History & Marketing Strategies of Liril Brand

Brand Success- Liril
Company Name- Hindustan Unilever
Current CEO- Sanjiv Mehta

Liril is a leading brand of India which is identified with freshness and energy. It was launched in the year 1975 by Hindustan Unilever Private Limited. It is owned wholly by Hindustan Unilever and is one of the based lime based soaps in the market today.

How it all started

The journey of Liril started in the year 1975 when Hindustan Unilever launched their brand. It was launched as a response to research which indicated the only private time available for a housewife was her bathroom. It was conceived by a group of young managers in Hindustan Unilever. They wanted to make a soap which has all the appeals of lime and freshness. Liril was designed to be blue in color but after the failure of initial trials, the green color was adopted. Liril since then has made several changes to its model and has continued to grow.                                                      


 The brand Liril was born in the year 1975 with the launch of the green soap in the market. Since its launch, the soap has maintained its unique properties and has become one of the most sought after household soaps in the country. The brand fell from its expectations after the launching of the Liril 2000 which focused on a generic beauty concept. HUL is trying to reinvent the soap by reviving the brand value. The current lime flavor of Liril was designed to keep in tune with its concept of freshness and energy. HUL is focusing to make Liril enter the rural market base which it has somewhat lost out to the competition.  


Marketing Strategies of Liril Brand and strong reasons for its fantastic success

The company has developed a strong brand which focuses on customer value and strong product orientation. It’s still a prominent brand and is preferred by the common people.


  • Strong product presence in the minds of the consumers

Liril as a brand is quite famous among the common masses. The brand is popular in India and enjoys a strong customer presence across the country. The brand is widely present in the minds of the people who are in their 40’s and 50’s and they can easily identify with the brand.



  • Offering variety in their products

Liril is one of the leading brands in India and as such they have strong marketing policies. They have come up with product innovations apart from their lime variety. They have devised other fragrances like icy cool blue and new colors like pink, purple, etc. These strong varieties have created more customers for their products who love to experiment with newer products.



  • Delivering the best quality

This is a flagship brand of HUL and has superior product quality. The quality of their brands is unique as they use one of a kind ingredients for making their fragrance soaps. Their products don’t hurt your skin and can be used for any skin type. 



  • Maintaining a strong product image

Although Liril has experimented with various other soap flavors yet it has retained its lime base to date. This lime flavor is a hit among its users and so it has been able to maintain an exclusive customer base who swears by Liril.



  • Matching up to competitors

Liril has come up with an aggressive marketing strategy to counter its opponents in the beauty soap industry. The company has a huge sales network and offers quality products and affordable prices. They have their own manufacturing plant where each product is tested before being launched into the market.



  • Effective use of various internet and e-commerce platforms

Liril has used the internet effectively to promote its brand of soaps. It has also made good use of social media channels to promote its brand to the younger generation. It has effectively unified the offline and online modes of product marketing to gain a strong customer base for its products.


  • The long chain of distribution channels

Liril has a strong market penetration in India. Hindustan Unilever has made no compromises as to its product distribution with every shop in India keeping this product. It has a dedicated marketing team who makes extensive tours to sale and advertises the products to the retailers. Various distribution channels also act as an agent in disbursing the products in numerous towns and cities.


  • Decisive pricing strategies

The brand Liril is famous for designing lime based soaps for consumers. They have given the utmost importance in fixing the prices of their products. They have kept their prices within the reach of the average consumer. Liril keeps a strong eye on its competition for fixing the prices of its products. They use the most innovative and flexible pricing policy to monitor and change their pricing policy to effectively cater to the market need and to ensure deeper penetration of the market.



The commercials of Liril are synonymous with the ‘girl at the waterfall’ and their catchy tune. This commercial started in 1974 and is still continuing in the same fashion. Karen Lunel was the first model of Liril and she continued till 1985. The brand was directed by famous adman Alec Padamsee.  Numerous other celebrities grazed the Liril stage from Pooja Batra to Preity Zinta. Their commercials have unique freshness appeal which highlights their brand identity. Liril engages it’s viewers on a more emotional level and moreover, their ads are not vulgar. The first commercial of Liril was iconic and groundbreaking.  

The latest Liril commercial features a Brazilian model that can be seen frolicking under the waterfall while the same Liril jingle plays in the background. This is the latest commercial after several years when HUL completely stopped making commercials to save costs. Liril commercials have the same appeal that they have generated over the years and retain their brand identity. 


Liril is an iconic brand from India with a strong presence. Liril soap gets washed off quite easily and has a deep cleansing effect. Liril soaps are hugely popular and they are used in every Indian household. The soap has an amazing quality to attract buyers. It keeps fresh all day. It is truly an old brand and has retained its appeal and charm.

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