History & Marketing Strategies of Keya Brand

Company Name: Keya Foods

Founder: Amalgam Group

Since its inception, Keya Foods International Private Limited has established themselves as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Food Products and herbs in India. They offer Food Sprinklers, Instant Soups, Seasoning Products, Pickle Products, Snack Products, and Spice products. These products are prepared by utilizing the ingredients with the finest quality. The headquarters of Keya Foods is currently located at Mumbai.

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How it All Started 

The company had started its journey from the year 2007 and has come a long way. In the year of 2014, Mumbai based company Vallabhdas Kanji (VKL) had acquired the Keya Brand of seasonings, herbs, spices from Amalgam Group. Whereas the Kochi based group, Amalgam, have retained the frozen food division consisting of Parathas, Samosas, Cutlets, and Fish Fillets, etc 


The company was launched in 2007. Gradually it resulted to be a paradise for the food lovers and as well as those who love to cook new and unique recipes.

Product Range

The product range Keya Foods offer is filled with varieties. This product range stretches from instant soups to pickle products; seasoning products to herbs, etc. Each and every product is unique in own way.

    • Food sprinklers: Among the food Sprinklers there are products like Piri Piri Sprinkler, Mathura Chaat masala, Delhi Dahi Bhalla Masala, Madras Chutney Powder, etc. Among these products, Mathura Chaat Masala is very popular. Being the perfect blend of anardana, amchur, and other spices, Keya Mathura Chaat Masala can transform any boring food into a tasting extravaganza.

    • Herbs:  The herb section offers products like Basil, Lemongrass, Mint, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme and Mixed Herbs, etc. The product, Mixed Herb is used for flavoring various food dishes. It also acts as anti-oxidant which helps in lowering cholesterol as well as weight loss.

    • Seasonings: Among the seasoning products there are Chinese Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Bread Seasoning, Pasta Seasoning, Salad Seasoning, etc. These products have a guaranteed 12 months of shelf life and can be used as sprinklers too.

    • Spices:  Being one of the leading manufacturers, Keya Foods offer a variety of spice products both in seed and powder form. Products like Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder, Wonder Hot Red Chili Flakes, Cardamom Seed Powder, Malabar Black Pepper Whole, Malabar Black Pepper Powder are available.

    • Instant Soups:  Keya Foods offer instant Gourmet Soups in both veg and non-veg sections. Products like Creamy Spinach Soup, Creamy Tomato Soup, and Creamy Mushroom soup along with Creamy Chicken Soup, Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, Sweet Corn Chicken Soup, etc are available. Incredible popular among the consumers, Sweet Corn Chicken Soup is one of the most popular soups among all these. Juicy chicken bits with aromatic spices and herbs make it a perfectly balanced delicious dish.

    • Sauces:  Among the sauce products there are Keya Schezwan Sauce, Keya Tangoz Sauce, Keya Thai Chilli Sauce, and Keya Barbecue Sauce are available in very reasonable price.


  • Pickles: Making authentic pickles in one of the specialties of Keya Foods. Among the pickles section, the company offers Malabar Chicken Pickle, Goan Pawn Pickle, Mangalore Fish Pickle me, etc. 


Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind its Success

  • Variety of Products:  Indian people love foods and the more are the options, the better. Keya Foods offer a large variety of foods products. Currently, they have over a hundred products in the market. The range starting from Food Sprinklers to Instant Soups, various Pickle Products, Seasoning Products, etc. This wide range of variety helps the company to offer many options to its customers and helps those trying new recipes. This helps the company to get more consumers thus motivating them to be more creative with their products.

  • Perfect Ingredients for Different Kind of Products: Choosing the right ingredient is definitely the most important thing to do when creating new products. To ensure the quality of the product, one must ensure that the ingredients are perfect.  Even though Keya Foods make a different kind of products, they choose the ingredients much carefully. This is proven to be correct when the consumers give encouraging feedbacks to their products.

  • Preservative Free Ingredients: Adding preservatives can hinder with not only the taste of a food product but also with the shelf life of it. Keya Foods opposes the idea of using preservatives in their food products. They freeze dry their ingredients instead to ensure the product’s shelf life to be prolonged while also maintaining the quality.

  • Experienced Workforce:  It has been proven that experience and qualification work and assists each other so well. Thus Keya Foods only hires workers with desired qualification and experience which ensures the quality of the products not to be tarnished. The experienced workers also help with new ideas of the products which help the company spread their range of products even more.

  • Strong Infrastructure: Keya Foods, since its inception has been popular for not only its quality products but also for their quality service. The cause of this success is its strong infrastructure. Even though they are still strengthening their infrastructure even more because the food market is ever evolving. Also, because of its quality, Keya Foods are becoming more and more popular, which also means that their bases of consumers are increasing. Thus this robust infrastructure will help them keep their customer content and quality perfect.

  • Experience R&D Department:  Behind the success of any company, there is influential support of its R&D department. This theory can be proven through Keya Foods, whose experienced R&D department is one of the main reasons behind their success in the field of food marketing. They are constantly working not ensuring only on the quality of the products but also to create more variety. 


The company has released several ads since its inception. ‘Love is in the kitchen’ has been the tagline for those campaigns. They have a brilliant base of infrastructure which helps them offering this commendable array of food products. These products are admired because of their purified, rich taste and are popular for their long shelf life features.



After coming a long way since 2007, Keya Foods have become one of the best and most productive food manufacturers in India. With no signs of stopping, the company keeps improving to reach their goal of global domination in the food industry. 


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