History & Marketing Strategies of Kurlon Brand

Brand Success- Kurl-On
Company Name- Kurl-On
CEO- T. Sudhakar Pai

How it all started

The year of inception for Kurl-On was 1962 however; the mentioned brand name was not coined before 1965. The mother organization that came into being in 1962 was known as Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd. This organization had a vision of making the most comfortable sleeping mattresses. Nevertheless, the company started making cushions during the initial period of the journey.

It also made the bare blocking for the automobile sector that was made of polyurethane foam. Ramesh Pai, the then CEO of the company actually started the procedure of making the rubberized coir mattresses. These products were manufactured by the name of Kurl-On.

kurlon marketing strategies


The launching history of Kurl-On is quite interesting. The idea of using the rubberized fibers of coconut coir came in the mind of Ramesh Pai during his visit to Germany. When he understood the technology of rubberized coconut coir, he made a decision to make cushions out of it. Back that time in Germany, the raw materials like the coconut residues came from Sri Lanka. Ramesh Pai rightly dreamt of utilizing this technology in India as it is the top producers of coconut. 

From the usage of coconut coir only by cottage industries, Ramesh Pai started using it in the cushions. Later it made its presence in the mattresses and it came to be known as Kurl-On. As late as in 2004, the Kurl-On mattresses started making several variations and different types of cushion and mattresses. In the present day, Kurl-On has come up with not only different types of mattresses but other furniture materials too.    

Kurl-On- Marketing Strategies and interesting reasons behind its marvelous success

There are several reasons why Kurl-On has become one of the top ranking mattress brands in India.  They are mentioned below in a nutshell:

  • Quality of the Mattresses: When it comes to the marketing strategy of Kurl-On, the best strategy that can be mentioned is that of the quality. The brand has maintained providing outstanding quality of cushions and mattress to the customers. So, brand loyalty among the customers has increased by leaps and bounds. 
  • Price of the mattress: The Kurl-On items are found in the most affordable costs. The company has always made sure to provide the customers with pillows, mattresses and furniture items of the most affordable prices. Consumers of all classes can afford to buy the Kurl-On mattresses. 
  • Variation of the items: There are many variations of the mattresses, pillows and sofa set available in the market. The marketing strategy is enhanced as the customers get a good exposure to buy different types of coconut-coir pillow and mattresses. In the case of the sofa sets, the customers can choose from variations like fabric made sofa set and wooden set. 
  • Special medical mattresses: Medical mattresses that come under the brand name of Kurl-On. These are also named as the Therapeutic mattress by the brand itself. One can get total spine care while using medical mattresses. These are made using foam and spring. Customers with the problems in the spine are always eager to buy these mattresses. 
  • Contemporary designs: As a marketing strategy, Kurl-On has always tried to provide the customers with contemporary designs of furniture sets. When buying a sofa set, a customer can always look for total satisfaction and comfort. 
  • The prominence of the online market: In the present era, most of Kurl-On’s business commences through online sites. As an excellent marketing strategy, the brand ensures that every customer gets access to the official website of the brand easily. 
  • Convenient customer support: Kurl-On is able to provide many conveniences to the customers that help it to always have a lead when it comes to competing with the contender brands dealing with the same kinds of elements. A trial period of 151 nights is also provided to the customers. Furthermore, the customers are able to access the helpline for total support in case of any problem regarding any item. 
  • Easy EMI setups: As a prominent marketing strategy, Kurl-On provides the easier EMI setups for the customers who buy a lot of things at a time. This also helps in improving the brand value of Kurl-On in the market.


Kurl-On has always been prominent in advertisements in all the traditional media. Initially, putting on ads in the newspapers and magazines, it moved in the television ads too. The most recent ad campaign that is nailed by Kurl-On is that of World Sleep Day.  

The ad campaign of Kurl-On went on to be a big hit in the digital platform. For this campaign, Kurl-On tied-up with Webenza. It is a Bangalore based digital marketing firm. The campaign became a big hit with the name of #GoodSleepIs.

In the mentioned campaign, Kurl-on tried to interact with the customers for their views about a perfect sleep. It took the shape of a Twitter competition on the date of 13th March 2016.

Kurl-On has now turned into a prominent brand that delivers the customers with several furniture products. However, the brand is famous among the customer for the outstanding quality of mattresses they manufacture. A prominent and enhanced presence of Kurl-On has made it possible for the customers to buy Kurl-On products. Moreover, they enjoy using the commodities made by Kurl-On as they get total satisfaction as a consumer.



The online market of Kurl-On has made it possible for people from all around the globe to purchase Kurl-On products. Thus, the revenue of the brand is developing by leaps and bounds. Presently, the brand is getting more eager to deliver the most outstanding quality of the sleeping accessory. 

The company is looking forward to developing more perfection in the various types of mattresses it makes like Romantique, Klassic, Super Deluxe, Apsara and Ortho (Box). The main market of Kurl-On in India is in the northern zone. The southern and the western zone of the country also have decent markets. The eastern zone of the country has the least numbers of purchasers of Kurl-On products according to the company statistics.  


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