History & Marketing Strategies of liberty Brand

Brand- Liberty

Company Name- Liberty Footwear

Founders- Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta, and Rajkumar Bansal

Liberty is a leading footwear brand in India which is headquartered in Karnal, Haryana. It was founded in 1954 by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta, and Rajkumar Bansal. They started off in a small factory in Haryana manufacturing only 4 pairs of shoes a day. Now they manufacture 50,000 pairs every day.

 How it all started

The journey of Liberty started in the year 1954 at a small shop in Haryana when 3 men decided to turn their fortunes around. The Liberty was coined to celebrate the independent spirit of free India. The company was launched in the name of Pal Boot House. They started manufacturing traditional leather shoes for the market. The demand for quality shoes with a reasonable price bracket was the order of the day and liberty dutifully slipped itself into the void mid-segment category of the Indian market.



 The brand Liberty was born in 1964 into the 10th year of its operation. It was also the year when they received their first export order. They now have 400 exclusive showrooms across the country with a 4000 strong team. The company was incorporated as a public limited company in 1986. The company has also set up a joint venture in Russia in 1991 under the name of M/S Liberty. “Force 10” became Liberty’s official sub-brand ranking up huge sales for the company. Today the company manufacturer’s 50,000 pairs of shoes a day and is the number two manufacturer in the shoe industry.

liberty shoes advertisement

Marketing Strategies of Liberty Brand and strong reasons for its fantastic success

The company has developed a strong product and focused to build its marketing mixes around the product leading to strong brand growth. Here are some of the reasons for its phenomenal achievement:


  • Using the Internet as an effective promotional tool

Liberty has used various e-commerce sites to promote its leather and non-leather shoes and handbags. It has also made good use of social media channels to promote its brand to the younger generation. It has effectively unified the offline and online modes of product marketing to gain a strong customer base for its products.


  • Exclusive customer base:

Liberty enjoys a strong customer base who is the loyalists for the brand. The leather industry is quite a sensitive place and when someone is using it for its skin strong brand orientation tactics follow. Liberty has used this reasonably well to generate a responsive and strong customer base.



  • Strong recall brand value

Liberty as a brand enjoys a strong recall value and is quite famous for its shoes and bags. The brand is popular in India and outside enjoys a deeper penetration of customers and a stronger market presence. The customers are also able to easily identify with the brand and make their decisions.


  • Delivering the best quality

The brand speaks for itself and Liberty is known to deliver the best quality leather and PVC shoes and bags to their customers. They have a strong market presence and are known to produce top quality products and reasonable prices.


  • Decisive pricing strategies

The brand has effectively strategized their pricing and marketing plans to include all sections of society. They make durable products for their customers and have low to high bracket product categories which makes it easier for the customer to select the products according to their price range.   Liberty manufactures trendy and innovative design ideas to manufacture products. Consequently, it increases their profit margins and makes them stay in the competition.


  • Offering variety in their products

Liberty is one of the leading brands in India and as such they have definite marketing policies. They manufacture products for various categories and has quite an impressive number of shoe range. They also have various sub-brands which are also equally famous as the main brand. This broad product range has helped them to stay ahead in the competition. They also offer wedding and medicated shoes.


  • Matching up to competitors

In order to stand up against the cut-throat competition in the leather and shoe industry, Liberty has come up with an aggressive marketing strategy. The company has a huge sales network and offers eco-friendly shoe products. They also have a testing unit which inspects every shoe before being released into the market.


  • The long chain of distribution channels

Liberty is present in over 25 countries worldwide with over 1000 exclusive showrooms all over the world. They have a revolutionary supply chain with linkable distribution systems and over 5000 multi-brand outlets. They also offer huge discounts for their products and sell their products online. There are numerous retailers too, who deal with the products of Liberty.



Liberty has been perceived as a progressive brand over the years catering to the younger generation. Their ad campaigns are youthful and try to catch the imagination of the youth. Their campaigns also focus on the middle age brackets which commercials focusing on the common man in the house. The company also focuses strongly on its tagline to “Come Express Yourself” to build strong campaigns.

The latest ad campaign of Liberty features Hrithik Roshan, the celebrated actor from India. The motto of the ad “Fashion is a comfort” is well exemplified here. It shows the actor playing drums while the shoes are dancing along with other actors.

Liberty has focused on style and quality in all of their campaigns. The brand has run many successful commercials highlighting their products. The commercials offer a sneak peek to the consumers about the product which are about to come up.



Liberty is a homegrown brand from India and so it is committed to the Indian market. They have been a strong presence for more than 50 years now in the leather industry. They are reputed for the quality of the leather that they offer. They are highly appreciated for strong customer satisfaction and maintaining strong employment ethics. They have also featured in the Economics times as the most trusted brand which has added a feather in its already colorful hat.

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