History & Marketing Strategies of Santoor Brand

Company Name- Santoor
Founder- Wipro Limited

Santoor is a leading toiletry product and a premium brand from Wipro. The brand has derived its name by combining turmeric plus sandal and is in no way related to the stringed instrument. Santoor is turmeric and sandalwood based on natural healing properties. It is one of the best soaps in the Indian toiletry market.

How it all started

The journey of Santoor started in the year 1986 by Wipro with the launch of the Santoor talcum powder. In the same year, Wipro baby soft ranges were also launched by Wipro. From its inception, Santoor has continued to grow in size and now includes complete bathing solutions.

Their product base now includes soaps, powder, hand wash, hand sanitizer, and Santoor baby soaps. Wipro chemists at their Bangalore factory decided to make a soap based on all natural ingredients without using artificial chemicals. Santoor is now a leading product being used by women throughout India as a part of their beauty regimen.



Mohamed Premji, the father of Aziz Premji, started Wipro in the year 1945 with the launch of Western India Vegetable Products Limited which was later abbreviated to Wipro. The Wipro Consumer Care Limited a subsidiary of Wipro was launched in 2004 and all its consumer and toilet products were shifted to this company. Santoor was launched in 1985 as turmeric and sandalwood based soap.

Till date, it’s a flagship brand of Wipro and has continued to hold ground amidst much competition. Wipro has continued to add product innovations to its brand by adding other toilet varieties and creating complete bathing solutions.

Marketing strategies and reasons behind its phenomenal success

Over the years Wipro has made several alterations to its flagship brand Santoor.
A decisive and focused marketing strategy has helped Santoor to become a leading brand in the market today with a hefty share of profits. Here are some of the reasons for its phenomenal achievement:


  • Focussing on the Indian women

Santoor has always focused on the changing aspirations of Indian women. This has been a steady marketing plan for Wipro. Their main priority has always been the ‘younger looking skin’ for women. The Indian women have evolved from the homemaker to a professional, but she as always remained a quintessential mother. This strategy has helped Santoor garner respect as a brand among women in India.


  • Strong brand recall value

Santoor as a brand evokes a strong sense of being together. The Indian women identify with Santoor and consider it as an integral part of their life. The soap has strong freshness quotient and consumers can easily single out this soap from others in the market. 


  • The best quality soap in its category

The brand is the premier brand from Wipro and as such the company has left no stones unturned for its product marketing. Santoor doesn’t compromise its quality and the soap doesn’t easily dissolve in water even after repeated use.


  • One brand multiple products

Santoor is one of the premier brands in India and they offer a wide range of products. Apart from Santoor soap and talcum powder, the company is now offering baby soaps and face wash.  In 2013, the brand has also expanded in the branded deodorant sector. The brand has launched Santoor Hand Wash, Santoor Body Lotion, and Santoor bodywash among others.


  • Decisive pricing strategies

The prices of Santoor are decided to keep in mind the stiff competition in the beauty industry. The soap industry holds 50% of the market share in India with multiple players operating. As such the prices are devised in a mid-range manner so that consumers are easily attracted to the products. The prices of Santoor products are standard and in some cases even lower than the prevailing rates for soaps in the market. So, this approach has clearly paid off for Santoor.


  • Exclusive customer base:

Santoor enjoys a loyal customer base in the Southern part of the country.  The products are easily identified by the users and it is exclusively bought by women who swear by this brand. The women in the South, in general, prefer more natural products and the brand have reached phenomenal success due to this trend. Santoor is also slowly penetrating to other parts of the country with its product marketing. 


  • Matching up to competitors

In order to stand up against the intensive competition in the soap industry, Santoor has come up with a dynamic marketing strategy. The company has a huge network and offers some natural products. They also have their chemical factory in Bangalore which tests the products tour before being introduced in the market.


  • The long chain of distribution channels

Santoor is present in almost all parts of the country and has a huge dealer network. The company has invested huge sums in building their wholesale and retail sales channels. The company has sales persons extensively traveling inside the country to promote the products.



Santoor is the third largest selling brand in the country and is targeted towards the middle-class Indian women. The company has used celebrities like Saif Ali Khan and R. Madhavan to campaign for Santoor. The Santoor tagline “Umar ka Pata Hi Nahin Chalta” is keeping in line with their motto of younger looking skin. Indian women don’t want to reveal their age and Santoor will keep their age a secret. All the campaigns of Santoor are targeted for the archetypal Indian women and praising her beauty.

After the successful re-launch of Santoor, the company has taken the social responsibility road to devise its campaigns. The commercial aims to promote the heritage of Santoor along with being a responsible citizen and the right to exercise our franchise. 


Santoor is a flagship brand of Wipro Consumer care and is one of the best natural soap brands in the country. It is used by Indian women to enrich their skin texture. Santoor has been around for more than 30 years but it has still not lost its quality and value. Santoor now offers a wide range of products with value for money. So, Santoor will make the Indian women look beautiful and successful.

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