History & Marketing Strategies of Oppo Brand

Brand Success- Oppo
Company Name- Oppo
Founders- Duan Yongping

Oppo is a Chinese electronics and mobile manufacturing company. Its head office is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The brand name Oppo was registered in China and subsequently, the company came into existence.

 How it all started

The journey of Oppo started in the year 1954 at a small shop in Haryana when 3 men decided to turn their fortunes around. The Oppo was coined to celebrate the independent spirit of free India. The company was launched in the name of Pal Boot House. They started manufacturing traditional leather shoes for the market. The demand for quality shoes with a reasonable price bracket was the order of the day and Oppo dutifully slipped itself into the void mid-segment category of the Indian market.


 The brand Oppo was born in 1964 into the 10th year of its operation. It was also the year when they received their first export order. They now have 400 exclusive showrooms across the country with a 4000 strong team. The company was incorporated as a public limited company in 1986. The company has also set up a joint venture in Russia in 1991 under the name of M/S Oppo. “Force 10” became Oppo’s official sub-brand ranking up huge sales for the company. Today the company manufacturer’s 50,000 pairs of shoes a day and is the number two manufacturer in the shoe industry.


Marketing Strategies and strong reasons for its fantastic success

The company has decided to promote its products through aggressive marketing strategies. The company has used some extension methods too. Some of the most popular reasons for its tremendous success are:


  • Using the Internet as an effective promotional tool

Oppo has used various e-commerce sites to promote its mobile products. It has also made good use of social media channels to promote its brand to the younger generation. It has effectively unified the offline and online modes of product marketing to gain a strong customer base for its products.


  • Exclusive customer base:

Oppo enjoys a strong customer base who is the loyalists for the brand. The mobile industry is booming with new players and it is important to find a loyal customer base. Oppo is a selfie expert phone and it has used it effectively to promote its brand. Oppo is using these tactics reasonably well to generate a responsive and strong customer base.


  • Strong recall brand value

Oppo as a brand enjoys a strong recall value and is quite famous for smartphones and accessories. The brand is popular in India and outside enjoys a deeper penetration of customers and a stronger market presence. The customers are also able to easily identify with the brand and make their decisions.



  • Total Control on everything

Oppo keeps total control on almost everything in the market. It has its own stores to keep track of everything that is going on. It sells most parts and accessories from its own stores. The company manages and controls the entire distribution channels from branding, selling, and making phones all by itself. It makes them sell phones through farming production outlets. The company also provides generous incentives to all its employees so that they can keep performing better.



  • Delivering the best quality

The brand speaks for itself and Oppo is known to deliver the best quality smartphones to its end users at a reasonable price. They have a strong brand value and produce genuine products at a mid-range price.


  • Decisive pricing strategies

The brand has effectively strategized their pricing and marketing plans to include all sections of society. They make durable products for their customers and have low to high bracket product categories which makes it easier for the customer to select the products according to their price range.   Oppo manufactures trendy and innovative design ideas to manufacture products. Consequently, it increases their profit margins and makes them stay in the competition.


  • Offering variety in their products

Oppo is one of the leading brands in India and as such they have definite marketing policies. They manufacture products for various categories and have quite an impressive number of mobile phone ranges. This broad product range has helped them to stay ahead in the competition. They also offer wedding and medicated shoes.


  • The long chain of distribution channels

Oppo has a strong distribution channel and has a strong dealer network with its own shops in and around the country. It has a dedicated sales team which helps in distributing and marketing its products



The campaign strategy of the brand is focused on its technology. It has come with innovative design solutions and has scored many firsts on its journey. The recent catchphrase capture the true beauty is the aimed am highlighting the diverse cultural heritage of Singapore. The artistic flair of Oppo phones is truly magnetic and consumers will appreciate the beauty of the nighttime. The Oppo campaigns are designed to capture the urban beauty and want to embrace the youth through its campaigns. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio graze the illuminated stages of Oppo. 

In India, it has recently launched the Diwali campaign focusing on the best Diwali gift. It highlights the joy of sharing a gift and also giving one. It also focuses on the celebration of using lights and colors.  The Oppo F9 with charming designs is the best Diwali gift that you can give to your partner. Oppo has also partnered with the NGO Smile foundations and also donated for a noble cause. This campaign of Oppo has focused on bringing a smile to a child’s face.

Oppo has also launched a digital campaign highlighting the core purple of its design with a video campaign featuring actress Kiara Advani.



Oppo is a revolutionary smartphone with the best selfie camera around.  It is a torch bearer in the true sense of the term and has come up with innovations and product designs that are truly unmatched. So, Oppo has a bright future in the smartphone industry with unmatched style.

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