History & Marketing Strategies of Veeba Brand

Company Name: Veeba
Founder: Viraj Bahl

Veeba Foods is a famous company known for its unique sauce and condiments. This company primarily manufactures and markets various kinds of dips, emulsions, sauces, dressings, and syrups. The main focus of this company is to satisfy the changing taste bud of the Indian people. The company gives more emphasis to maintain the cleanliness and quality of its products. It wants to introduce the general masses of India to taste different flavors from different corners of the world. 

Veeba is the most popular choice for several bakeries, small restaurants, and food canteens. This company brings out authentic tastes from all over the globe right into your house through its sauce and condiments. This allows common Indian to taste various cultures from all over the world. 

How it all started 

Veeba was launched in the year of 2013 by Viraj Bahl. This company was founded in the capital city of India. The name of the company was given to honor Mr. Bahl mother. Initially, this company was a B2B condiment and sauce company that would supply various kinds of dips and sauces to its clients. The company was able to gain success and experience the growth in volume through the B2B route. 

In the year 2015, the company decided to enter the food retail market. Presently, this company has shifted toward its B2C route as it is bringing the company more profits and recognition. This company is presently focusing on the big metro cities, where numbers of outlets are increasing day by day.  



After the launching of the company, it started to produce several products. The clientele of this Sauce and Condiment Company include some of the largest coffee Industry and quick service restaurant. Veeba provides food supply items to some of the large players in our country such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc. 

After the company entered the retail market in the year 2016, it tried to develop several products for marketing purposes. The motto of the company changed and it focused on bringing the most authentic and finest taste directly to the home of every Indian household. Every product would have to pass the strict quality and taste check before entering the market.  


Veeba’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Problem-solving approach: Immediately after the launch of the company, it realized the company would not be able to compete with a big player in terms of price. Thus, to gain its potential customers or client, the company researched the different possible solution to their problems. For example, Veeba developed a strawberry juice sauce that would eliminate the need for transporting strawberry fruits from one place to another.

This solution was the requirement from the KFC brand thus gaining them the KFC as a brand. Veeba understands that for the successful growth of any quick service restaurant supplier would be critical and they were successful in tapping on that point. 

Bringing new flavor to the Indian table: Indian people love to try and incorporate different kinds of flavors into their own meal. Discovering any new flavor, people would combine these new flavors’ with the local dishes to explore and re-invent their dishes. For example, many households are now serving parathas with mayonnaise or cheese.

Understanding this point, the company focused on developing authentic flavors that are different and are tasty for attracting the attention of Indian masses. Also, the increasing western influence on Indian food helped the company to become a major player in the industry. The changing taste of the general mass allowed this company to grow a foothold in the sauce business. 

Innovative packaging style: Veeba was the first company to introduce flip-flops caps for packing their sauces and dips. The unique and innovative ideas of introducing flip-flops caps attracted more attention from the general masses of India. Having the appearance of the products similar to that of western products, made people more curious about the brand thus increasing the popularity of the brand.

The ease of using the cans in the day to day life also made it more popular among the general masses of India. 

Efficient distribution of all products: The availability of Veeba products is another reason for the increase in the popularity of the brands. 80% of the general masses of Indian like to buy products from the local market. Understanding this point, Veeba started to distribute their product to the cities of the country.

Presently, products of Veeba are available in more than 350 cities in various retail shops, which include A, A+ and B+ retail shops. According to the brand, they never wanted the customer to move to another brand due to the lack of their product at the retail stores. 


Veeba Campaigns 

From the starting Veeba targeted the younger age group of Indian masses.  The target audience would generally fall under the age group of 25 to 40 years old.

Every campaign from the Veeba, target young women as 90 % of Indian women knows how to cook delicious food. The company would also regularly hold public seminars to share different recipes from company chefs and local households.  

The recent campaign under the tagline of “Aaj Kya Khaoge?”.  The campaign was created to encourage and inspire young Indians to create something new and exciting with the help of Veeba. Through this ad campaign, Veeba wants to express that its sauce would allow any member of the family to create a wide range of food. These types of campaigns made the company more popular among the general mass of India. 



Presently, Veeba has established itself as one of the leading company for providing new and delightful sauces and condiments. This company was launched itself with the B2B model but now it was able to enter every Indian household. It new taste and health conscious product made it more popular among the general masses of India. 

Almost all products were liked by thousands of people, which increased the popularity of the brand. With the increase in popularity, the trust of the people also increased in the company. For maintain this trust, the company strives to develop new sauces and condiments.  


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