History & Marketing Strategies of Odomos Brand

Company Name: Odomos
Founder: S.K. Burman (Founder of Dabur)

Dabur is the largest ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer product manufacturer of India. Dabur in the year 2003 became a separate company which was known as Dabur Pharma Ltd. The healthcare section of Dabur has about 260 products which are for different use and purpose starting from treating body pain and conditions to the treatment of the common cold as well as chronic paralysis.

The Famous Dabur International which is a fully owned subsidiary of Dabur India previously had shares in the UAE base Weikfield International. The shares were sold during the year 2012. Dabur operates in manufacturing of the primary consumer products like the Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care as well as foods.  

The contenders of Dabur are Marico, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Protector and Gamble and others. Over a period of time, the company has gained huge popularity among people due to its great quality products. The beginning of the company in the FMCG sector has really helped the people with all the necessary daily items they need. This helped the company to become famous all over the world.

Beginning of the company

The founder of the company was initially into the manufacturing of the ayurvedic medicines for diseases like cholera and malaria. In the year 1884 Dabur India Ltd was set up for the huge production of the medicines. Later on, Dabur’s R and D unit was set up for the purpose of the development of the medicines.

The company was assimilated in the year 1975 for the purpose of producing high quality edible and guar gum powder for its many benefits. During the year 1978 Dabur first introduced Hajmola tablet which is an Ayurvedic medicine consumed for digestion purpose. The company was initially into the making of ayurvedic medicines, but as soon as it moved on to the production of various FMCG products, soon the company became famous among the people.

Presently the company manufactures various daily care items which are best in quality. Due to the good quality products, the company has become successful in winning the hearts of the customers and grabbed a huge space in the FMCG industry. 


Launch of the brand

As Dabur is into the manufacturing of the FMCG products, so it also decided to introduce the first mosquito repellents in the market, namely Odomos. It is India’s first range of personal use mosquito repellent which is made of aloe vera extracts and citronella which is a famous insect repellent. The product was hugely marketed in the market of India in places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, and others. Odomos is completely made of natural ingredients which can be safely used on the skin.

According to the Senior General Manager of Home Care, Odomos is developed in a way that it won’t affect your skin. Odomos carry the theme of gentle protection with added goodness. It is also now available in cream, lotion as well as spray form which can be applied on to the skin prior to going to bed or stepping out of the house. The company claims that the product is also safe to use on newborn babies. The hugely positive feedback from the customers has helped the company to maintain its huge customer base.

Proper media coverage and business strategy have helped the company as well as the product to become one of the most popular and preferred mosquito repellents in the market.

Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success.


  • Cost Effectiveness and amount of product

Dabur always maintained the price range of its each and every product so that every person can afford them. Protection against insect-borne diseases has become a huge concern today. Most of the people look for any quick solution so that they can guard themselves against the disease at least for some time and also in a budget. So keeping this price point in the first place, Odomos became extremely popular over time due to its price range and effectiveness. Be it the lotion, cream or spray, the price range of every variant is quite affordable. Also along with that, the amount of product which the company provides is enough which is an extra plus point. 

Other contenders in the same genre as Good Night, AllOut and Hit although has the same quality but those companies didn’t compromise on their price or the amount of product. This strategy has helped the product to become famous among people with time.


  • Safe to use

Most of the consumers these days are quite aware of the products which they are getting for themselves. Yet there are many people who don’t understand the importance of safe to use products. Many companies are there who manufacture products which are actually not safe to use thus causing problems in the long run. Odomos is safe to use as the ingredients of the products are gentle and skin friendly. Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Citronella are used to make this product. Aloe Vera has many advantages on the skin and also is very gentle, and Citronella is a natural insect repellent. 

All these products are extremely gentle and can be used by anyone and it helped in gaining the trust of the customers. This strategy helped in showing the strengths of the product due to which it gained huge popularity.


  • Versatility

The versatility of the product has made Odomos extremely popular among most of the people today. The product can be used both as a skin lotion as well as a mosquito repellent which is an additional benefit. This attribution of the product has helped in increasing the popularity of the product in the market.



As Dabur is an extremely popular company, the products of the company are accepted by most of the consumers due to the faith and the trust which the company was able to preserve. Odomos is a mosquito repellent cream and most often kids need them due to the maximum utility of the product outside the house. This is the reason that the brand promotes kids for the advertisement.

The tagline “Play it Safe” is used for the advertisements which had grabbed the attention of most of the people.


Odomos has gained huge popularity in the homecare products genre with time due to the increasing rate of diseases caused by mosquitoes and the need for protection against the diseases caused. The product is safe to use and is affordable which has made it popular over time.


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