has recently changed its packaging. It is available in the leading online stores.



best chocolate brands indiaIt is a wafer chocolate that is a perfect combination of chocolate and wafer. It is one of the best chocolates that are been consumed from quite many years. It has done the new generation with the glucose energy. This innovation supplies taste and also increases energy levels. It gives you instant energy.


6.5 star

best chocolate brands indiaIt was introduced in 1969 in India. It is the hot favorite of the children. It is crunchy, sweet and tasty chocolate with caramel combo. It is the top selling chocolate variant in India. It comes with nut topping that makes this chocolate more delicious and delightful. The ingredients are sugar, chocolate, vegetable oil and liquid glucose.



best chocolate brands indiaIt is the loved chocolate wafer in India. It is a crunchy and delicious chocolate. It is made up of wafers of four layers that are coated with chocolate from all sides and in between the wafer. It is one of the leading and best -selling wafer chocolate brand in India. It comes with a tagline of Mera Munch mahaan. It has created a fascinating image in the mind of people.


8.Milky bar

best chocolate brands indiaIt was introduced in 1936 by Nestle. It is the creamiest and milkiest chocolate bars. It is popular among every age of people. It is well-known for its goodness of milk cream and best-quality chocolate in India. It comes in different sizes and packing. It comes as a Milky bar Kid Bar and Milky bar Buttons. It is more preferred than other white chocolate. This brand promise for quality, safety and nutrition.


9.Nestle Alpino

best chocolate brands indiaIt comes in the exquisite design of chocolate. It was first launched in the nineteen fifties in the world and later on was introduced in India. The pack comprises of two crunchy chocolate bonbons. They are made of creamy mousse. They are also wrapped with a message of love. They are one of the favorite chocolate in India. They have a beautiful outlook and are designed to be shared with dear and near ones.


10.Bar one

best chocolate brands indiaIt is similar to the popular British brand Mars. It is manufactured by Nestle in 1995 in South Africa. The taste of this chocolate bar was changed many times. It reduces hunger pangs and works as an energy bar. It was given a different packing and was reconstituted. It comprises caramel toppings, malted nougat and a coating of milk chocolate.

India is a land of festivals. Chocolates are an essential item for every occasion and festival. Hence we have discussed the top 10 chocolate brands in India. It is a perfect gift for all occasions. All the above products are of high-quality and are manufactured with great safety.

Every person loves to eat chocolate. There are fewer people in India who don’t like chocolate. Be it an old man or kid, all love chocolates. Chocolates offer you the reason to smile and be happy. So, what are you waiting for? You can select any of the above brands as per your liking.

Hence, we are sure that whatever your age is, chocolate is liked by people of every age group. Cocoa has good effects on us it is rich in antioxidants.

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