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In the event that the entire world were visually impaired how might your image be perceived? The slogan on Brandmusiq’s site aggregates up the substance of sonic branding. 

The sonic branding company’s Co-Founder Rajeev Raja further explains, “Humans created the first sounds mimicking nature, to create the seven musical notes through the human voice or to create the very first flute instrument, inspired by the chirping of the birds or sounds of thunder, that being the primal instinct of mankind.”

brandmusiq sonic marketing

Taking it one step ahead, brands have always understood that very primal instinct. First radio was predominant and brands started saying that why don’t we send our message with a song.  So initially, in radio, the concept of jingles came into being. It is about the communication of a brand’s message but delivered in the form of a song that becomes catchy and popular and becomes a de-facto kind of a brand identity.” He includes, “Music has a specific science and brands have a specific character, and this is the co-connection that sonic branding speaks to.” 

To weight on the point, Raja, prepared in Carnatic music and Jazz, plays a piece on the flute for me with my eyes shut to perceive what I involvement as far as symbolism. It is a piece in Raga Hamsadhvani and the pictures I see are of old style artists invocating the Lord Ganesha. 

“So on the off chance that you take a gander at Cannes the greatest discussion has been on the portrayal of sound first existence where Alexa, Google, every single keen speaker, Pandora, Spotify, Jio Saavn and all your screening channels are presently open doors for brands to be heard and not really observed.” 

Refering to a model, Raja says, “Brands have a specific DNA and character. On the off chance that you take the brand Coke, there are sure milder emotions that the brand speaks to and a character that is like a person. So we have to comprehend the way of life where the brand is working in, the challenge it faces if the challenge is utilizing sound for correspondence, so we coordinate the character of the brand with its appearance in sound.” 

He further clarifies Brandmusiq‘s procedure of making a melodic logo or MOGO. It is the sonic substance of a brand in melodic terms and inspires its basic beliefs, feelings and persona. So before we begin we have to comprehend the brand, what is known as the ‘Brand Discovery Phase’,” he says. “Second is making the ‘Sonic Mood Board’, where we jump from paper to music to make the portrayals of sounds to enable customers to distinguish the zone of their image’s sound that we need to leave on the purchaser’s hearts and the psyches. The third stage is to make the MOGOSCAPE introduction that is the sonic the palette of the brand installed inside which is the MOGO.” 

Ajit Varma, CEO, Brandmusiq, includes, “We are working with an instrument to make a brand resource. According to the present information, web based business voice drove enactment will be a 40 billion business in 3 years’ time. On the off chance that a brand does not have a sonic character of a voice, the benefit will be missing in the entire business connection since one can’t see anything —no illustrations, no image, no visuals.” 

Brandmusiq has executed various sonic branding assignments for brands including, Zee News, Vistara, Taj Mahal Tea, Standard Chartered Bank, (Global), TATA salt, Raymonds, IndusInd Bank, Reliance Petroleum, Myntra to give some examples.


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