History & Marketing Strategies of Pantaloons Brand

Brand Name: Pantaloons
Founder: Kishore Biyani

Pantaloons Fashion and Retail is one of India’s largest and fastest growing companies which deals mainly with the lifestyle items such as clothing and various accessories for men and women. It holds a vast collection of over 200 world famous brands and provides its customers with everything they need to improve their clothing style.

It has more than one hundred classy formal stores spread across over 70 cities in India. In the Brand Equity Survey of 2014/15, Pantaloons Fashion and Retail was voted as ‘India’s Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand’.

How It All Started

With Kishore Biyani, Pantaloons started its journey in the year of 1997 under Future Group. The brand was originally incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited.  After a series of name changes, it was renamed as Pantaloons Retail Limited on July 7, 1999. The brand was later bought by Aditya Birla Group. 



Including 24 in-house brands, Pantaloons retails more than 200 licensed International brands. Akkriti, Trishaa, Alto Moda, Chirpie Pie, Honey, Rangmanch, etc are included under The Pantaloons’ exclusive brand bouquet. Six new brands such as SF Jeans, Alto Moda, Poppers, and Byford, etc have also been launched by Pantaloons. Internationally popular brands like Allen Solly, Peter England, Louis Philippe, and Van Heusen are also hosted by Pantaloons.

Marketing Strategies of Pantaloons and the Reasons behind Its Success


  • Product: Quality products are sold more in the market. Being one of the leading clothing brands of India, Pantaloons offers best quality products to its customers. Varieties of Clothing products are available for kids, women, and men. It offers brands like SF Jeans, Ajile, IZABEL, Poppers, and Byford, etc. These brands are popular for providing quality products which help Pantaloons get more customers. 
  • Price: Price is one of the most important things to be considered while releasing new products in the market. The target market of Pantaloons is usually middle and high-class customers. But after the brilliant success of the brand, its new pricing strategy has included items for the customers other than high and middle-class people as well. With this effort, Pantaloons is trying to reach every customer and this has already helped them with expanding their business.
  • Distribution: Pantaloons currently has more than a hundred visually aesthetic stores in all over India. It has a retail place of over 1.5 million square feet, which is also one of the largest in India. With its strong online presence, the items can also be ordered from their home website, Futurebazaar.com. This strong distribution network has helped Pantaloons sell more products.
  • Customer Service: Pantaloons believes in providing good customer service. Highly educated people with brilliant management skill and years of experience are part of it. These people check feedbacks from their customers which help them improve the products. These kinds of interactions help the brand maintain a good relationship with their customers. Also being well trained, the people of Pantaloons store are perfectly equipped to handle any kind of queries from their customers.
  •  Promoting the Brand: Pantaloons uses newspapers, magazines, hoardings, etc to promote the brand. They also use ads on television and in popular internet sites. This excellent promoting makes the brand more exposed to all kinds of customers who are interested in clothing products. Discounts during festivals or specific seasonal discounts are also offered to attract customers of any age.
  • Accolades: Pantaloons has received a huge number of accolades such as ‘India’s Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand’, ‘Most Admired Fashion Group of the Year’ etc. With these accolades, the brand has created a huge base of reputation. This reputation has also attracted many buyers. 
  • Always Updated: The aim of the brand has always been to satisfy its customers. To complete this goal, Pantaloons is always updated with everything in the fashion world. It also stays updated with the consumers’ preferences, so the customers get not only what they want but also what they need. 



In the summer of 2008, Pantaloons launched ‘Colors of the Season’ market campaign. Blue, Pink, Green colored dresses were aimed to be promoted with this campaign.   

After completing 15 years in the market, in 2012, Pantaloons had started a marketing campaign which had the tagline ‘In Love with Fashion’. The goal of this aggressive campaigning was to reach to the youth population who had a unique fashion sense. The campaign was started during the famous Bengali festival, Durga Puja to catch the eyes of the customers and ended in December. The activities of this campaign included fashion shows in malls as well as some musical concerts. The brand had also tied up with the ABP group to promote their items. This campaign was very popular and Pantaloons made a lot of profit by selling their products during this period.

For this summer of 2019, Pantaloons has released a new campaign named ’Holiday in Style’. This campaign is believed to highlight the trendy yet comfortable products which personify the freshness of summer. Being true to its philosophy ‘Style your change’ Pantaloons has always tried to bring new and fresh items in the market and with this vibrant summer collection, the brand aims to bring more freshness to their arsenal. 


With the campaign ‘How Blue are You’, also live this year, Pantaloons are attempting to pay tribute to the fans of Indian Cricket Team. The brand has changed its Logo color as a part of this campaign. Even the loyalty program name of the brand has also changed to Blue card from Greencard but only for the India vs. Pakistan match in the Cricket World Cup 2019.



Since their inception, Pantaloons Fashion and Retail has always aimed to bring freshness in the fashion market. The brand is always active with their constant launching of various campaigns to keep their customers updated about their new and unique products. It is also very active with their customer service which has led to customer satisfaction. Because of all these reasons, Pantaloons are one of the fastest growing brands in India which will soon take over the World.


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