Top 10 Best Android TV Brands In India

Android on TV is a dream comes true for many TV buffs out there. You can watch the best of your favourite international show with just a click of your remote. Android TVs let you download apps, games, and stream your favourite series from a number of sources. There are so many different options available at different budgets that it can become difficult to select the best Android TV. 

Below is the mentioned list of the top 10 Best Android TVs.


1. Samsung

best android brands indiaEach one of us will be familiar with Samsung Electronics, Samsung offers high-quality home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, laptops, and washing machines as well as smartphones and tablets. The company continues to be a trusted choice of millions in India and the company is in constant pursuit to provide best-Android TV for a smarter customer.

Samsung is devoted to improving with path breaking innovations when it comes to Television sets and has set milestones creating HD, UHD, FULL HD TV, HD TV LED TVs and Android TVs


2. LG

best android brands indiaLG (Life’s Good) has transformed TV viewing into a new dimension from normal to HD TV with 4K UHD resolution and leading Smart TV. Each and every LG products deliver new experiences and a sense of new feel to home. LG provides best-Android TV with unique designs, cutting-edge technology, and excellent after sales service for a meaningful life and beautiful home.

LG sets apart from other competitors in Android TV segment. Manufacturing with their latest model Android TV and has gained immense popularity and offers you highest resolution at an affordable price.


3. Sony Bravia

best android brands indiaThe major television brand in India is SONY. Sony offers products like Bravia Android TV that comes in different variants. Apart from televisions it delivers mobile phones and various portable audio products and is recognized as a third largest manufacturer of the LED TV all over the world.

SONY has a unique way of representing products to customers by adding best features in Android TV. The only flaw with SONY is their competitors offer same featured Android TV at very low cost.


4. Philips

best android brands indiaThe brand is best known for their beauty care products and reliable home appliances, they have entered into Television segment lately but they have achieved good customer feedback for best Android TV brand in India.

Philips delivers you with worldwide warranty for their products. The Philips 32 inch Android TV provides you best viewing experience with vivid colors, vibrancy, and excitement and connects you with the real world.


5. Onida

best android brands indiaOnida is one of the favourite indian companies and has been the consumer choice for Televisions back then in 90’s.

The major revenue comes from the export of TVs to African and other countries. Now with best features, Onida has launched many models of Android TV in India to cater all income levels. Their best-selling TV is Onida 43 inch Smart TV and has million sales in the company history. The brand has grabbed many awards for excellence in Electronics Industry and ranked top for the most trusted brand in India.


6. Micromax

best android brands indiaSince the launch of Micromax Android TV in India, It has gained a huge popularity. Micromax 43 inches is one the top preferred choice of customers, those who are looking for best and reliable Android TV. It has a high rate of growth in terms of percentage and outnumbered sales compared to other Android TV manufacturers.

Micromax, keep up the pace in Electronics industry with best featured Android TV, so do cellphones. Micromax is a recommended brand to buy the best-Android TV brand TV in India.


7. VU

best android brands indiaVU technologies launched in 2006 delivering high sound quality Android TVs. The manufacturer is named as the most affordable Android TV brand in the large size category. The brand has acquired market in 50 inch to 84 inch as compared to Sony Samsung and LG. It offers best-LED TV at surprisingly affordable prices. The brand has gained customer loyalty for its best in class LED TV and good customer service.

Vu vends its products with A+ Grade Panels in all markets and is sold in 60+ countries. The company has gained an impressive list of clients in a very short span of time, the clients include Audi, Toyota, Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Jaguar and many others.


8. MI

best android brands indiaMI took to the bigger stage by beating most of the reputed brands in the market because of multiple reasons. The Chinese manufacturer stepped into the TV market with powerful HDMI ports and creating a lot of buzz around by offering at low costs. Similar to phone market, MI is sweeping by offering elegant products at reasonable costs for some time now.


9. Panasonic

best android brands indiaPanasonic is most of our ancestors favourite choice because of their extensive features. The new generation brands have overtaken Panasonic few years ago by offering mouth-watering options at low costs.

It is obvious that the Japanese company has hit back by providing some of the finest options in the market. Comparing products from every manufacturer is a wise choice, especially when you are buying an expensive TV.


10. BPL

best android brands indiaBPL is one of the Best 32 inch Android Television Brands in India. The brand is back with a new range of LED TVs, 4k, and Smart TVs, BPL was amongst the top-rated TV brands in the 90’s but when brands like Samsung, LG and Sony started pushing their stuffs with aggressive marketing BPL took a back seat.

The company made a comeback last year with affordable and high definition TV exclusive on Flipkart and crossed 10000 units sales in just one month. BPL is the suggested and the one of the Best LED Television Brands in India which sells awesome TV models with a price range of 10000 to 30000 in LED TV and 40000-45000 in Smart TV segment.

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