History & Marketing Strategies of Lancome Brand

Brand Success- Lancôme
Company Name- Lancôme
Founder- Armand Petitjean & Guillaume d’Ornanao

Lancôme is a cosmetics brands owned by L’Oreal and offers cosmetics and luxury perfumes. It was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean. He wished to spread the luxury of French aroma around the world.  The brand offers women the possibility to explore their beauty.

How it all started

The journey of Lancôme started in Paris in the year 1935 when Armand Petitjean manufactured 5 perfumes.  They were an instant hit and he soon moved to skincare. He then moved on to manufacture lipsticks which remained a bestseller for 25 years.  He was searching for a name for his business which would have a French sound. He landed up with a unique name that was to become the brand name. The name was inspired from the ruins of castle Le Chateau de Lancosme centered on roses.

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Lancôme was acquired by L’Oreal in 1964 and since then it has become part of its luxury cosmetic brand.  By that time the product was selling in more than 98 countries with 33 agents. Lancôme has continued to offer wide-scale innovations in its product line. They have launched new categories of perfumes every year with equal amounts of success.  Lancôme today is the leading brand in the French perfume category with presence in 163 countries. L’Oreal’s insights and marketing inputs have ensured that Lancôme stays true to its spirits. The maker’s dream of beauty products has been channelized to a world of reality. 

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Marketing Strategies of Lancome Brand and interesting reasons behind its marvelous success

Lancôme has enjoyed tremendous success in the perfume industry. They are a top notch brand which has a top clientele base. The company has developed a unique mix and match a marketing strategy to attract customers. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Exclusive customer base:

Lancôme caters to a niche customer base and thus makes exclusive products which are upmarket. They make a premium range of perfumes, skincare, and makeup products. Their products are well known across a diverse spectrum. So, in general, they target specific segments of the market.

  • Premium category of customers:

Products are priced for the premium customers and so they have high price tags. Their products maintain the best quality in perfumery and are free of harmful chemicals. Over years though Lancôme has been able to make products targeting the medium segments of the market and are devising mid-priced products.

  • Promoting products and the brand:

The brand speaks for itself and the advertising strategy is focused on promoting the product. Lancôme focuses on promoting its products by the use of top end advertisements. They also showcase their quality to highlight their brand value.

  • Spreading out its wings:

The company is trying to make its presence felt in almost all the places. It has exclusive cosmetic boutiques where their products are available for use. The company uses distribution channels to market its products to reach out to a wider customer base.

  • Establishing the target market

Apart from focusing on the older women skincare regimen, they are also catering to the millennials. The original product line appeals to the more intensive skincare product line like anti-aging and wrinkles free formulas. Their new product line Lancôme Hyp will appeal to the young women seeking less intensive but more proactive products. Catering to this wide market will give the bran more opportunity to grow and expand. It is one of the reasons for the great success story enjoyed by this brand.

  • Unification of offline and online strategy by using data

This brand has effectively positioned itself as one of the premium brands in the market. The brand doesn’t treat its e-commerce division as a separate channel. They don’t have any particular strategy for their online portal. The company has successfully integrated user data by reviews and ratings provided by customers.

  • Matching up to competitors

In order to stand up against the fierce competition in the cosmetic and beauty industry Lancôme has come up with an unmatched marketing strategy. The company has opened several boutiques with the sole focus of promoting their beauty brands. Lancôme also offers consultation opportunities to its consumers with coloring tests matching skin types. The managers are also beauty school trained which differentiates this brand from others.

  • Using the Internet as an effective promotional tool

Lancôme has pages solely dedicated to informational usage. It informs the consumers about upcoming products, changing tides in fashion, and renovated technological advancements. Trademarking their brand name Lancôme Hyp is another trendsetter in the fragrance category.

  • Scooping price models with effective marketing strategies

The brand has effectively strategized their pricing and marketing plans to include all possible variables. This makes them a very effective player in the organic beauty segment.  Lancôme manufactures trendy and innovative design ideas to make products at high margins. Consequently, it increases their profit margins and makes them stay afloat in the competition.



Lancôme has devised many trendy commercials to target to its potential and present customer base. The brand is continuously upgrading, and revalorizing its ads to reach out to a younger audience base. It has a star-studded ambassador lineup which lifts up the wow quotient in the commercials. Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Collins, Alma Jodorowsky, Penelope Cruz, and Daria Werbowy grazing the stars.

Their latest campaign is focused on making somebody else happy and spreading the joy of giving. The ad shows Julia Roberts entering a cocktail party and notices a couple quarreling. In order to pacify the couple Roberts passes a rose to the man who in turn gives it his lover making things right once again. Lancôme then introduces their brand La Vie Est Belle En Rose with the fragrance of the best roses in France. 


 Lancôme is an elite product from L’Oreal. It has curved a hefty space for itself in the beauty segment market. L’Oreal has not changed the name of the brand as well as the natural ingredients used in processing the product. The perfumes of Lancôme are worth putting on and one should definitely feel proud for being a Lancôme user. 

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