History & Marketing Strategies of Saffola Brand

Brand Success- Saffola
Company Name- Marico Limited
Founder- Harsh Mariwala

Saffola is a leading healthcare brand and manufacturer of Saffola cooking oils made with balanced fatty acids to reduce body cholesterol. Saffola was founded sometime in the 1960s but gained prominence only after 1990 when the Harsh Mariwala repackaged it as a healthcare brand.

How it all started

Saffola was made by Bombay Oil Industries Limited during the 1960s by Harsh Mariwala’s father. The brand was re-launched by Harsh when he founded Marico Limited. When Saffola started out in the 1960’s most of the oil companies concentrated on food and taste to reach out to their consumers.

Saffola focused on the risks of heart disease and ways to maintain a healthy heart which set them apart from others in this category. BOIL was split between the four Mariwala children and Harsh founded Marico and got hold of the consumer division. BOIL retained the brand rights to Saffola till 2000 until Marico purchased them.



The brand Saffola was born in the decade of 1960. Saffola started out with processing edible cooking oils and slowly they became a premium brand in their category. The manufactures of Saffola worked with a vision and introduced the brand as India’s first oil product which is good for the heart.

This was way back before the concept of a healthy lifestyle had caught with the Indian masses. Over the years, Saffola had not only become a brand but also a way of life. It is Indian’s leading consumer edible oil brand in the market. Saffola has also ventured to other areas of healthy foods like masala oats and salts.  Today the company is present in almost every household of India with a dedicated consumer base.


Marketing Strategies and reasons for its success

Saffola has been one of the best edible oil brands in India for over 50 years. Alternating its product packaging and reinventing its marketing strategies has helped this brand to stay relevant in the market and gather a long list of loyalists. Discussed below are some of the promotional tactics of this brand which has helped it to stay pertinent.


  • Strong Recall Value

Saffola is a leading edible oil manufacturer in the country. It has been present in the cooking oil business for over 50 years now and is a known brand to many consumers. It enjoys a strong recall value from its customers who assert their faith with this brand. As such, the chances of your patent consumer leaving the brand are rare.


  • Promotions through the internet and social media

Saffola has been very successful in using the internet as a strong promotional tool. Saffola ads are aired on a regular basis across a vast range of channels on the television. They have their own website Saffola Life, which can calculate your heart risk. This website dedicatedly provides information’s and offers pieces of advice on keeping the heart healthy. The Facebook and Twitter pages are regularly updated and answered. The various e-commerce sites are used to offer Saffola products at discounted rates.



  • Strong Sales Team and network of distributors

Saffola has a strong presence in India. It has an enormous dealer network which promotes and sells Saffola products. Their products are available at all the leading malls and retail outlets in the country. The sales team is always on the ground to promote products and offer marketing advice to the common consumer. So, this strong penetration strategy has really helped Saffola reach out to a wider customer base.


  • Offering variety in their products

Saffola has diversified its product base and includes salt, masala oats, and advanced dietary supplements. This diversification strategy has worked well for Saffola as it can reach out to a wider customer base. Saffola also advises customers on their products and gives health inputs on various product categories.


  • Matching up to competitors

In order to tackle the competition from other oil manufacturers, Saffola has devised steps to counter the threat. Saffola has its own stuff of nutritionists who can help in giving constructive advice on various products and the safety and dietary values of the same. This unique strategy has still been unmatched in the industry


  • Decisive pricing strategies

Saffola has two kinds of products targeted at the two opposite spectrums of the economy.  So, Saffola has been able to target both the low and high-income brackets of the economy and fix its price variables accordingly. So, it has helped Saffola in the long run to implement flexible pricing options which have propelled their growth.



The campaigns are Saffola is devised to drive home the point about heart health. Saffola life has been educating consumers regarding the risks of heart disease and ways to prevent it. Saffola oil has been positioned as an easy solution for healthier living. Saffola has launched a new campaign with their masala oats. The new campaign features celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor. The campaign focuses customers craving for healthy snacks but does not want to gain calories by munching unhealthy products. Kunal steps in and offers Saffola oats, the guilt-free munching options with savory taste with zero health risks.

Saffola has launched another new campaign for Saffola Gold. The present campaign urges people to take steps to keep their heart healthy. The point is to initiate people to use Saffola Gold as a healthy oil brand for the entire family


Saffola is a popular brand in the edible oil category. It doesn’t require much advertising as the brand has a devoted customer base. Saffola has diversified its product base by including products other than oils in its category. Saffola was the first cooking oil brand to talk about health and bring the topic at the front of its campaigning. The longevity of the brand can’t be questioned. The product has continued to grow and is loved by all for fulfilling its promise of delivering risk-free edible oil. Saffola has become a sustainable part of the journey and a way of life for consumers. 

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