History & Marketing Strategies of Kidzee Brand

Brand Success- Kidzee
Company Name- Zee Learn ltd
CEO- Debshankar Mukhopadhyay (Zee Learn Limited)

 How it all started

Kidzee started as an organization that can provide early childhood education to the child. It came up acting basically as a playschool that provides basic education to the children. Apart from factual knowledge, a child’s cognition can improve in a dramatic way while taking education in Kidzee. Now, the organization has many branches all over India and it has turned into one of the leading names of the pre-school sector in India.

Kidzee is a part of Zee Learn under the umbrella company of Essel Group. It is one of the leading preschools that are now mostly known to the parents of the toddlers.   

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The launching of kidzee took place in 2003. It had the basic aim to fulfill the needs of a child at an early age. The initiative named ECCE (Early Child Care and Education) worked positively with Kidzee.  Right from its inception, the networking for Kidzee has been one of the strong points. The aspect of extraordinary interaction is maintained in a proper manner since the time Kidzee has made its presence in the market.  

Kidzee- Marketing Strategies and interesting reasons behind its marvelous success

Kidzee has taken some of the most efficient marketing strategies when it comes to the reason for its success. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Kidzee’s stance on quality education: Quality education is something that all the branches of Kidzee schools look forward to. In India, the ECCE is needed for the children in their early age as per the vision of Kidzee.

  • Disseminating innovative means of education: This is another reason why Kidzee has experienced so much success as a brand. Child education can only be given properly if innovative means are always followed. Kidzee has always made sure that the teachers are given proper training before they are allowed to take the classes.

  • The Interactive iLLUME, a grand success: The ‘Interactive Illume’ is one of the most important reasons why Kidzee has succeeded in the market. The model is unique and it integrates teachers, children, and parents when it comes to education for the toddlers. The outline of the model is given below:
  • Kidzee Parents:  The Kidzee Parents basically act as a platform for the guardians of the children who study in the Kidzee schools. In this platform, every guardian gets a chance to share their own exclusive views regarding parenting. This actually helps the parents to sort out a particular solution together that eases parenting. A majority of parents have welcomed it thus Kidzee has made an outstanding market prominence. The Kidzee Parents platform organizes a number of seminars and activity workshops. Thus, a child can get a comfortable learning environment both at home and in school.

  • Kidzee Activities: The Kidzee Activities under the iLLUME kit is another reason for the grand success of Kidzee. While the regular school curriculum takes place, several activities for the children are organized. These activities actually help a child to improve the cognition as well as a thinking process. The children become self-sufficient in managing themselves.

  • Content of Kidzee: The content of Kidzee has pushed it to the peak of technical success when it comes to early childhood education. The WRFC model is maintained fully while making the contents.  The full form of WRFC stands for “What’s Right for the Child”. Kidzee has made sure that the content is child-friendly. It needs to be full of excitement and fun. Moreover, the parent-children program can be one of the leading reasons why the parents have gained their trust over Kidzee. As a result, it has prospered in all these years. When it comes to discipline development of a child, the curriculum of Kidzee includes a uniform.  This acts as a marketing strategy as the parent of the child who is basically the customer makes up a prominent bond with the school.

  • The advanced technology is used prominently while the children are provided with the classes that have advanced technology. Kidzee always makes sure it provides interactive class sessions where the students can learn and act.

  • Teachers of Kidzee: The teachers of Kidzee have played one of the most prominent roles behind the success of the brand. Their efficient style of teaching helps to improve brand positioning as the parents of the children turn loyal towards the brand. Kidzee’s effective teacher’s training procedure helps the teachers to be efficient while dealing with the little children. The pre-school band provides specialized training to the teachers as a means to enhance their marketing success. The teachers always go through the vigorous training session which is given tough seminars and classroom observation.
  • Women Empowerment: The reason Kidzee has gained so much success in the market is that it always looks up to women empowerment. The teachers of Kidzee are generally women. The brand fulfills the dream of young, promising and enthusiastic women from all parts of the country.


When it comes to campaigns, Kidzee has got a good base. Kidzee tends to publish colored advertisements on the leading newspapers of the country. Moreover, they have radio jingles and TV commercials too. 

The brand logo of Kidzee is one of the main reasons for its prominence in the market.  The word ‘KIDZEE’ is written on the brand with all block letters in a funky front. The slogan defining Kidzee goes parallel with the brand logo. It says “WHERE THE KIDS LOVE TO LEARN”. Bright red and cyan colors are used in the brand logo to increase the prominence.     

The brand is gaining more prominence among the people as the campaign for more franchise is always active.  Kidzee is in search of the new franchise all the time. 

So, these are some of the leading reasons why Kidzee is a well-known name among the public.


Kidzee has a current number of over 1900+ centers now in over 700+ cities all over India and Nepal. It is always eager to make a child decently ready for the long run. Recently, it has started working in Nepal with a small yet developing network.

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